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why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

just saying before all shit goes down but if Album of the Year doesn’t go to EXO at MAMAs despite freaking Mnet introducing them as Triple Million Sellers and NO OTHER group comes even CLOSE to that 1.2 million albums EXO has sold (YES including chinese versions bc they were released in KOREA and are RECOGNIZED by the music industry as korean albums just like every single year) and 50% of the award is JUST on those sales then WE KNOW and I mean THERE IS NO ARGUMENT that the award is rightfully exo’s and if they don’t get it this shit is rigged. /End/