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First off, I have to just say an all around thank you to all of my followers because this couldn’t have happened without all of you.  (Literally this is all because of you plums!)  This blog has meant the world to me and I was a bit terrified to jump into the fandom so late in the game, especially representing a muse I care so much about.  However, the mcu fandom has welcomed me with open arms and all the love in the world.  The lists will be long but it will be worth it I promise so bear with me.  I know there are many of you whom I have become close friends with and I am sorry if I don’t get all the personal stuff in here.  This blog is my therapy and each one of you has helped me through these months more than you can ever know.  (Also I reached 200+ on my birthday, Feb 8th, and that makes it even more astounding.)  I seriously hope I don’t miss anyone O.o

The Baes 

@synthozoid - My best friend who spent 8+ hours putting this blog together way back in May 2016.  They are my world and, even though they have been mia because of life, I love them and can’t thank them enough for this blog.

@wigglyxwoo - She is amazing and I suggest you follow her, and all of her sideblogs. ( @pietroxtime, @badxlucked, @wearebartons, @lilxlionxman )  Also her smols is adorable and she has been there to listen to me rant.  She has given me so much confidence and was the first Wanda I ever followed <3

@fiirstavenger - This mun has been mia for a while, but I always enjoyed their Steve and they have my heart by being the first Steve who ever interacted with me.  (Starting Bucky was truly scary because I know there are many amazing blogs for him)  Miss you a bunch and hope life is going well. ( @withwakanda)

@the–redacted–of-hellskitchen - First ever Murdock to follow me and you have set the bar so high.  I am fairly certain my new otp is BuckyMatt because our muses are such hormonal teens that bring out the best in each other.  We have way too many threads and I still want a good 20 more.  Wishing you the best with all that schooling stuff.

@aliancvna - Blessed does not begin to describe how I feel about having been given the chance to interact with you.  I know life has been a bit rough and you haven’t been on to rp as much, but I always look forward to see replies from you.

@xcuratiox - You are one of my favorite OC’s and I am so happy that your are back.  Literally jumped for joy when you sent that reply.  I hope you stick around for a while because your character is so amazing and fleshed out.

@chugamunk - Oh Clint.  There are no words to describe the awesomeness of mun and muse.  Ecstatic that you are back and our threads are all over with verses but that is what makes them amazing.  Can’t wait for more fun and freakouts. 

@techmaestro - I finally got to our super planned out reply, but I wanted to say that you are an amazing writer even though we have only just begun!

@igniscore - Your food porn is not fair, but I am glad we have become fast friends.  I hope Tony and Bucky become better friends, with Zorro’s help.  Our gif spams are the best.

@pinchapaprika - I have no idea how it happened but friendship has blossomed.  I know school is rough and muses have been hard but you are an amazing mun.  So happy to have met you!!

The Team - I enjoy rping with you and your muses.  I want to say so many things about each and everyone of you, but then this post would never end.  You are all incredibly unique and it means the world to me when I see your replies.  Very lucky to have been followed by you and I hope you all never leave me. <3333333333

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captain-outoftime  asked:

i feel like the 'fondue' thing is more indicative of dirty thoughts than anything else. word I don't know= must be sexual. to me, that just says he's been surrounded by bawdy humor and comments his whole life.

exactly. And he may be shit with women, but he’s still not afraid of talking to them. He doesn’t shy away from talking to Peggy, he doesn’t bashfully duck her eyes and sit there a blushing mess in her presence, he doesn’t look at her BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LOOK AT ANYONE HE SPEAKS TO. Not unless he’s trying to get something from them. He’s not trying to get anything from Peggy, so he looks at any place but her and keeps trucking through the conversation. He doesn’t clam up, he makes several smart comments at his own expense, he stands his ground and finishes the sentences he starts. He is awkward, and clearly uncomfortable, but he’s still trying to be composed and honest and even funny, tho his humor is DRY AS A BONE. 

The ‘right partner’ thing isn’t him being innocent or 'naive’ either. He knows he’s undesirable and he’s tired of putting himself out there. This isn’t some 'true love’ crap, its him going 'if someone really gives a shit about me, they can make the first goddamn move I am so sick of this bullshit’. 

ggggod just. people take him at such face value and it bugs me

… Man, I once had this idea, where, like, Aku had hired some dancers for entertainment one time? And it just…

… It was kind of a thing that had sort of scarred him for about a week afterward?

But then I remembered the one scene from the episode Jack and the Warrior Woman, where Ikra kinda makes this face when this big, beefy dancer dude comes out…?

And, like, it sort of further drives my point? Why would he, as Ikra, make such a bashful face like that? Like, I don’t think it would have detracted from the character he was building up…

… Long story short, I had this idea, where Aku had hired these dancers, not really knowing any better, and the whole thing just sort of…

A good man


There was a single occupant in the cafe across the street from a Brooklyn apartment building. Customers drifted in and out, but a lone man sat at a booth by the window, his black coffee untouched and cold. Eyebrows furrowed slightly above blue eyes, unabashedly fixed the front entrance of the apartments. A trench coat hung from stiff shoulders, despite the fact it was August and the sun was burning strong.

There was an air of… disappointment about him. As if whatever the stranger hoped to find was no longer there. Or never had been. The baristas thought perhaps he’d been stood up, but there were no signs of anger or obsessive texting. No red flags hinting whoever he was looking for might pay for their absence. So they left him be.

The man’s eyes drifted to the front door of the cafe as the bell above it rang with sickening clarity. A man stalked inside, summer blue eyes hard beneath parted blonde hair. He was tall, broad-shouldered, fit enough to challenge most. And those eyes promised a challenge.

“Steve Rogers.”

The stranger’s voice was low and filled with gravel. Unlike the Captain’s silent fury, the man simply looked tired.

“You will have to forgive me, I… never quite mastered subtlety. I didn’t mean to intrude on your lives.”

Plural. He knew there was another in the apartment, there was no point in denying it. He’d waited for the other to emerge for some time, though a glance had been all he needed.

Chasing Shadows

The trickster had been stranded in Midgard for some time, watching the days go by from the shadows. He’d watched this… Hydra, take over SHIELD.

Loki cared not for the organization his brother fought for so dearly… but he cared about this… other. Hydra had an interest in the tesseract. It had an interest in anything of Asgard, and that included Thor. He had already killed several of these Hydra mortals bent on tracking the thunder god.

Thor was none the wiser. To his own existence or theirs.

The drab, Midgardian structure was derelict and flimsy, it’s metal walls of a weak ore any decent Asgardian smith wouldn’t dream of working with. Wide windows lined the outside, the glass blackened and tiles shattered. It should have been silent… but it was not.

Loki moved soundlessly toward the gutteral screams of a man under relentless torture. The trickster’s angered flared at the sound of blades and laughter, remembering all too well the days he’d spent beneath Chitauri knives.

That couldn’t be Thor. The voice was too high… was it not?

The Trickster’s pace quickened, and he found his prey… and the Captain out of time.

Blue eyes widened with surprise, he had not expected the mortal to be the source of such agony. The man was covered in bruises and blood, with no less than ten Hydra members standing near him. Why must they always have guns? He was not overly fond of guns.


He eyed the discarded shield with a faint smile that quickly faded. Was he truly contemplating rescuing the Soldier? For what purpose?

A low growl reached his lips as he thought of how alike the man was to his brother. The thunder god he couldn’t bear to face. Especially if Thor learned he had stood by and allowed the Captain to be killed by the same men who searched for him.

“… Damn.”

“Who knew Cap was a screamer?” One of the Hydra guards laughed, watching the interrogation. “Maybe we should take a video and send it to his frien-”

The rest was lost as a blade protruded from his mouth with a spray of blood. The others scrambled and opened fire, but three more died before Loki even revealed himself. Long hair swept in front of his face as he moved with a lithe grace, dodging every bullet. He wore a simple, black midgardian jacket, and looked nothing like the would-be-king who had assaulted this realm not long ago.

The men screamed and fired at every shadow, until only the one who had been trying to wheel the Captain away was left.

A metal beam was shoved bodily through his chest, and he stared in disbelief for only a moment before being lifted by the rod and flung over the god of mischief’s head.

Loki’s hair was still shrouding his face as his chest heaved and his fingers worked to free the Captain from his constraints. He said nothing as he lifted the man with ease and left the trail of corpses in his wake.

Welcome to the New Age | ABO Verse | {captain-outoftime}

Clint rode into town on a motorcycle he’d fixed up a few months back from scavenged parts. There was an old car park that was walled in with barbed wire where you could rent protection for your vehicle while you visited. Clint knew it was worth it because he lived nearly a hundred miles out from Cedar Rapids, he didn’t want to get stranded out here, or have to walk home. That was dangerous. And it risked his farm going to hell.

He left Natasha behind with Lucky to guard it, but all it took was a hooligan with a rock to shatter the glass of the green houses. The sun was too harsh, the air almost acidic to the plants. It had taken Tony and him two years since the solar storm to get a filtration system working that could support plant life. From there, they had worked on purifying the soil and water with certain plants, and then built more interlinked green houses from there, expanding and purifying water and soil as they went.

He didn’t have the space to grow enough hay for cows or horses, but he had a couple goats and more chickens than he knew what to do with, but they were good eating and laid often. The weather was too hot and acrid for winter or fall, so he could grow year round, and he’d been digging up old books to learn how to can and jaw food so he could send it by train to places and get parts in return.

He just needed more muscle to guard the area. He had stopped using the property he had when everything went to shit, but now he was slowly regaining his land, interconnecting his green houses. He needed Alphas. Tony was an Omega and would easily be able to keep order and prevent territory disputes (anyone who thought Alphas had the power were foolish or fooling themselves. Omegas might not have physical strength, but Alphas were hard-wired to protect).

Natasha and himself were Betas, and Lucky was, well, a dog. But it worked, things on got tense when Tony went into heat because suppressants didn’t exist anymore. Luckily it was only four times a year. (Sometimes Clint was jealous, he wished he could be that horny and get a nice strong Alpha to fall over themself for him. But that was a fantasy and nothing more. Alphas would be needed to help repopulate once there was a steady food source, again. They couldn’t go bonding with Betas like him. But… he could dream.)