31 Day Trichotillomania/BFRB Challenge

I thought it’d be cool to have one of those challenge post thingies for trich! I came up with the prompts myself, so they deal mostly with hair pulling, but you can change them to suit your BFRB. I’ll be filling it out each day, and I’d love for you guys to do it with me. Tag as #bfrbchallenge 

Day 1: Introduce yourself! Share any info about yourself! 

Day 2: When did you start pulling? Where do you pull? 

Day 3; When did you first hear the word “trichotillomania”? How long after you started pulling were you diagnosed with trich? Who diagnosed you? 

Day 4: Did you tell your parents/guardians? How did they find out? 

Day 5; What treatments (meds, therapy, hair styles, etc.) have you tried? What worked for you? 

Day 6: Do you use fiddle toys? What are your favorites? 

Day 7: Do you use fiddle toys in public? Why/Why not? 

Day 8: What are some beauty products (shampoo, eyeliner, etc.) that you use? 

Day 9: Were you ever bullied because of your trich? By peers? By your parents? 

Day 10: Do your friends/coworkers know about your trich? 

Day 11: Do you have any other disorders? 

Day 12; Have you ever shaved your head? Worn wigs/hair pieces? Used fake lashes? Drawn on your eyebrows? 

Day 13: Do you have any post-pulling rituals? (eating the hair, playing with the root, etc.) 

Day 14: Have you ever met someone else with trich? 

Day 15: Have you ever been to the BFRB conference? 

Day 16: Have you ever self-harmed? 

Day 17: Have you ever been suicidal? Have you ever attempted? 

Day 18: Which hand do you pull with? Are you left handed or right handed? 

Day 19: What are some of your healthy coping mechanisms? 

Day 20: What is something you want someone without trich to understand? 

Day 21: What are some good things that have happened because of trich? (Try listing 3, even if they seem small). 

Day 22: What are some words/sayings relating to trich that hurt you? 

Day 23; Are you currently in therapy or on meds (doesn’t have to specifically be for trich)? 

Day 24: Have you read any books on trich? 

Day 25: Has trich affected your sex life/romantic relationships? 

Day 26: What’s the longest you’ve gone without pulling? 

Day 27: Have you ever been to bfrb.org ? Have you used their resources? 

Day 28: When did you realize your hair pulling was a problem? 

Day 29: Any songs or song lyrics that represents your trich? 

Day 30: What would you say to someone who found out they have trich? 

Day 31: What would you say to your younger self? What is one thing you are looking forward to?

My hair is a garden tenderly cared for day after day; there are gorgeous roses and vibrant daisies. When I look at other people’s gardens, I see that they just admire the garden. I couldn’t do that. When I see a flower with a color I can’t resist, or a texture that captures me, I have to have it.

So I pick the flower.

I hold it in my hands and savor it. The only bad thing is the flowers don’t grow at the rate which I pick them. There are days when patches of my garden are empty or full of buds. Even on those days, I love my garden. I run my hands over the flowers, inspect them, play with them; my garden enchants me.

Some days I worry that my garden isn’t as pretty as other people’s, as big as other people’s, or as full as other people’s. Some days I see my sisters and brothers like me who have to mow down their garden because of fear. Fear of what their family would say. Fear of what others would think. Fear of what they themselves would do. On those somedays, I stand with my brothers and sisters, because we are the only ones who know the true value of our gardens.

We are the ones struggling together.