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Since most of the messages are in the form and shitposting/trolling, I'm going to make an effort to be constructively critical. Your art is good, drawing wise at least, but the face(s) could DEFINITELY use work style wise. The faces are either too round for the character and throws off the features, while noses are too big and/or round. I think you're trying to go for a realistic style but it clashes with the rest of the art style which makes it comes off as...uncanny.

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Ok, so like if they had done an actual cap 3 instead of cw where sam and steve went after bucky and you go to write how that would go down, how would you have had the reunion/recovery go? do you think bucky would' want to be found?

I’m on mobile so I’ll have to format this later and put a read more in, but here’s what I would have wanted. Again, it’s long, I’ve thought about this at length.

We would have seen Steve and Sam, probably in Sam’s apartment reading and rereading files, crossing out leads, there’s a map with locations marked and also crossed out, Sam’s on the phone about another possible lead. Steve looks kinda defeated, it’s been 2 years and still he feels like they’re no closer than they were in 2014. Sam hangs up the phone, sits down next to Steve and says something like “Hey man, when he wants to be found then we’ll find him, and I got a pretty promising lead in Romania that says tin man is ready.” And Steve’s all “Sam, you gotta stop calling him tin man” - but he’s already collecting stuff to get ready to leave. And Sam’s close behind him like “Fine, how’s Robocop? Terminator? Man with the Midas touch?” “His arm isn’t gold Sam, can we go?”

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There is a light for the lost and the meek


What even are lanterns?

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Olivia do you think Yurio has a teeny tiny crush on Yuuri? I just can't understand why he would talk bad about him to Viktor after engagement announcement when he was so friendly with Yuuri just and episode ago.

:^) ur talkin to me, the biggest stan for onesided yu//yuu on this fuckin earth

but yea i definitely think yuri has a crush on yuuri lmao he was seen admiring his step sequences and he wanted to see him at his full potential so i guess he thought screaming at him would work best??? i love my awkward son

he was so friendly with yuuri and got so angry when he found out that yuuri and viktor were engaged and even insulted viktor and their rings like dfkhdskj bb dont be jealous blease

not to mention he mentally told yuuri especially to keep his eyes on him bc he wants to inspire yuuri into not quitting, and cried bc he thought he had failed like listen yuri has a dumb celebrity crush on yuuri you can pry this from my cold dead hands