RK you can’t escape the things you love… they follow you everywhere you go… even time

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Au where Rai and Franky switch languages when talking to each other and they don’t realize it. This drives the others nuts, and they think they’re talking in code or something very important- when they’re just talking having a normal conversation.

Rai: ârweorðnes êow macung by reason of underngereord?
Franky: êow angelicimp hafa eodor?
Rai: Syfling

and M-21 is paranoid that they’re talking about him
but Tao’s like- oh, chill. HE just wants noodles for dinner


Cos a lot of you are in denial and it’s gross. You can criticize it being “heteronormative” (tho it doesn’t have to be. They can both be queer) but it’s still super important representation that we desperately need - and the backlash proves as much. Don’t shit on that. Don’t shit on her.

You can write Spock/Kirk and be respectful to Spock/Uhura. And respectful to Uhura period. You don’t have to engage in blatant misogynoir, you’re just lazy and choosing to do so. Do better.

RK: Looks like I nyaccedentally knocked that Basarios out cold, so I’ll take this as an opportunity to introduce myself!

This dashing figure you see here is moi, Rook! Hunter and Palico extraordinaire! I’ve been around the hunting circuit a few times but I’ve found my niche alongside and suppawrting my meowster! You met him a few posts back.

Some might recognize this handsome young man here - indeed that is also yours truly! A while back, I had stumbled across a magic elixer that had allowed me to take a human form, and put me in the centre stage as the Wycademy’s star meownster hunter and researcher alike, fending off vicious beasts and-

DC: “Rook, you had some rotten felvine and had crazy dreams for about half a year.”

….S-so it was. But no meowtter, the recollections were as clear as day they may as well have been real! I’m sure my brave tales were the ones to inspire my meowster to pick up the mallet!

You can read more about me on the characters page!

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