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Maci- TTM= Trying Too Much. Guys, you seriously have to chill on the branding. It’s not funny anymore. Otherwise it’s the usual tame segments. Taylor and Bentley throw Maci a mini surprise birthday party with the babies. It’s really sweet. I like their little family and I wish them the best. Ryan’s not in this episode but Maci and Taylor discuss how Ryan’s a terrible dad. Jaala seems shocked. Girl…how are you shocked by this? Maybe she’s playing coy for the cameras but no one else is and hasn’t in a long time so she can drop it if that’s the case.

Amber- Get ready for me to unpack this damn nightmare. Guys I really hope this show is 100% fake because it’s just so sad now. Amber’s segments are getting more disturbing by the minute. Listen… I get it. I’ve had the terrible boyfriend that I was warned about a million times and as a reaction, I clung to tighter. know what it’s like to isolate yourself and only feel anger towards everyone else because they don’t approve. But Jesus, God Amber this is really dragging out. Amber’s having a hard time keeping her peaceful facade this episode. Matt and Amber start to discuss tabloid “rumors” and she starts to get very angry about what other women are saying to her about Matt and Amber says “Well I’m sorry you let a man treat you like that.” (She’s not sorry) Which immediately sends me into an internal rant about the way society dismisses the shitty behavior of men and places it upon women. Amber, can you please look up the definition of victim blaming…

She then decides to go on tv with the America’s most reputable actor doctor…Dr. Drew. Amber, you think Dr. Drew of all people is going to call you on your shit? But don’t worry, Dr. Drew does a fail proof drug test a.k.a SHINES A FUCKING IPHONE FLASHLIGHT IN HER EYES TO CHECK HER PUPILS. Um where the hell did he get a degree? I have an iPhone, so I guess that makes me a doctor too? Guys, I hate Dr. Drew so much I can’t even go down this rabbit hole.

During this madness, Matt meets his son (Seth Green) for the first time in 10 years and they are both like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Not buying it. My brother and I didn’t see each other for 11 years and my mother for 15 years and you know what? My first encounter with either of them wasn’t in a green room for Dr. Drew. I hope for his sake they actually met up before going on camera but wouldn’t put it past Matt.

Farrah- Kiana is the new Simon. Farrah is happiest with an enemy. She spends every minute of every segment complaining about Kiana. And every complaint seems like something you wouldn’t normally complain about an employee doing. Kiana shows up to work early…HOW DARE SHE. Kiana tries to take initiative to clean the machinery….THE NERVE. Farrah says statements like “I talk very few words” and “figureoutable”. Honestly this girl should be given a medal for waiting so long to lose her cool on Farrah. Although I do think she had an idea who her employer is. I know a teen mom viewer when I see one.

Catelynn- Lovedddd how Butch was trying to talk Tyler into building a fence. Coincidently butch owns a fencing company! Most of the episode was about Butch’s sobriety. Kind of a bummer knowing he was recently arrested but that appeared to be unrelated to drugs so I’m still happy for him. Catelynn’s scenes were pretty chill for once.


In honor of the first day of BFRB Awareness Week, I made a powerpoint of an overview of Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). Keep in mind that this is just an overview. 

Self-Help for BFRBs

The “Keep Your Hands Busy” Method

  • Wear a spinner ring and fiddle with it when you want to pull/pick/etc
  • Stitch, knit, or crochet
  • Play with a Tangle toy or similar fidget toy
  • Playdoh or Silly Putty
  • Sit on your hands
  • Make a friendship bracelet or some other kind of jewelry
  • Fiddle with something like a rubber band

The “Barrier” Method

  • Wear gloves
  • Put on fake nails (these make it harder to pick and pull)
  • Cover skin with clothing or bandages
  • Wear a hat, hood, or bandana (try wearing it to bed!(
  • Wet down your hair (which makes it harder to pull since it’s slippery)
  • Apply lotion to your skin (this makes it harder to pick)
  • Avoid or cover up mirrors
  • Put bandaids over your finger tips

The “Competing Response” Method

  • Squeeze your fists for 60 seconds
  • Practice diaphragmatic (deep belly) breathing
  • Wet down your hair
  • Wash your hair
  • Brush your hair instead of pulling it
  • Paint your nails 
  • Pet an animal or touch something soft
  • Chew gum
  • Stimulate your senses - wash your hair, massage your skin or your scalp, hold something cold like ice, etc

The “Reducing Anxiety” Method

  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  • Meditate
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Practice grounding exercises
  • Take a shower or bath
  • Write about your feelings
  • Every time you want to pick/pull/bite/etc, write it down and put it in a jar. Imagine that intrusive thought being sealed in that jar.
  • Avoid caffeine before bed time
  • Go for a walk. Get outside!
  • Distract yourself

The “Community and Support” Method

Source: BFRB Awareness

The irony of the girl with the hair loss disorder getting a Rapunzel-inspired tattoo. I was diagnosed with trichotillomania when I was 12. I’ll be 22 next month, and I’m still fighting it. When I first thought of this tattoo idea, I wanted to get it when I beat trich, as a reward to myself for having a full head of hair. However, after 10 years of struggling with this, I’ve realized that might not happen for me. In Tangled, the Disney version of Rapunzel, her hair isn’t just long- it’s magic. She spends most of the movie protecting it because she believes it’s the thing that makes her special. But at the end of the movie, her long hair is cut off, and she finds out she’s still magic. She realizes her hair isn’t what made her special. She’s special without it. So that’s what this tattoo is to me. A reminder that hair isn’t what makes me special. Hair doesn’t determine my worth. Whether I end up beating this disorder or I go the rest of my life fighting it, I’m magic.


So this is my application comic for a comic school I am hoping to get accepted for. I wanted to make something personal and close to heart and at the same time get some thoughts and feelings out on paper. 

While it is supposed to be exclusively about trichotillomania it’s also supposed to reflect the issue when people around you don’t understand why you can’t “just stop” doing something no matter how much you wish you could.

I’m horrible with not finishing projects so I’m really proud of myself for finishing this one. I hope you enjoyed it!

Like I did with dermatillomania/skin picking, I’m compiling a bunch of links and resources relating to trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Basic information:

How do I know if I have it?**

**These are not diagnostic tools and cannot replace the assessment of a professional. They are designed to help you see if your pulling might be a problem so that you can seek the help/assessment of a professional. Self-diagnosing is not accurate.

Treatment and tips to stop:

***The person who wrote this is a skin picker and she applied the COMB model for her skin picking but the same strategies apply to treating trichotillomania. 

Find support/community

I hate my trichotillomania.
I hate pulling out my hair.
I hate having bald spots.
I hate not being able to stop.
I hate that no one understands.
I hate that I have to cover my head up all the time and always live in fear that someone will see.
I hate the way it makes me look.
I hate that it destroys my self confidence.
I hate that I’m afraid to develop a relationship with someone because I feel like nobody can love a girl with ugly bald spots.