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We say, here are human beings, united in a society. All feel the need of living in healthy houses. The savage’s hut no longer satisfies them; they require a more or less comfortable solid shelter. The question is, then: whether, man’s capacity for production being given, every man can have a house of his own? and what is hindering him from having it?

And we are soon convinced that every family in Europe could perfectly well have a comfortable house, such as are built in England, in Belgium, or in Pullman City, or else an equivalent set of rooms. A certain number of days’ work would suffice to build a pretty little airy house, well fitted up and lighted by gas.

But nine-tenths of Europeans have never possessed a healthy house, because at all times common people have had to work day after day to satisfy the needs of their rulers, and have never had the necessary leisure or money to build, or to have built, the home of their dreams. And they can have no houses, and will inhabit hovels as long as present conditions remain unchanged.

As you see, we proceed contrary to economists, who immortalize the so-called laws of production, and reckoning up the number of houses built every year, demonstrate by statistics, that the new built houses not sufficing to meet all demands, nine-tenths of Europeans must live in hovels.

—  The Conquest of Bread, Pëtr Kropotkin

Quick note: please stop sending me asks about Conquest. Yes, I was devastated when Elise and Xander died. Yes, I cried as well. No, I do not dislike the Nohrian siblings (I love them very much and they deserve all the happiness humanly possible). Yes, the number of plot holes in Fates is extraordinary but no, it doesn’t make the game unenjoyable. Birthright just had a more optimistic/righteous atmosphere that made the deaths bearable enough for me to replay it. I played Birthright first and got attached to its characters, hence why Conquest also hurt more. Also I love Ryouma and wasn’t expecting him to die… like this, while I had been spoiled (damn you, Youtube videos with spoilers in your titles) regarding Elise’s death. 

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Sometimes I think about how Mac is so clearly in love with Dennis. This guy spent nearly four decades denying his sexuality due to his religious upbringing. Not to mention how his failed relationship with his father, who spent most of Mac’s life behind bars, manifests into a desperate need to be loved and wanted. It’s so clear that he wants something more with his best friend. 

And then there’s Dennis, who has no problem sleeping with men, but is also a raging sociopath who goes from feeling nothing to feeling too much. Who copes with his emotions and insecurities through his obsessive vanity and never ending sexual conquests. He’s more likely to manipulate Mac’s feelings for him than he is to return that love. Which is really fucked up when you consider that the one first time Dennis proclaimed his love for someone (his twin sister) the gang claims they “broke” Dennis. It was kind of true. 

Mac grew up lonely and neglected by both parents, and just wants someone to love him. Dennis grew up with an abusive father, is plagued with insecurities and fears of not being enough–of not living up to his own ridiculous, delusional expectations of himself. 

And the thing is, they could be good for each other. But they’re clearly not. This relationship is so dysfunctional, it borderlines on toxic. At the same time, it’s so fascinating to me in such a dark way. I just can’t get over it. 

The Conquest of the Incas

In 1532, the magnificent Inca empire was the last great civilization still isolated from the rest of humankind. The Conquest of the Incas is the definitive history of this civilization’s overthrow, from the invasion by Pizarro’s small gang of conquistadors and the Incas’ valiant attempts to expel the invaders to the destruction of the Inca realm, the oppression of its people, and the modern discoveries of Machu Picchu and the lost city of Vilcabamba. This authoritative, wide-ranging account, grounded in meticulous research and firsthand knowledge and told from the viewpoints of both protagonists.


It only took me like seven years months but I finally beat conquest lunatic! :D

Takumi was at full health when I hit him with a dragon fang and then he proceeded to activate vengeance and hit me because that 15% hit rate is a fucking lie and I was left with 1 hp but it’s all good lmao

thelastaprilfool  asked:

Any tips for a Conquest Lunatic playthrough? I'd like to think Midori can be a good supplement of extra cash.

Never used Midori on my CQ Lunatic playthrough, so no idea. Anna maybe.

-Keep at least 1 complete Rescue staff for endgame.
-Capture Haitaka.
-Capture Rally Man
-Capture 1 Pass Falco Knight from Chapter 24 (just in case)
-Capture a Move+1 Ninja in Chapter 17 if Kaze proves to be a struggle to use.
-Use Mozu and make her a Sniper.
-If you love yourself make sure Niles gets Shurikenbreaker and pass it to any of his kids.
-Corrin should be +Str/Speed - Luck, with either Merc, Cav, Myrm, or Ninja secondary.
-If you don’t care, Female Corrin > Male Corrin. Jakob better in early game. Also marrying Gunter gives insane pair up bonuses, kills Kana though.
-Boots > Shura, but only if you don’t have Path Bonuses.

Fire Emblem Fates vs. Siblings Cutscenes Ranked from Least to Most Extra

vs. Xander (Birthright)

  • his cutscene isn’t even that extra it’s just sad
  • he’s putting on a tough face but it’s obvious he doesn’t truly want to fight you
  • most people don’t rly want to fight xander at this point either
  • doesn’t even verbally threaten you or anything (ignore sword)
  • so the purple wave shit and the ceiling crumbling a lil is p wack but in the context of a big boss fight? pretty tame

vs. Takumi (Conquest)

  • the shaky camera angles? wild
  • the omnious pitter-patter of Hoshidan soldiers? wild
  • making said Hoshidan soldiers back away so he can slowly inch towards you? wild
  • however, we, the player, expected this
  • if anything this is one of the most controlled scenes we have w takumi in conquest bc he does not call us “nohrian scum” even once

vs. Leo (Birthright)

  • the amount of fucking edge in this video? the audacity of your goth wizard brother? breathtaking
  • it’s a cemetery which is, right off the bat, edgy as hell
  • weird purple vape shit surrounding the graves
  • you don’t even hear his footsteps or the horse this is the scene when you truly realize how much power leo has garnered from the goth gods
  • the pony????? has horns??????
  • orb
  • “the sentence…………………………………….IS DEATH”
  • but using the same reasoning as takumi’s fight cutscene
  • we expected this

vs. Hinoka (Conquest)

  • ok so i feel like most people would argue hinoka isn’t that extra
  • but also consider this: the fucking helicopter
  • so hinoka rides in w her pegasus and that’s fine that’s expected except there are a million sakura petals just fluttering in the wind for some reason
  • JUMPS off her pegasus mid air just floats for awhile and then uses her spear?????? as a helicopter????? i????????
  • gets back on the pegasus ????? ???? ???? somehow ??? ??
  • hinoka’s english va adds a very. surreal aspect to this scene for me and i’m not sure why

vs. Camilla (Birthright)

  • this is the last thing you see right before you die
  • her footsteps???? her boots??????? her booty??????? big anime tiddy?????????
  • when i first watched this scene i was torn between a mixture of thirst and dread
  • why
  • “ah! i see you missed your big sister ;)” “you’re sooooo cute”
  • if you watch this you’re automatically going to hell i’m sorry
  • for some reason this scene never fails to make my depression skyrocket

vs. Ryoma (Conquest)

  • somehow ryoma just sitting solemnly while waiting for you is 100x worse than xander sadly turning around
  • in the general the raijinto is wild as hell but i feel like this cutscene just takes you to the next plane of existence
  • “you………. have done well so far………………. BUT THAT WAS JUST PRACTICE”
  • ok so like is ryoma sad that he has to fight you??? probably
  • but he’s so fucking ready and i feel like nintendo is just. trying very hard to convince us, the players, that ryoma doesn’t want to hurt us but it’s also kind of hard to believe when he gets this into it
  • he’s got his arms out just begging you to try it and you think he’s done but nope
  • ryoma goes on and starts to pose while the room just sets on fire which i feel is the highlight of this scene
  • as a big boss cutscene it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s. definitely up there