You make me melt

Dear Maya
What a lovely holiday we had at the beach! I can never get enough though! Did you know that every summer they actually build a beach in Paris along the Seine? They truck in loads of sand & set up beach chairs. It’s really quite entertaining. It’s a way for people to “pretend” they were at the beach when they weren’t really there at all!

R: hey beautiful

K: hey dude. How’s the vacation?

R: and which vacation is that? Where am I now?

K: twitter said you’re at the beach or somewhere tropical with a vampire

R: I’m looking around. No vampires but I see diapers. I think I’m at the store. Definitely not at the beach.

K: hey you can never have too much beach!

R: you can bloody well have too much bitch

K: bwhaaaaaaaaaaa.nailed it.

R: No, I never “nailed it” Contrary to popular twitter twatter

K: what the fuck is twitter twatter

.R: tweets about twats or twats about tweets or twits about titter totter teeter totter. I can’t keep the fuck up

K: uh huh. What else did twitter say?

R: you’re the one who knows where I am on vacation

K: yeah I was just checking your location. You’re late

R: I have your list & I’m at the store! Ice cream, diapers, croissants. Didn’t we just have croissants in Paris last week? Twice in a month? Isn’t that enough?

K: croissants? you can never have enough

R: I have enough with you. I don’t need anything else.

K: awww between you and croissants I always choose you

R: That’s reassuring. I got your ice cream. And I got MY ice cream. His & Hers.

K; that would be the same thing dude. We like the same kind

R: sharing is caring right?

K: I’m not sharing you with anyone dude

R: you don’t have to worry about that. What’s mine is yours. I’m yours.You’re mine

K: hurry up with your shopping so you can show me what’s mine

R: your one track mind owes one dollar. Although I should make you pay in Euros

K: what one track? I was talking about ice cream

R: I think I’ll cover you in ice cream so I can lick it off before it melts on your hot body

K: ok who owes the dollar now? But I’d like to melt into your arms. How’s that?

R: woman you’re killing me. Now I owe more than just one. My mind is working overtime

K: shut up hot stuff and get home already. I love you

R: On my way beautiful. But I love you more

So sweet Maya
Summer is the perfect time for chilly treats! I love to make ice cream. It’s kind of an Ultra American thing to do here in the south. Sometitmes it gets so hot we have to eat it quickly so it doesn’t melt. But if it does then no worries. I just make more! It’s going to be OK.

"Ben hiç sevilmedim.Gülümsememi seven biri olmadı, öyle pekte güzel gülmem ama sevenin gözü görür mü bunu hiç? Kimsenin hüzünlü bir aşk şarkısında aklına gelen ilk kişi ben olmadım.Gözlerime derin derin bakmak isteyen kimse olmadı.Çirkin miyim? Belki.Fakat seven insan, kalbini sevmez mi zaten? Ben kimsenin uzun şiirler yazdığı, anlamlı sevda sözleri söylediği kişi olmadım.Buna değmezdim belki de, bilmiyorum.Birinin "gökyüzüm" dediği kişi olmadım, ne kadar özeldir bir insanın gökyüzüsü olmak, bilemedim.Dedim ya ben hiç sevilmedim.Ama sevdim, çok sevdim hem de.Artık sevmiyorum da zaten.İnanın kimse bunu haketmiyor artık.Sevilmeyi de beklemiyorum.Fakat yinede içimde bir yanım ağlıyor.Sevgiye muhtaç yanım ağlıyor."