This post goes out to Infinite and all the Inspirits

Firstly to Infinite,

Thank you guys for still sticking together through all the years. We’re one man down but really, thank you for not giving up on Infinite and still continuing as 6; Leader-nim Gyu, Puppy Namwoo, Sunshine Dongwoo, Mature Choding Sungyeol, Precious One-of-a-kind Myungsoo, and Beautiful Diva Sungjong.

I can’t wait for an amazing comeback and I know you’re gonna blow everyone’s socks off. Thank you for being you.

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To Hoya Yaho Hoya Yaho Hoya Hoya Hoya,

Thank you for these 7 beautiful years and all the hardwork you’ve placed into Infinite. I can’t say I’m not sadden at the news, but I respect and support your decision. You’re gonna be missed so much especially when there’s a need for a random sarcastic, sassy one liner that only you can pull off or when the knife dance and sharp movements are on display.

My only request from you as an Inspirit is to never forget us and the time you’ve spent as a part of Infinite and I beg of you to always stay close with the rest of the members. Work hard, and I wish you all the best in your new journey.

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To all Inspirits,

I know we’re heartbroken, but I’m still glad that I see many of us still supporting Hoya. Let’s continue supporting our boys and give them an amazing comeback and give Hoya all the support he needs for his new career. Let’s have each others’ and our boys’ backs. Inspirits, fighting! 💪

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Love you guys :’) 

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If Infinite had to Study for Exams
  • Sunggyu: *Studies hard, revises weeks ahead of time, makes summary sheets, flash cards, goes through all past practice papers, helps others with revision when they need*
  • Dongwoo: *Does revision, does a practice paper* Hey look, the new movie is out! *goes to watch movies*
  • Woohyun: *Muttering "I've gotta ace this, I've gotta come first" to himself while forcing himself to sit down and study*
  • Hoya: *Studies hard, goes to dance practice, keeps studying*
  • Sungyeol: Why is everyone studying?
  • Myungsoo: *Studies* Sungyeol, we have our exam in two weeks...
  • Sungjong: *Is nowhere to be found. Is he studying? No one knows...*
Sigh... Guys, I really miss Infinite

I miss Grandpa Gyu, little puppy Namwoo, crazy ball of sunshine Dongwoo, savage Hoya, tall af choding Yeoliepop, adorable 4D creature Myungsoo, and little diva fashionista CastleBell…

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