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I love how Kevin confirmed what we all figured out many eps ago that Mon el is the actual Prince of Daxam and the fact he confirmed who I thought Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo would be playing. Do we know what ep number it is they are on. We need to enjoy all the Karamel goodness we can before that ep airs cause once it does we will sadly probably lose that ship and maybe also his character on the show as well.

I’m not sure what ep number Kevin is currently directing. If anyone knows, let me know! (My guess is 18??) Mon-El’s secret has been pretty obvious for awhile, but lol at Kevin’s not so discreet Instagram posts.

However, I don’t agree that the reveal that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam spells the end of his character and Karamel. On the contrary it opens mountains of story potential. The other day when I was assessing Mon-El’s long-term survival chances I listed this storyline being an easy out for the character, and it is, however that doesn’t mean the writers will take the out, especially in the near-term. The other factors are still in play… Chris sparking on screen, Karamel’s crazy-good chemistry and the mountains of story potential with the Prince of Daxam storyline. Why would the writer’s end any of it before fully exploiting it?

Think about all that there is to explore. Now I do fully expect Kara and Mon-El to split/break up temporarily around the time of the reveal or perhaps once his parents become a problem. Once they move past his secret-keeping there’s all sorts of things… Mon-El’s sense of duty to a people and planet he thought was destroyed, especially now that he has a newly “woke” sense of honor since meeting Kara, vs everything earth has to offer. (*cough Kara *cough*) The Romeo and Juliet-esque nature of their planets having been at war and hating each other will be even stronger when it’s revealed he’s the number one symbol of his planet and not some random citizen. I’m sure the King and Queen will be none to happy that their son is in love with a Kryptonian.

Also they will probably have some sort of nefarious agenda that will make Mon-El have to choose sides and perhaps have to turn against them at some point. Because… how did they survive? Where have they been? Then there’s the matter of his arranged marriage! I’m guessing the future Princess is probably still around and not so keen on giving up on their latching.

If I had to place a bet, I’d say there is about a 98% chance Chris Wood is a series regular again for season 3. I could easily see Mon-El leaving in the season finale as a cliff-hanger, but the safe money is on him being back in September.

SG Live Viewing Preparations

Here’s what I will be bringing to the SG Live Viewing of Aqours First Live this weekend! (More like tomorrow…)

In Picture

  • Aqours First Live T-shirt
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Member T-shirt
  • 3Coins Riko Water Bottle
  • 500ml Plastic Disposable Water Bottle
  • Aqours First Live Towel
  • VapoDrops
  • 36x AAA Batteries
  • 2x Aqours First Live Blades
  • 2x Kingblade x10iii Smoke
  • 2x Kingblade x10iii Neo Shining
  • Lumiace 2 Omega

Not Shown

  • 75x Lumiace Daisenkou Orange (UOs)
  • 12x Lumiace Daisenkou Blue (UBs)

Now this may seem like I’m bringing way too much, and yeah, it definitely is way too much for me alone. If you’re also attending the SG Live Viewing this weekend and you need any KBs/Batteries, I’ll be glad to help! Just contact me beforehand or at the cinema before the Live Viewing and I’ll see what I can do to help. Don’t be shy!

See you all on Saturday/Sunday!