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What do you think is the prettiest frame of Kirishima from the manga? I'm partial to his adorable expression when Deku tells him it has to be him to reach out to Bakugou. This boy is just so beautiful.

Any random one from chapter 134 honestly??? He’s so increibly beautiful in that chapter???? But probably my absolute fave is this one

He’s just??? So pretty??? I fall a bit more every time I look at him ;O; so gorgeous


little farty comic i may or may not color :’P

the idea was to show abby’s adventurer/hero instincts manifesting at a very young age, and also sebastian being somewhat ‘forgotten’ about like he always claims to be

Not sure what Lance’s family does for a living, but I like to think his dad took him out to show him how to work a fishing rig and ends up falling in love with the stars. Lance is all like: “Ima go up there!” And his dad is like: “Hell yeah you are!” XD



i think it’s a blessing that i’ve been skating since i was a child and it’s still fun to me to this day, and it’d be wonderful if i could keep on feeling like this!”

original sketch by mitsurou kubo (x)
edited/cleaned/coloured by @nikiforoov