desolatedangel  asked:

Iloam would get Ratty a red wool knit jumper. Kinda roomy and reasonably soft. Guys like them don't tend to think about things like clothes and he would bet RK doesn't have something warm to wear in the cold sewers.

How thoughtful, but Ratty was kicked out of the sewers…

He currently lives on a mountain top until they find a new home. 

But thank you for the jumper! XD


I never get over that there is 469 days, more than one year, between when Kal formally adopts Ordo and when Kal formally adopts Mereel, A'den, Prudii, Jaing, and Kom'rk. Heck, Kal formally adopted Darman, Niner, Atin, and Corr only 77 days after Ordo, that’s 392 days before he adopted the other five Nulls.


Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan Ice Bucket Challenge

MTG artists Tumblr accounts

The main goal of this post is to offer a list of official Tumblr accounts maintained by current or former MTG artists. If you’d like to contribute by pointing out other accounts, please let me know and I’ll add it to this post (there must be others).

Some of them are not among the most active blogs out there, but maybe things can improve if you start following and promoting them.

List of artists in alphabetical order

Aaron Miller

Adam Rex

Aleksi Briclot

Chase Stone

Chris Rahn

Christopher Rush

Cliff Nielsen


Howard Lyon

James Zapata

Jason Rainville

Johannes Voss

Kekai Kotaki

Michael Bierek

Noah Bradley

Pete Venters

Peter Morhbacher

Randy Gallegos

RK Post

Ryan Yee

Steve Argyle

Svetlin Velinov

Wesley Burt

Fanservice maintained by third parts

Ascended Minion Project (Steve Argyle)

Terese Nielsen Project

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