Magia record Magical Girl Madoka Magica Gaiden PV! Coming in 2017 Spring!

You and Yoshiko being affectionate in mundane ways is what I’m here for.

  •  Yoshiko editing a Aquors PV and You comes from behind and hugs/kisses her and Yoshiko is trying to to laugh and try to get back to work but You won’t let her and pretty much no work gets done that night
  • Watching a cheesy romance movie that totally hooks Yoshiko and she’s on the verge of tears at the third act where there’s a tragic scene and You just looks over and laughs at how secretly sappy her girlfriend is and she puts an arm around her for support with Yoshiko absent mindedly resting her head on her shoulder.
  •  Whenever You feels down about anything Yoshiko revvs up her inner weab and channels Yohane more then usual because she knows it always helps You laugh and smile and that’s what Yoshiko wants, seeing You frown is one of the worst things to have to see. 
  • They have random conversations while trying to sleep, it could be about anything but they’re always interested in what the other has to say, very it You talking about some amazingly constructed boat she saw or Yoshiko going in about what she read in the latest wicken novel she bought. You especially as she honestly loves hearing Yoshiko talk about her passion and interests as she genuinely wants to learn more about her. And while their talking they conduct minor touches stuff like hair stroking, snuggling, hand holding, and occasional butterfly kisses. 
  • Yoshiko being surprisingly clingy and loves to hold, hug, and just be close to You whoever she can get away with it. Even when You is cooking dinner Yoshiko will come up behind and hug her, burying her face into You’s back. You just laughs it off as seeing the great Yohane be so cute is a funny sight. However Yoshiko let’s her know that if she tells anyone about this she’ll put a he’d on You. Smiles and obliges with a heart ‘yousoro’!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Film PV announcement. Opens Summer 2017.


BlazBlue Central Fiction Special PV 30, Nine the Phantom

And to you who asked me what Naoto said in yesterday’s PV, it’s almost the same thing as Naoto always says in CF. The same shounen hero like things.
”I will… save you! I will find her/it, until then I will not stop.”

vocaloid fan problems:

  • ‘this song is the greatest but its title is really long and typed in an alphabet i dont read so i will literally never find it again’
  • ‘there was a really good pv i saw once but i cant remember the title or how the song went’
  • ‘this song was great in the 8th grade but the voice handling didnt age well and i dont remember len sounding this bad’
  • ur past on the youtube comment section flooding ur memories and the shame that accompanies it
  • the grim knowledge that 90% of the songs u like r literally by anime robots and ur biggest fear is that someone will hand u the aux bc Thats All U Know
  • related to previous, the all consuming sense of dread u get when someone asks for song recs or sends u a music related ask meme and all that comes to mind are fuckin rin kagamine songs

RWBY Vol.3 PV (JP Dub)


Ah, It’s a Wonderful Cat Life !!! It’s out !!! Have fun watching it !!


Buddy Go! 2 PV. Starts October 4th

You know what breaks my heart?

When Tony found out about his parents, his reaction wasn’t to turn to Bucky like “how could you?”.

His reaction is to turn to Steve, who he trusted. Who he considered a friend. He turns to him and asks “did you know?”, because in that moment, he realizes that he put his faith, his trust, and his heart into a friendship where the other party had kept something so monumentally important from him. 

He lashes out at Bucky, but in that moment when his heart is breaking, he turns to Steve, because Steve is the one he trusted.