I could reblog the kissing meme… but then I think Merlin would put every effort into becoming an actual living person just to murder me with his bare hands.

[ i have two serious questions about the episode:

1; don’t people usually remember having their hearts ripped out?
2; didn’t zelena have to wear that necklace at all times? how did they do the do without robin noticing it? he had one too so he would recognize it??? ]

//okay so we’re all talking about the luce x lockwood x holly possible love triangle but i raise to you this:

holly x george

     I get sad when I realize that most people that belonged to my crew are gone… Makes me want to add more peeps to my lovely harem.


im not feeling very well, mentally, but me and my family are working through it to help me get better. so ive decided to still be on hiatus, but still rp with a selected few blogs when i find time and energy for it.

those i feel comfortable with rping with are those i’ll be focusing my attention on. 

i’ll continue rping mostly with sigrvif and decendentofodinn and celevonarcher

So I’m on my way to school and won’t be back for a bit. But SPHERE TRAINEES should come at Joonyoung to plot threads. And TRC TRAINEES should go to Minhyuk. If you’re shy, just reply and tell me who you need.