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Maya, I'm convinced more than ever that he has someone else working for him that we don't know about yet, because this video teaser is clearly out of the league of the people he's working with now.

This video is just perfect? Technically, visually, conceptually. The global idea, the little details, the style, the hints. It’s so good in any possible way that I’m still unable to articulate.


                                        50 YEARS HAVE PASSED

It’s been an incredible 11 weeks. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my fan artwork for the series. There have been times when I felt like quitting, and just watching the series. It is thanks to all of you, for giving me the courage to keep moving forward.

Never give up on the things you love. Your work is never meaningless.

Future Wedding

I’m still not over it…I might do an alternate storyboard since I have seen a few on Youtube. I have some ideas that would be fun explore. The original ending is still beautiful but……………. ^_^ What do you think? 

I think Ashi would be happy to make her own wedding dress just like her outfit in the show. Jack would repair a new motorcycle. He would grow a small stache in memory of his father etc. They would travel the world and save the people that were still marred by Aku. 

(EDIT) Seeing so many people feel the same way. I started on the storyboard so keep an eye for it! I’ll upload it when its finished.

Tag yourself: Cartoon reboot/spin-off/revival edition. These are a lot of fun so I thought I’d make my own! I think I’d be Ben 10. Sorry if I was a bit harsh on some of these, I have some strong feelings about them. (Also I realized I forgot the Thunderbirds reboot, darn… I may have missed some others as well).

BONUS (GKND doesn’t exist so I decided to just add it here):


Disguised to infiltrate the Zintaris palace and steal the magical Jewel 8))) Would probably have to seduce his way into the Samurai’s treasure room… not that it would be hard, considering how freaking easily Jack fell for it in the original episode (Jack and the Warrior Woman, ep 6 season 1).

Would he make it though?