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Name:  Emmy
Pronouns:  she / her
Sexuality: bi

Zodiac sign: pisces
Taken or Single:  single
Three facts:
cat lady to the max
ii. super shy
iii. french fry lover

R P  E X P E R I E N C E

How long (months/years?): about 2-3 years on tumblr, started when I was 12-13 (currently 22)
Platforms you’ve used: forums & tumblr
Best experience: tumblr

M U S E   P R E F E R E N C E S

Female or Male: female, but i’ve also played males
Favorite face:  emma rigby (also mun fc)
Least favorite face:  don’t have one
Multi or Single: multi

W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S

Fluff, Angst or Smut: fluff & angst
Plots or Memes:  both
Long or Short replies: both
Best time to write:  night time
Are you like your muse(s): somewhat, but I can almost always find a little bit of me in any muse i play

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Five Ways To Not Be A Prick: Holiday Edition

      ‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Right! So here are a few ways that you can ensure you are not being that one customer or person in a retail store that all the employees despise.

  1. If you decide you don’t want an item, either give it to the cashier or put it back where it belongs. Retail associates are not your mums! It takes an extra five seconds for you to bend down and put that box of Twinkies back where it actually belongs instead of leaving it with the Ho-Ho’s, but can add an extra five minutes to someone’s work routine.
  2. Keep control of your children. No matter how much we want to believe it, no child - no not even our own - are little angels. They play around, break things, run about, and cause some pretty hectic mischief. Even if they don’t mean to, they make messes that can make life all the more difficult for one or multiple employees. 
  3. Employees are there to assist, not cater to your whims and take your abuse. It’s perfectly fine to ask for help finding something, or even for a recommendation on a product, but when you hound or berate an associate for just trying to do their job, you’re being a Scrooge and a Grinch. Think about it - you’re probably not the first person to call that associate some kind of name today, because it’s the holidays and everyone is either too cheery for comfort or a complete grouch.
  4. Be patient. Retail stores are at their peak activity levels for the entire year, and some only have so many associates on hand. Some stores only have one associate available in the middle of a rush, even! Each employee must follow their company’s policies, and getting upset with them for doing as they have been instructed will not help your situation go any smoother, whether it’s being carded for alcohol or the lines being too long for your liking.
  5. Realize that the people you speak to are human. They may just look like blank bodies with a smile and a uniform drawn on, but associates are people, and believe it or not, a lot of them have the same disorders and fears as you do. It may not seem like a lot, but when you smile and respond to the questions they are required to ask with the same enthusiasm as you would when talking about something you like, it makes more mousy associates feel more comfortable and confident in taking on the holiday season and its woes.

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and to the anons out there who send love. thank you.

;; -squints- …is that my headcanon? Look I don’t actually mind if people like my Shogo headcanons enough to take them - I put a lot of thought into why he is the way that he is and I’m flattered that people appreciate that. Just ah. If you really like my shit and want to take it that’s fine, just maybe drop a little ‘'this isn’t original, it was inspired by asymptomxtic’? Especially if I know you’ve obsessed over my blog, just makes you look shady.

  1. captain-outoftime: ok speed-up-to-date me. is this relationship as mad abusive as it looks that I just read?? can steve plz come and take care of her??

Very abusive. There are two kids, Lohi and Phoeona. There was much alcohol. Loki was the pregnant one so, technically Darcy’s the father. Loki is super volatile, and this is pretty much how their interactions go. 

There’s a reason why Darcy wears so many scarves. 

She basically feels like a social leper because when it came out that she has kids with this guy, a loooooot of people felt like she betrayed them when again extenuating circumstances


It’s muggy and cloudy outside, a depressing August morning and my last holiday week. It’s basically the perfect setting to listen to Out of time, as indeed my time off is ticking out. This bass- driven track with drums and acoustic guitar and without Coxon is one of the best pop songs ever written. Blur does not need an introduction. 18th August, 2015. Out of time by Blur.

;; there are all of three characters in the entire psycho pass universe who have explicitly stated sexualities and they are shion (bi/pan) and rikako and yayoi (lesbians). The lesbians especially have back stories in which their sexualities are pretty important so yes I’m all sorts of grossed out by anyone using those two for self insert shipping fodder as a queer person who gets a lot of shit for not sleeping with men. AND THERES YOUR ANGRY RIKA FOR THE NIGHT <3