If Infinite had to Study for Exams
  • Sunggyu: *Studies hard, revises weeks ahead of time, makes summary sheets, flash cards, goes through all past practice papers, helps others with revision when they need*
  • Dongwoo: *Does revision, does a practice paper* Hey look, the new movie is out! *goes to watch movies*
  • Woohyun: *Muttering "I've gotta ace this, I've gotta come first" to himself while forcing himself to sit down and study*
  • Hoya: *Studies hard, goes to dance practice, keeps studying*
  • Sungyeol: Why is everyone studying?
  • Myungsoo: *Studies* Sungyeol, we have our exam in two weeks...
  • Sungjong: *Is nowhere to be found. Is he studying? No one knows...*
i want to go home,
not to a place, not to a person;
maybe to a place, maybe to a person.
definitely to a feeling,
definitely to some feeling.
i’m begging you;
let me go home, let me feel home,
—  because i’m sick of being in this cold house all alone
Infinite's Chat Room
  • Myungsoo: Babe, where are you? We're all waiting... And I miss you <3
  • Sungyeol: I'm omw~ <33
  • Sunggyu: I like how close you two are, but please keep the flirting private. Cheers.
  • Sungyeol: Oh please. Don't act like you and Woohyun don't sext every other day you're not together.
  • Sunggyu: wtf. wE DO NOT.
  • Woohyun: ^He's not lying... He never responds :'(