Tom: I failed my safety course today.

Harrison: Why? What happened?

Tom: Well one of the questions was “In the case of a fire what steps would you take?”

Harrison: And?

Tom: Well apparently, “FUCKING LARGE ONES” isn’t an acceptable answer.

i thought rebecca sugar’s sketch of them was very characterful in the way they’re posed so i redrew it in my own style this afternoon :^o 

16th of October 2017 (pleas dont tag as kin/me thank you)

Wild to me that there are gamers out there who’ll give you shit for playing skyrim on an easier mode, like hon you know that Todd Howard didn’t actually program the game to require more skill as you turn up the difficulty right? The only difference between adept and master is that Wounded Frostbite Spider™ now takes 2 hours to kills instead of a couple minutes

Tom: What are you talking about, I’m like the backbone of this friendship group!

Zendaya: You’re like…the appendix of this friendship group, no one knows what you’re here for.

Harrison: Also prone to explode at any given moment and a real pain to remove.

Jacob: Get rekt Tom.

Tom: Fuck you guys.

Harry: Good morning.

Sam: Good morning.

Paddy: Good morning.

Harrison: You all sound like robots, why don’t you spice it up a bit?