how to write off a love interest according to arrow
  • season 1:actually treat love interest as a character of her own right. she even has a love interest that isn't the hero but he will never measure up to the hero.
  • season 2:show love interest as awful and not worthy of hero's love. you can make her a little sympathetic, but make it clear that the hero is always in the right. start building up another character as love interest to the hero. she is a saint compared to the original love interest.
  • season 3:make them an inconvenience to the hero. contrast this with the other love interest who is superior in all categories. the narrative makes it clear that they are competitors for hero's love, even if they claim on screen not to be. make sure the love interest starts getting less time even if their storyline involves them going through a key journey.
  • season 4a:make them realise that other love interest is better than them and have them become cheerleaders for the other woman and the hero's relationship. not only that but make sure they have even less screentime than the previous season. given they no longer have any storylines outside the main couple, with maybe one exception, this is easy. the less they are onscreen, the less likely the audience will question their absence in hero's life despite being a major part in it previously.
  • season 4b:make sure you show that the discarded love interest still loves the hero, because the hero must never stop being the most desired character. the discarded love interest knows she's not good enough for the hero, and so as the saying goes, she lets the person she loves the most go. this will be seen as the most selfless thing she has ever done. her presence is a burden upon the hero. by leaving/dying she frees him. and only in dying, can she truly be a hero.

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aGH I keep missing days. I just keep forgetting to take pictures when I actually sit down to work. Anyway, here’s a picture of a chapter that I didn’t read because I can’t seem to decide on my priorities. It’s just that everything is important and I just want to nap. Haha. 

Today I… 

- Went to photograph an event for a film festival. It was very chill and I learnt about surrealism too, even if I can’t quite appreciate it! 

- Made myself focus on the train and made it through half another reading for my lit review.  

- Finished up an essay that’s due on Monday. I’m so glad that my partner for this assignment is so on point. If it wasn’t for her I think I wouldn’t be half done with it yet. 

Now I’ve got send out some photos from various shoots and then get started on a presentation for next week. Also, I need to do my weekly review 😅

anonymous asked:

vasquez and alex are so cute can you pretty please tell me more?

okay!! it’s way easier & better if u ask me specific stuff bc w broad stuff like this its rly hard to think of things to tell u but i will try

so vasquez has two brothers & two sisters & she’s the second oldest. they’re all rly great, very funny, very family oriented & very loud when they come together. vasquez tells alex they arent always?? its juts that they dont get a lot of time to hang out together bc most of them have moved out & so when they get together for family dinner they try to make the most out of it. so everyone tries to one up the others with what they bring & try to have the best stories to tell & they talk over each other & alex is like oh shit?? bc she’s heard vasquez talk abt these family dinners for ages & they sound nice & like fun & then she’s being invited to one & she?? doesn’t know what to do & vasquez is working late & offers that she’ll pick up alex if she doesn’t want to get there before her but alex is like no no it’s okay i can do this & she takes a box of donuts & vasquez starts laughing when she walks in & sees them & her family is just?? delighted bc alex launches into the story of how they first met & everyone teases suze for being so sweet on her so quick. & alex holds her own pretty well & she’s so cool & confident & then alex takes vasquez back to her place & as soon as the door closes behind them suze is like???? bc alex lets out an almighty breath & like wilts & she turns on vasquez like tell me honestly babe how did i do? do they like me? did i pass? was i stupid? & vasquez is like oh my god first of all ur terrifying i didnt know u were nervous at all, second pls Tell Me when ur nervous?? third, u did amazing they all love u, i love u, ur amazing. & that’s the first time she says i love u & alex is like 



this is good. 

& she disappears into her room & vasquez is like do u want me to go or?? & alex is like no stay im just getting changed hold on & she comes out in her pjs & some for vasquez too & gets them both a beer & then drains hers & she’s like look here’s the thing,,,,,, i love u too. & vasquez is like hoe i just had a heart attack?? u cant SAY THAT LIKE ITS A BAD THING ALEX  i just had a HEART ATTACK i thought u were gonna break up w me!! & alex is like im sorry?? did u Not want the moment to be dramatic? & vasquez is like idk maybe like Sweet/Dramatic not whatever the fuck that was just there. & alex is like yeesh okay i guess i’ll do better next time

& then later they’re sleepin & alex is like hey suze r u awake

& suze is like no im snooze suze

& alex is like ew i cant believe im abt to say this?? following that?? but i love u 


Gibson SG, #film

4.5 x 6.0 format (A16 filmback)