Timeline of Events?

Post-performance at Sochi Grand Prix : Victor doesn’t recognize Yuri as one of the competitors? Or something to that effect. He treats Yuri like a fan rather than greeting him as a competitor.

Which causes Yuri to feel like he could never compare to Victor. Victor is confused.

Then the banquet happens.

“Oh it’s that guy. Didn’t realize he a competitor.” Also Yurio’s looking at Yuri with the stink-eye again.

Yuri gets drunk and does some dance-offs. Then YURI asks VICTOR if he’ll be his coach if he wins a dance-off with him. Despite this ridiculousness, Victor agrees, probably because he was enamored at first sight.

Then they dance and have a grand ol’ time. There’s also some chemistry.

But Yuri forgets everything. And then he goes back to Japan. Victor lacks some motivation, and that with the new idea of being a coach keeps Victor from being able to answer people’s inquiries into his future

Shit happens, Victor watches the video. While it was uncertain whether or not Yuri was going to retire, this tells Victor that he was back in the game.
I feel like this could be the face of a man who either:
a) was like “I liked this guy, he has a whole lot of potential, and have no motivation to skate, so now that he’s back in the game I should actually coach him.”
b) forgot his promise with Yuri and was reminded from the video

Then he comes to Japan, much to Yuri’s surprise because the last thing Yuri remembers was their interaction that, in his mind, cemented how little Victor thought of him.

As many other people have also already posited, Victor was probably super clingy and forward at first because he didn’t realize that sober!Yuri didn’t remember anything and was also shy. Victor also gave Yuri Eros because he knew he could handle it and also Yuri is the playboy who seduced Victor and ran away. His other reactions to stuff also makes a lot more sense now.

Yuri demanding that the victor of the competition could tell Victor to do what they wanted. Michele calling Yuri a closet pervert. Despite Yuri’s previous solitude, Sala and others being friendly, Chris being TOO friendly (as I learned from marching band, there are no barriers after you’ve seen each other in your underwear).

And also a lot of other things. This show needs a rewatch

Episode 10 aka This Show Somehow Keeps Getting Better

Idiots swimming in winter

Phichit’s picture for Yuri on his phone is a poodle


Victor’s sightseeing style (last seen in Hasetsu) has infected Yuri

Yurio’s fangirls are weird

But it’s okay because MORE FRIENDSHIP

Mari and Minako-sensei are adorable


Is this why Yurio dislikes Yuri so much?!

Despite not getting a lot of characterization in this area before, Phichit acts exactly how the fans predicted he would

Otabek *serious clapping*

Oh yeah, so Victor and Yuri are engaged now. Can’t get more cannon than this

And probably the biggest revelation of the series…


Seriously though watch the credits they’re astounding

I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀