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So what are Mira and Ronas personalities like?


Very sassy and energetic.

She’s never afraid to speak her mind and can be very confident in dangerous situations.

Her biggest aim is to protect her family and be a role model for her sister.

Despite how sassy she seems, she’s actually very loving and caring for everyone she loves and can be a huge softy at times.

If her sisters in danger, she won’t hesitate to jump in and protect her, no matter what the consequence.

Uses her sassiness as a way to hide how scared she really is.


Quiet and Smart.

She lacks in confidence in serious situations and continually feels she needs to work harder to become as confident and brave as her sister.

She’s silent in fights, letting her blaster and saber do the talking, she uses her smart mind to figure out the route in which she could win.

She believes her sister to be perfect and unflawed in every way, as Mira doesn’t share nightmares, or injuries or other disasters to prevent any worry.

Although quiet around most, with her sister and parents she can occasionally talk just as much as her sister.


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Comédie humaine: scopare bene (cantava Venditti)

Parlando con le amiche ho notato una legge ricorrente, che serpeggia tra le righe del non detto: il disprezzo che le donne hanno per gli uomini che non le scopano bene è pari al disprezzo che hanno per la loro (degli uomini) incapacità sommato al disprezzo che hanno per se stesse ovvero per aver permesso a siffatti incapaci di poterle anche solo toccare.