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➕ Dat Nurse Life 🏩

I apologize for all the nurse posts, but yeah, it’s a massive chunk of my life and it leaks into my mind while I’m not at work. It’s unavoidable. So…

💊 You’d be amazed at the string of curse words we use in the med room (and only in the med room) to blow steam off. We’re only human and it’s a great way to relieve some stress. We vent to each other and then go our own way as if nothing ever happened.

💩 I’m forever grateful for my work as a CNA for 2 ½ years. Without it, I would totally freak out at the various shiz storms we contend with on our floor. Especially in the cases of our patients with dementia. Poo gets everywhere. Literally. I go into the poo storm like it’s no big deal.

👩 Sometimes I really want to rip all my hair out from frustration with especially cranky patients, but of course I maintain my composure.

🔄 On the flip side, I LOVE patients who are good-natured, or at least make an attempt to be as good-natured as their predicament allows them to be. A pleasant patient makes their nurse want to give them good care. Pleasant or unpleasant, patients deserve quality care, but a “happy” patient = happy nurse = good care (as a rule of thumb).

🎲 You never know when you’re going to get a “fragile” patient, or a patient who could go south very quickly. But when you do get such a patient, you’re frequently in their room, checking oxygen saturation and other vitals. Sometimes going up really close to them while they’re sleeping just to make absolute certain that they’re breathing. Those are scary patients. I’ve had a few so far and I’m just waiting for that time when I’ll have to call a code because they’re blue (literally) and/or unresponsive. And when that time comes, I’ll be scared sh!tless, but I’ll do my very best regardless of my emotions because it’s what I have to do.

🚀 The learning curve is steep. Growth is exponential. You learn from mistakes quickly because you don’t want to make the same mistake again. In the world of nursing, it only takes one serious mistake to never make it again. That is for sure. Therefore, you learn fast. Very fast.

🚿 The shower is my best friend when I get home. I feel rejuvenated after I can scrub away whatever might be on my skin (especially C. diff bugs, who knows what we get on our skin?). Scrubs go straight to laundry. You betcha they do!

🌟 Oddly enough, I don’t ever actually loathe my job at the end of the day (night). Every night is a new challenge and I’m extremely grateful that I don’t dread going to work. That’s HUGE for me. Thanking my lucky stars!

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Member(s): Sehun x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 1187
1. “Did I say that out loud?”

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A loud clap of thunder got him jumping out of his seat, despite he had never been afraid of it. But he couldn’t sit still - not when you were somewhere out there during this horrible storm. He was sure you didn’t mind it, though, but your fearlessness sometimes terrified him and made him constantly worried about your well-being. And despite the fact that you were already an adult yourself, he couldn’t stop himself from taking care of you like you were just a preschooler – just like when you were kids.

With both of your parents being childhood best friends themselves, it was only natural for you two to start hanging out as well. Sehun was a year older than you and despite his aloof personality, he had always been keen on taking care of you like an older brother.

“Y/N, your hair is all covered in mud!”

“That’s because you don’t know how to play properly!”

“… I should fix it for you, then.”

That continued later on. Even after he joined SM Entertainment, despite his rigorous schedule, he always managed to find some time to check up on you – he’d ask if you had eaten well, taken your vitamins if you were sick and so on. Those were small things, but they always meant the world to you.

“Jesus Christ, Sehun, you’re not my mother!”

“Shut up and eat your soup.”

The sound of annoyance in your voice had always managed to amuse him greatly. Looking out of the window, Sehun laughed at the memory.

When you were old enough for university and your parents didn’t have enough money to pay for your own place, Sehun was the one who offered you his help. He had his own apartment and didn’t mind sharing it with you, not even the slightest bit. It was an excellent decision - you lived in peace and harmony, you rarely fought and one would think, upon seeing you, that you were a couple.

The truth was, as the time passed, Sehun had found himself falling more and more in love with you. Unlike what most boys would do, he didn’t even consider distancing himself away from you, knowing it would bring suspicion and stain your perfect friendship – or even worse, end it. Instead, he kept it a secret and tried to act as normal as possible. Luckily for him, you misread his over-protectiveness as something an older brother would feel upon seeing his little sibling growing up. So up until this day, he didn’t have to worry about it.

The familiar sound of the front door opening was an answer to all his prayers. Before he could even comprehend what he was doing, he was already rushing to the hallway to greet you. Seeing you struggling with your coat, he helped you take it off and hung it onto a stand hanger near the door.

“Where have you been until now?” he asked, worry lacing his voice as he spoke, “I was just about to go search for you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worried.” you spoke apologetically, taking your beanie off with one hand, the other one holding a small box tightly, “I was held back by a professor and my battery ran out in the meantime.”

“It’s okay. You’re here now, that’s all it matters. And I’m glad you remembered to bring an umbrella with you.”

“I know, right? It probably caused all the planets to align, but oh well.” you shrugged nonchalantly, “You haven’t had dinner yet?”

He waved his head silently, too lazy to say anything more. You understood and motioned for him to follow you to the kitchen. Simple things like these were usual and accepted by both of you as sometimes neither of you was in a mood to speak too much. As you entered the small kitchen together, he couldn’t help but notice you kept on clutching the box close to your chest as if you were afraid someone was going to snatch it away from you and it made him very curious.

“Why are you carrying the box like that? What’s inside?”

You smiled like Mona Lisa, as if keeping a little secret, while Sehun frowned.

“Wait. Do I even want to know?”

You let out a chuckle in response and carefully placed the box on the table, slowly taking off the lid to expose its content.

At first, Sehun couldn’t believe his eyes, as the sight wasn’t anywhere near what he expected – three grasshoppers and two ladybugs.

“They were all together in the building, curled up in one spot… having a party, probably.” you explained, “So I thought it would be shameful if they were cold and had no food on their party.”

“But, how did you manage to catch them all?”

“Oh God, don’t ask!” you pressed your hands on your cold cheeks and shook your head wildly like a little kid, “The old lady next door, Mrs. Son, chose a perfect moment to get out of her apartment and just watched as I chased grasshoppers through the building like a lunatic. That woman surely thinks weird of me now.”

He laughed wholeheartedly at your story, without actually believing what he just heard – he thought that it was impossible for someone to be such a good person, so pure and so innocent, but then again, there you were. Maybe guardian angels existed, after all…

“Can you please take care of them for a minute or so?” your voice snapped him out of his thoughts and he immediately looked your way, “I have to find some leaves to feed them.”

He shrugged and nodded, taking the box in his hands. There was nothing really that he could do against the job he had been given, but he couldn’t help but ask, “Y/N, are you actually planning on keeping them?”

“Oh no, no!” you laughed, “I won’t keep them. Actually, I will, for now! I’m just going to wait this storm to pass and then I’ll let them out.”

There it was again, your gentleness and love for all living beings that got him into liking you in the first place.

“I think I want to marry you…” he thought and lowered his head to prevent you from seeing the smile that overtook his face, his feelings sincere, as if he never had any doubts about them.

A soft giggling sound made him raise his head a moment later, just to see you standing in the doorway, fiddling with a beanie that was in your hands as you bit on your lower lip with indubitably flushed cheeks. Upon realizing what happened, he licked his own lips, feeling a wave of embarrassment engulf him whole.

“Did I say that out loud?” despite already knowing the answer, he had to ask. Just to make sure.

You turned your head to look at him. He had known you his whole life, but the way you were smiling just now was something he had never seen before. Before he could react, you put the beanie on and headed outside on the pouring rain.

~ Admin Taeyeon

Dancing in the Rain Pt.2 (Jonathan Byers fanfiction)

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‘’Please, just come and pick me up.’’

‘’It’s not save going out in a storm like this, y/n, especially into the woods.  I’ll pick you up the second the storm dies down a bit. The Byers are nice people, they will let you stay there for a while. Say hello to Joyce from me. Bye now,’’ said Uncle Todd and hung up.

‘’Fuck,’’ you cursed under your breath.

‘’Is everything okay?’’ asked the older boy who stuck his head out of the kitchen.

‘’My uncle Todd said that it isn’t save going out in this storm,’’ you paoused for a bit. You didn’t feel comfortable asking people you didn’t know too well for favors. ‘’Is it okay if I stay here for a while?’’ you asked slowly. You could feel you cheeks turning red.

‘’Yeah, no problem,’’ said the boy.

‘’Thank you so much,’’ you said and give him a smile. ‘’I’m y/n by the way,’’ you said awkwardly.

‘’I’m Jonathan,’’ said the boy. 

Then, for a few seconds the both of you just stood awkwardly across from each other while looking at you feet.

‘’I’m making dinner for me and Will,’’ said Jonathan. He looked happy that he finally found something to say to end the awkward silence. ‘’You want to eat with us?’’

‘’Thank you, that would be great.’’ 

The both of you went into the kitchen. You set down at the kitchen table and looked up at Jonathan who went back to the stove.

Will was sitting at the table and drawing. You sat beside him and asked: ‘’What are you drawing?’’

‘’The  demogorgon,’’ he explained excitedly. ‘’He’s a demon prince. He’s like the greatest villain in Dungeons and Dragons history,’’ he said and looked at you with a big smile.

‘’You like Dungeneons and Dragons?’’ you asked with a smile on you face. You thought it was really cute how exited he got over this game.

‘’YEAH! It’s only THE BEST GAME EVER!’’ he said and jumped off of his chair.

‘’Calm down, Wil,’’ said Jonathen. You could hear the slight laugh in his voice.

Will looked at Jonathan with a fake-angry look and set back on his chair. 

‘’My cousin Sarah likes D&D. She has been trying to teach me how to play, but I just can’t get the hang of it,’’ you said. Sarah has been trying to teach you since the day you came to Hawkins. But you didn’t really care for it and never listened to her.

‘’I can teach you!’’ said Will and took his crayon back in his hand.

‘’I don’t think she wants that,’’ said Jonathan while placing a plate of baked potatoes in the middle of the table.

‘’What do you know! It’s not like you actually know any girls,’’ said Will and stuck out his tongue toward Jonathan.

Jonathan’s cheeks turned bright red in a second. He opened his mouth to say something but he closed it again.

‘’Just shut up, Will, okay,’’ said Jonathan quietly and turned away from the table.

Will looked at you and made a funny face. You laughed quietly even though you could feel the second-hand embarrassment from Jonathan.

Jonathan placed all of the food on the table and you guys started eating. Will was talking all the time while you and Jonathan were mostly quiet. Than the phone rang and Will ran to answer it. He started talking about X-Man on the phone so the call was probably for him.

‘’Soo,’’ you said not wanting to sit in uncomfortable silence. ‘’You go to high school here?’’ you asked. It was the best thing you were able to come up with in such a short time.

‘’Yup. I’m a junior,’’ (((ok so don’t kill me if he isn’t a junior but I have no idea how American high schools work))) said Jonathan. ‘’Do you go to Hawkins high? I have never seen you there. Or anywhere in Hawkins actually,’’ he said and looked at you.

‘’Yeah, I’m not from around here,’’ you said and looked down at your plate. You didn’t really want to talk about why you ended up in Hawkins. ‘’I will be staying here at my uncles house for a while. I’m actually from Indianapolis,’’ you said.

‘’Oh, a big-city girl,’’ said Jonathan and you could see a small smile grow on his face. Suddenly he looked way more comfortable around you. ‘’Who is your uncle?’’

‘’Todd Walker. He’s a vet. He actually told me to say hello to your family,’’ you said awkwardly. You had a feeling Jonathan won’t know who your uncle was.

‘’Oh, Todd,’’ Jonathan said. ‘’Yeah, we always take our dog to him. He’s a cool dude.’’

‘’Yeah, if ‘cool’ means boring and overprotective to you’’ you rolled your eyes. ‘’He doesn’t allow me to go anywhere by myself. ‘You never know who is waiting around the corner in the dark. You are a pretty girl, someone might want to hurt you. You should find yourself a boyfriend to protect you’ he always says to me. Everything in that sentence is against my morals,’’ you said pretending to be him using a really deep voice.

Jonathan laughed. You looked at him in shock. But then you realized how silly you must of have sounded. So you started laughing to.

‘’Thank you for everything,’’ you said for what feels like the fourth time already.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of Jonathan’s car. It was parked outside of uncle Todd’s house. Talking Heads were quietly playing. It was a couple of hours after your dinner at the Byers house. After dinner you helped Jonathan clean the table. After that Will, Jonathan and you sat on the couch for a while watching Jaws. Will said it was one of his favorite movies and Jonathan haven’t seen it yet. And because you liked it too, Will and you made Jonathan watch it too. After the movie was over the storm has ended. It was still raining but not as hard as it was earlier. So Jonathan said he’ll drive you home and he will look at your car tomorrow. He told you that he was quite good with cars and it was probably just the battery causing the problem. 

‘’It’s not a problem at all. Will and I enjoyed your company. We are usually alone so it was nice to have you around,’’ Jonathan said while playing with the keychain hanging from the keys in the engine. 

‘’Well, I had fun too,’’ you smiled at him and open the passenger door. 

‘’I’ll call you tomorrow after I fix you car, okay?’’ he said, leaning onto the passenger seat so he could see you while you were standing next to the car.

‘’Yeah, that would be great,’’ you said. ‘’Good night, Jonathan,’’ you said while closing the car door.

‘’Good night, Y/N,’’ he said and smiled at you.

Damn, that smile. 

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Can you please gif Mark rubbing his chin against the mic like a cat? It's for a friend

Sure lol I’ll do it now, give me a minute~

It’s storming out so my internet is kind of being a poop. Luckily it still works enough for gifs~

okay so after eggsy storms out to find dean he leaves his door open and his mum is gonna find out that there’s a dog on his bed like what’s her reaction to a random pug in her house 

heroes & monsters | ward x simmons ‘stranger things’ au

“Pᴇʀʜᴀᴘs ɪᴛ ᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴄᴏᴜʀᴀɢᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀᴀɪsᴇ ᴄʜɪʟᴅʀᴇɴ…”
                                                                 ― Jᴏʜɴ Sᴛᴇɪɴʙᴇᴄᴋ

The night sky was filled with a million stars but no moon in sight. That small comfort made it easier to monitor from the inky, dark shadows. And it’s certainly monitoring… 

Not hunting, nor spying. And definitely not stalking. 

Stalking implies that the subject isn’t aware that they were being watched or who was watching them… 

and it knew. 

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whatever you do don’t imagine the impact on the foxes if Neil’s dad had managed to kill him in the end.

So they’re in the hotel because everyone’s freaking the fuck out and it’s just kind of silent because nobody knows what to do or say. They find out in the middle of the night and it’s a female agent at the door who’s so overcome with second hand grief that the only words she can get out are “I’m sorry”.

It’s Nicky who answers the door and he collapses against is because he knows what those words mean and he knows what’s happened and he doesn’t even want to hear anymore about it, he just collapses down against the wall next to the door and doesn’t move for however long it takes him to catch his breath.

Matts up next, he’s a light sleeper, and he takes one look at Nicky and at the woman and storms out, he marches down the stairs and outside and throws his fists into the first wall he sees until he’s bleeding and then sits down. Dan finds him but she doesn’t say anything, just sits down next to him and leans on his shoulder, both of them watching the sunrise and thinking about this messy, broken kid they tried to save but failed.

When the rest of the team are woken up and told they’re all silently stunned. Nobody can deal with it, nobody can really process it and it falls to Allison to start to organise. She organises when Neil’s body will be released so they can say goodbye, how they’re getting home, brigs everybody breakfast, sends Matt to hospital, calls the university and pulls the liquor bottle away from Kevin, pouring it down the sink.

She tells them Neil wanted to win, he wanted to fucking kill the Ravens on the court and so help her god they will, they will finish this season, for Neil and for Seth and for what they did to Kevin they have to at least try.

So they do.

Everyone watched Andrew the whole way back but he’s stoic, he’s more than that he’s absolutely still to the point coach sends Aaron to check he’s breathing. Aaron sits with him for a minute and try’s to do something comforting, but he doesn’t know what so he reached out for Andrews hand. Aaron fully expects him to pull away but he stays still. They sit like that the whole way home.

Of course the press have somehow found out and they’re all camped out when they get there. Nicky realises he hasn’t spoken to erik yet, but he’s seen the news and is already on his way, unable to answer the phone. This leads to Nicky having a full on meltdown in the parking lot as his phone rings and it’s exactly how it felt with Neil, that worry in his stomach. Kevin slips his arm around him to cover over the fact he’s sobbing.

A week later renee decides she wants to pray for Neil, but she try’s and try’s but she doesn’t know what to say to a God who took Neil from them so early, she can’t accept that as part of his plan. Allison is there with her as she silently cries.

Allison stays in charge, she manages to hold it together for all of them so she handles the press. She does it beautifully, answering every question reporters throw at her, until one suggests this was simply Neil’s past catching up to him, that he shouldn’t of broken the law all these years. She stares at them point blank and tells them “Neil Josten was a fucking good man.”. They don’t do press again.

Her parents show up, two deaths is too many for them, they want her to come home, where they say it’s safe. She tells them she’s built a home for herself here and they can go fuck themselves.

Kevin leaves. He essentially runs away, at first just to get away from the grief but then he realised why Neil did it. It was nice to sit somewhere where nobody knew your name. He starts drinking himself across the state, until one day he takes it to far and ends up at a police station. They call Coach and he takes him home, watching him break down in the living room reminds him of Neil after the Ravens, but he doesn’t say anything.

Andrew breaks down once. He’s at the court late at night with Kevin and he feels angry. Angry like nothing he’s ever felt before and he picks up the ball and just launched it at the glass. It’s one of the first reactions to anything he’s had since they got back, so Kevin says nothing and hands him another. They do that for a while until he decides to go in goal, catching every shot Kevin fires and then throwing them against the floor so they bounced up. In the end he throws his stick against the floor and crumples into himself, sobbing quietly, Kevin steps outside, turning down the lights to give him some privacy and gets in the car.

When Andrew comes out he’s silent again, and neither of them ever talk about it

Apart from that Andrew doesn’t change. He doesn’t speak, he seems to go on autopilot. He goes to classes before anyone else but he doesn’t seem to listen or understand. He won’t eat unless Nicky puts plates of food in front of him, a responsibility that eventually falls to erik, and he sleeps most of the time.

They near their game with the Ravens, and the press slowly moves away from Neil, they have the funeral, all the teams show up, excluding the Ravens who aren’t invited, and it falls into something they rarely discuss.

They’re doing the final press before the final game the next day, when someone asks about Neil, asks what made him great. Dan opens her mouth to answer but she hasn’t got a word out before Andrew has started laughing, small at first and then hysterically.

Nickys clawing at his arm for him to stop, Kevin’s trying to not smile, Allison is smirking at a camera.

“He wasn’t great” Andrew says when he manages to stop. “He was a bit of a mess really.”

He goes on to list everything that was wrong with Neil Josten; flighty, over dramatic, impulsive, rude, sarcastic, boring, never trusts anyone, never scared even when he should be, would of let himself bleed out long before this if we hadn’t continuously sewed him back together, oblivious, can literally never tell the truth, cared about exy way to much, although not at much as Kevin but honestly who cares as much about this stupid game as Kevin?“

Allison doesn’t miss a beat before she responds with “Riko.”

The reporters all look a little uncomfortable at the turn this has taken but the team are smiling for the first time in weeks and they don’t care. They lost everything the world cares about more than Riko, and by the end of it they’re all laughing, the twins are sort of half smiling ( which is as close as they can get) and something about dragging Riko to hell and back in Neil’s honour seems very right.

Nobody knows how but they manage to win the game, not by a lot but they win and the entire crowd goes wild. Andrew throws Renee up in the air in triumph, Kevin falls to his knees because he can’t quite believe they did it, and stares across the court at Riko. Nobody knows what he’s doing as he stands up and walks towards him, neither breaking eye contact. Then he punches him. The crowd erupts with cheers again.

Years later, and without telling anyone, Andrew manages to track down Neil’s father. He follows him for days until he’s alone in an alley in New York, and then he puts three bullets in his head. It’s nothing elaborate, it’s nothing like the death Neil faced, but it’s what he would’ve wanted, quick and over with. Andrew smiles from the rooftop and goes home, a weight lifted off his chest, where he’s been breaking for years.

If I’m Lucky C.H.

If I Am Lucky - State Champs
Hello Sunshine, or what’s your name today?
Well you look so graceful but I’m not faithful.
Do you really wanna be with me?

“Hey,” he hears a breathy voice come from behind him. “Fancy meeting you hear, Cal.” She was finally chatting her breath from running inside to get out of the summer rain storm. Calum could remember the sun still shining through the clouds has he turn to see the beautiful girl he was meeting.

“Funny (Y/N),” he chuckles with a glimmer in his eye from looking at her sweet smile. “So sunshine, or what’s your name today?” he jokes causing (Y/N) to just roll her eyes. It was his thing with her; a different nickname every time they would see each other. It always caused her to laugh that contagious laugh he could never hear enough of.  

He could still see her walking away from him down the aisles of the record store dragging her finger tips every so gently over the tops of them. Calum watched as she walked gracefully down the aisle looking for any band that caught her eye. With her it could be something as simple as seeing eye catching art work for her to buy the record and listen to it from start to finish, uninterrupted.

“Hey,” he called after her making her turn her head every so slightly. “I’m not faithful. Do you really wanna be with me?” She giggled going back to what she was doing, full aware of his past. She had always known the kind of guy he was. The only thing was she had no intention of changing him, Calum was Calum and that was all she could ever as him to be.

Hello Summer, or should I say goodbye?
Well it’s been so long but I’m still thinking
If it’s worth another try.

Well I’ve got a lot to talk about if you still wanna listen or if you even care.

Watching the way (Y/N) moved had become Calum’s new favourite pass time. They have known each other for quiet some time now. Always going back and forth in the dating game. Thinking back on it know he always knew (Y/N) scared him with the way she made him feel. It was like every time she smiled up at him he got the breath knocked out of him. Each and every time she would even brush by him it sent shivers down his spin.

With each time they reconnected he felt as if he should be saying goodbye to her for the final time. He had fucked up one to many times for her to even give him the time of day now. Lucky for him she had a heart of gold.

That making it always being worth another try. There was so much he wanted to tell her after all this time. He just didn’t know after all this time that she has asked him what is on his mind and he always shooting her down that she would still want to listen, or even care.

I’m just trying to find my place in this world
And I know it’s not so right to feel this way about a girl,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you.
But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile,
And if I’m lucky you can stay for a while,
But if you stay or if you go I’m just hanging on again.

“Babe,” she called from the store front window just a smile shinning on her face. A rainbow was glittering in the sky now that the rain and clouds have cleared away. Calum felt that all to familiar gust of wind leave his lungs.

He quickly grabbed her hand pulling her from the record store, she followed with out hesitation with giggles that filled Calum’s ears. They jumped in his car and were off their next grand adventure. This adventure is what has become stranded in Calum’s memories as the scariest moment in life.

All these years he has been on the hunt to find his place in the world, in doing so he has pushed (Y/N) away to many times to count now. He had never felt this way about girl and he knew it wasn’t right. But, he knew he had to tell her his feeling. Everything he did lead him back to her. He knew he would be lucky if she stayed but he wouldn’t blame her is she left. He would jus be hanging on again.

Hello Stranger, we haven’t had a past
But now I’ve learned so much so much, yeah
Times gone by so fast.

Hello Beautiful, it’s so obvious
That you’re hearing every word I say.
You know, you know

That I’ve got a lot to talk about if you still wanna listen or if you even care.

The memories of them driving down the main streets of town waiting for something to pop out at them to go explore was vivid in his mind. The nerves shut up and down his spine to finally tell (Y/N) that was going on his mind he could feel them no as he looked over his city from his bedroom window.

“Hello strager,” he finally spoke up breaking her our of her trance. “I know we don’t exactly have a past. But, I’ve learned so much, that time flies by so fast.”

The confusion that washed over elegant features playing like an old movie in his head. “Hello beautiful,” she giggles the old shimmers going down his spine all over again as he thinks about it. “It’s so obvious that I am hearing every word you say, you know. I am here to listen and I care Cal, I really do.”

That was all the encouragement he needed to lay it all out there on line.

I’m just trying to find my place in this world
And I know it’s not so right to feel this way about a girl,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you.
But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile,
And if I’m lucky you can stay for a while,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m just hanging on again.

I love to say
I love to say

“I’m just trying to find my place in this world, and I know it’s not so right to feel this way about a girl. But, if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you. But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile, and if I’m lucky you can stay for a while. But, if you stay or if you go, I’m just hanging on again.”

The weight that were lifted off Calum’s shoulders in that moment sitting in his car with (Y/N) at a red light, felt like the whole world had washed away from him.

But he will never be able to forget the worlds that came out of her mouth next, “I would love to say I am but, I am not what you are looking for, the only thing that I do have is a pretty smile.”

“Don’t be foolish,” he gripped her small hand that fitted ever so perfectly in his. “You are more than a pretty smile. So, much more.”

That I’m so glad I found my place in this world
And it’s alright to feel this way about a girl,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you.
But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile,
And if I’m lucky you can stay for a while,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you, right

The next few years of his life with (Y/N) flashed through his head on that old movies real of his memories. It was a time in his life he can remember being truly happy. He felt that he has found his place in the world with her by his side.

He knew that it was alright to the way he did about her. They both knew he has always been looking for more then just a pretty smile, which is exactly what (Y/N) was to him.

All the memories they had together from find random records, to taking them home laying on the floor in their living room listening from start to finish. Those where some of his favorite moments with her.

Them cooking dinner together. The time the got in a flour fight, or even the water fight. All the tours she went on with him. It was all playing back in his mind, the good and the bad. Each little memory and fight.

I’m just trying to find my place in this world
And I know it’s not so right to feel this way about a girl,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m right there with you.
But you know that I’m looking for more than a pretty smile,
And if I’m lucky you can stay for a while,
But if you stay or if you go, I’m hanging on,
I’m just, I’m just hanging on
I’m just hanging on

Now as he looked out the bedroom window he couldn’t help but feeling lost all over again. He was hanging on all over again, knowing it wasn’t right to feel this away about her.

All over again he was looking for more then a pretty, while hers was always playing in his mind. The memories that he still believed were from the very best time of his life. A time he wished every day he still lived. It was the time of his life with the girl of his dream. 

The girl that got way. 

The love of his life.

Hello Sunshine

“Hello sunshine,” he hears her from behind him. It was a familiar voice that he knew all to tell. It just wasn’t (Y/N)’s.


A/N: I AM BACK (Hopefully)!!! Writers block is a bitch loves. This is the first thing I have written in months on end and it took forever!! So, I really hope you enjoy it. 

I could keep this going for a part 2 maybe even a part 3 at most. If you work like that send me a fitting song and what you thing should happen next here.

Request are always open and I would love to get some here! 

I am hoping to work on my fan fics soon! As long as this writers block is fully gone, if not we will keep with prefs. - xx Vic

Picture Previews: Mon 5 Sept - Fri 9 Sept
This week on the Street: Nick puts the frighteners on Steve, David gives Bethany's bully Lauren a taste of her own medicine, Sally holds a mediation session for Craig and Beth and Todd gets frustrated with Billy.

Billy and Todd book a night away in a hotel, but when Todd makes an ill-judged joke about Billy’s religion. Billy takes offence and quickly backs off.

Deeply frustrated, Todd tells Billy a relationship without sex isn’t a proper relationship and storms out.

I have the most fucking stupid cat in the world who goes out RIGHT before a storm and refuses to come in and resorts to hiding in the neighbour’s property so that Ican’t bring him inside

I hate cats and I hate storms and I hate this stupid country why is it so hot I can’t fucking stand it


“I don’t know what I did to raise such an ingrate for a son,” she cries, “I’ve given everything for you, Markie. And this is how you repay me. Thank goodness your father isn’t here to see you behave like this. Your own mother, Markie! You talk to your own mother like that!” She continues to weep as he grabs his coat and storms out the front door, slamming it behind him.

Hours later, Amy arrives at his house at seven o’clock sharp. Mark is still on the front porch, fuming. He could hear as his mother wept, then stomped around the house, then made dinner while wailing about her ungrateful son and clanging pots and pans together. He’ll have a mess to clean up later.

“Hey,” she waves at him as she walks up the front steps to the porch. “You haven’t been waiting out here long, have you?”

“No, not at all. I, uh, just decided to wait out here so you wouldn’t wake my mom by ringing the doorbell. She isn’t feeling well.” He stands up, in a rush to leave before his mom sees Amy. “Shall we go?”

“Yeah. You know, that’s so sweet of you,” She says with a smile as the walk down the front path towards the street, “thinking of your mother like that. I bet she’s glad to have such a thoughtful son.”

“Oh, she’s absolutely delighted.”

“So,” Amy wisely changes the subject, “I know I said we could hit up the pub, but I wanna show you something, first.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s one of my favorite places. It’s–well, you’ll see.”

“Sounds great,” Mark smiles.

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omg bye i just had a flashback to when my family (my mom, me, uncle, aunty and cousin) had a literal breakdown in this cafe in ireland because my uncle yelled at me for not letting my cousin play with my tamogotchi and my mom lost her shit at him and then she stormed out of the cafe (literally without me) and then my uncle and aunty and cousin stormed out of the cafe and then i was literally left alone in this foreign cafe and i got lost and started crying……i was like 8 bye

Sisters in the snow

posted by reddit user MCDexX

I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was decades ago.

My sister and I had been fighting again, like we did so often, like I suspect most sisters do at that age.

This fight got more heated than usual. I screamed an obscenity at my sister before turning to storm out of the room, but then my neck suddenly whipped back painfully and I realised she was yanking my hair. In pain and shock, I spun around and slapped her hard across the face.

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EoS spoilers are out, hate is being sent to SJM, the fandom is losing its damn mind, and I’m trying to avoid all of these spoilers while also freaking out over WHAT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL OF THIS…

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So a couple of weeks ago I went to a nearby lake to look for pokemon. There was a trail there that ran around the perimeter of the lake that had TONS of pokestops, so I began to walk the trail. When I was about a mile away from my car, I noticed there was a storm approaching, but I figured I could get to a couple more pokestops before I turned around to walk back to my car. I miscalculated, though, and a couple minutes later it started storming, BAD, and I knew I needed to get to shelter.

Earlier I had passed a pokestop that was a tiny gazebo, so I ran back to the gazebo and squeezed myself in amongst about 10 other people, who all got stuck out there playing pokemon as well.

Since the gazebo was a pokestop, I dropped a lure, and me and the other folks had lots of fun while waiting out the storm…. until the lake started flooding.