Hey there, female INTP here. I have a HUGE problem when other people place expectations on me. I actually hate anyone expecting anything of me, ever. I’m not sure if this is an INTP thing or just me, but any input from another INTP would be of great interest to me.

Your problem is political.

On the one hand, it´s society. Since kindergarten and earlier, we are expected to be like this or this. On the other, it´s the promising talent most INTPs harbour. If your brain is dictated by logic (Ti), people will regard you as special and instantly pigeonhole you. We are seen as especially apt when it comes to education. School is understanding and remembering (Ti-Si). Too bad that most education systems around the world focus on competition and preparation for capitalism. So the INTP´s favourite thing, understanding the world, is overshadowed. If an INTP is forced to learn something, they cannot 

  1. select what they want to learn (Ti has strong preferences, it´s a subjective cognitive function)
  2. develop a bond to what they learn, as it becomes “I need to know this to get good grade”. The purpose of knowledge is modified! Guess why INTPs are lazy. Aka paralysed by the fact that they want to learn but are forced, which triggers their `let´s minimize effort´ -mode!
  3. do this in an introverted manner - education is always collective
  4. foster their own, constantly new-found interests (!!); an INTP would gladly educate themselves about all the topics that they like and still learn more than sitting in school for a decade dying of anxiety and hatred for the way we are raised and treated like things. We were born researchers and learners - but as every other child, our curiosity is taken from us and left bleeding between stacks of promising future cash and therefore, our survival.

School system aside, this has even greater dimensions.The flaw in people´s reasoning is that they are entitled and you don´t want you to have any free will.

Seeing that you´re female, this claim of everyone around you is augmented. Women are balancing acts and always told what to do via expectations. We are controlled until we die. It doesn´t even need a direct expression of expectancy, your self-perpetuated guilt is enough, that´s why patriarchy is so effective and has lasted ever since. The quote above applies here. Remember that you are not a thing and you deserve love. When people expect something from you, ask yourself why, and if it´s really necessary to fulfil their needs. In most cases, it´s not worth it. 

Being a Fe-user doesn´t help, but! Being in an inferior position, Fe has the ability to switch off its “I care about the false entitlement of others”. It takes a lot of strength to not care at all. INTPs secretly feel like they have to accomodate. Sure, we need to sacrifice a lot to live peacefully, together. Accomodation is always necessary. Yet look at this world, nothing is really fair here. So you might as well do what you want (as long as it is legal, but even most laws support the patriarchy - count on your own educated moral sense instead and remember to be kind) and leave behind all of these entitled persons that want to own you so bad. They don´t know that what they are doing harms everyone involved and that they were conditioned to be like this, so you can disregard them without hate. Cast away your own expectations, too.

In short: Don´t let a person chain you to themselves so much that you have a “HUGE problem”. Any person. You let the way you meet their expectations define your self-worth - you´ve been brainwashed into this state. But what kind of validation do you truly need? Your own

You got this, ok.

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The cognitive functions - 

I decided to draw the teachers. The cognitive functions.
From left to right: Ni, Ne, Si, Se :)

These perceiving functions are girls whilst the judging functions are boys. I hope everybody is fine with it.
I had much fun drawing Si. Se was the most difficult. I at first wanted to make a warrior out of her *lol*. But I need to be realistic so well~
I hope you like them.
I maybe will paint it. But I still see flaws in this picture, especially in Se *sighs*.

P.S: Ni’s brand is on her back but her hair covers it.
P.P.S: I maaaaybe will change something of them.
P.P.P.S: Ni is an indian girl (but I can’t make her skin darker with pen… I need to colour her skin brown). And Ne is an asian (what a surprise). Se is italian (why do I always see Se as mediterranean human?).

Como saber si le gustas a Sagitario

Sin problema. Sagitario es otro de los signos pocos tímidos del Zodiaco. Si le gusta alguien, lo demuestra claramente.

1- Un Sagitario lanzado a la conquista no tiene límites. Y vas a ver señales por todos lados. Tienden a la impulsividad cuando les gusta alguien y lo tienen claro. Y no temen equivocarse. Ni se ponen nerviosos, ni se preocupan. 

2- Sacan todas sus armas y se lanzan a la aventura de la conquista, todo emocionados porque han encontrado algo nuevo para descubrir. Lo más para ellos. Y van dando y tomando según van llegando los avances: un poco de romanticismo, mucha emoción, muchos planes conjuntos… Y ahí de nuevo entras tú. 

3- No se lo pongas demasiado fácil porque pierde el interés muy rápidamente. Grábate a fuego que ni Sagitario es fácil de camelar ni le gustan las personas demasiado simples. Es más, le pone mucho lo difícil. Para Sagitario significa emoción, aventura, juego… Resístete, aunque nunca tanto como para que piense que está perdiendo el tiempo, claro. Hazte el/la interesante, aunque nunca tanto como para que piense que está malgastando mucha su energía.

4- Sagitario controla mucho, nunca acosa y observa tus señales. Y si nota que pasas mucho, podrías encontrarte entonces que tu Sagitario puede mostrar indiferencia y que directamente pasa de ti. O que te muestra su interés, pero con cuentagotas. Es su modo de tantear la situación. Y nunca debes olvidarte que se le da muy bien.


¡Ah!, y nunca te adelantes a hablar sobre su posible o futura relación. De a poquito, ellos sienten que todos los compromisos amenazan su libertad. Y aunque aquí estemos hablando de esos primeros tonteos cuando te gusta alguien, para Sagitario es como verle ya las orejas al lobo. No lo olvides nunca: ni quiere que le aten, ni él atar a nadie. Sagitario quiere compartir. Y ten por seguro que si le gustas de verdad, acabará metiéndose de lleno. No te preocupes. Sólo que le gusta decidir los pasos a dar y no les gusta hablar de futuro, ni siquiera tratándolo por encima. Sagitario vive el momento, y ese momento puede durar una semana o toda una vida. Y punto.