What do you think? I didn’t have much time for this week’s challenge, a mostly wet day off, so here’s my best attempt so far. Taken with my Canon Eos 1200 & stitched together in the Canon ImageBrowser. Text added in MS Paint.

This is actually very cool @mhplanet! The angled slopes of the hillsides really serve to draw your eye into the photo. Nice job! - RK

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I'm a social worker and former case planner: I think you're doing the right thing. It seems like RK struggles with abandonment. By acting out she proves to herself that she is too much for people (BM, therapist) to handle. 911 shouldn't be called unless she's an imminent risk to herself or others. It sounds like the therapists standard for imminent risk is too low. Just IMO.

I had a really long day at work today and since RK was unexpectedly home at our house today, I ended up taking DS to work with me again. He was wonderful. I am exhausted.

I managed to send an email to RK’s team this morning providing the info I had and what I thought of the situation. Basically that RK’s mom needs to figure out how to deal, that I didn’t think police contact was warranted, and where is the case going now after this scenario.

I received a couple of emails back basically saying that the direction of the case is going to change, but no one is sure how yet. I also felt super validated because the team agreed that police contact should never have happened. I by no means think that we shouldn’t take every threat seriously. I believe that. I am saying that there is a better way to handle the situation than police contact.

Thank you for the note. It made me feel validated. Not sure if they’re going to keep the therapist on the case now or not.

Like, there are things I know I’ve landed on wrt Kom’rk because it’s written into the text.

Kom’rk is sociable and charming (especially held up by his rapport with Mereel and his influence on Corr). Kom’rk is distant from Kal or feels a need to maintain an aloof unconcerned facade around Kal, maybe both (flippantly dismisses Kal’s concerns, visibly bored when Kal is in the room). Kom’rk readily criticizes Ordo or pokes fun at him, though it is not unkind (pointing out Ordo is unfairly wary of Ruu, jokes about Ordo never living down being wrong about Maze killing Zey). Dry sense of humor that is difficult to discern if serious or not (while the agreeing to shoot Jusik is likely serious, it’s mentioned that it’s delivered as Kom’rk would a joke). Pragmatic, cynical. 

But then there’s things like “Kom’rk is really into knives” and “the other Nulls are most protective of Kom’rk out of all the Nulls”. Which I love but there’s no basis in the text for it and I’m like ???? where did this come from

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who exactly is this gang? its usually KJo but he was part of BV, so im not sure which mainstream filmmaker would care enough to want the film to fail/feel happy when it did (like you said, schadenfreude).. and Ranbir Kapoor was a part of it and he's basically the industry's sweetheart. I can only imagine Deepika, Ranveer, and YRF really caring about BV failing because of personal equations+Anushka, the fact that RS was replaced by RK and YRF being the other mainstream production house

That’s not the gang I’m talking about. I’m talking about Kashyap’s art cinema friends, like Motwane and Dibakar Banerjee, and all the writers and critics they used to hang with. They had a blog they all ran together where they used to trash mainstream Bollywood. It got pretty big, and apparently all the mainstream Bollywood filmmakers would read it (shoutout to my buddy Rahul for enlightening me on this drama, because the blog as since been deleted and there’s only some archives left). The lines were very clearly drawn, they were the “good” filmmakers and everyone else was a hack. And I can personally attest to this line of thinking, I was in India when Gangs of Wasseypur released against Bol Bachchan and Cocktail, and all these guys wanted to do was trash the films that were performing better than “theirs” was.

So when Anurag failed on such a spectacular scale–and you can say BV wasn’t THAT bad, but you can’t dispute how much money it lost–a lot of people felt that he deserved to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that kind of vitriol. Ranbir is a Kapoor (and got pretty good reviews), everyone knew he’d be fine and he had other things in the pipeline. Those same people experiencing schadenfreude would be more than willing to cast Ranbir if he needed it. But the rest of the industry that Kashyap had made fun of? Yeah, they definitely had some personal reasons to celebrate his failure and go harder on him than they might have on a different filmmaker.

(And for the record, none of this has anything to do with Deepika and Anushka lol)