How do you run your blog?

Repost; Do Not Reblog

Speed: I generally tend to reply within 24 hours, and depending on when I get it and my availability, within the hour. I don’t much care for leaving drafts hanging and generally have a consistently strong muse so I tend to reply very quickly.

Replies: Occassionaly my muse for one thing may be much stronger than my muse for another thing. With J.ubilee’s nature there can be some duality going on so it doesn’t always suit some threads if the mood is shifted more in a certain direction. But I can generally get the right mind set if I put on the right playlist or watch a video or two to put me in the necessary mood.

Starters: I will put out starter calls, but I haven’t done greeters in years. They often get ignored.

Inbox: Oh man, I tend to try to answer these right away.

Selectivity: I can be really selective sometimes. I wanna keep my dash clean so I don’t miss things, you know? But I also want to make sure that the people I follow are people I feel comfortable around. 

Wishlist item: I honestly want to do stuff in the B/uffyverse. I grew up on that in my teenage years. I think it’d be fun. I generally don’t do wishlist stuff that often.

Honest note: I hate most of fandom’s interpretation of j/ubilee. it feels so one dimensional.

A few more admissions:

– I will gush/rant about j/ubilee and the perception about her. I will meta without putting it on the dash. I will lovingly make fun of her while dropping shit in your d.iscord about it.

– I don’t ship X-2.3/J.ubilee. Do not ship it. I know. Whatever. I personally prefer J.ubilee/M.onet. I’m old school. So don’t try to force this ship on me.

– I am plot and arc heavy some times. I try to keep a consistent timeline on here and arcs from years ago still impact the blog today. I am meticulous about it sometimes.

– I do tend to go more in depth and give J.ubilee more struggles with her vampirism than in canon. I felt it was resolved too quickly and off camera. Like oh, I was gone for 9 months training with these hero vampires and now i’m back with a baby. I love S.hogo, and I love X-M.en vol 4, but shit, let the girl take her time in learning to deal with this. Vampirism is not just trying out a new diet. It’s an entire physiological and psychological shift! 

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Muse Trust Test!

How much does your muse trust mine? Leave a rating in my ask box and my muse will react to it!

❤❤❤  I trust you with my life. I know you would never hurt me.
❤❤  I could let my guard down and fall asleep in your presence and feel safe.
❤  I think I trust you, but I am still cautious around you.
☰  I am still trying to figure you out. I’m not sure if I can trust you.
💔  Something’s just not right. I’m afraid of you.
💔💔  I’m pretty sure you want to hurt me, and I intend to protect myself.
💔💔💔  The first chance I get, I’m killing you before you kill me.

Or, send ❣⁉ and I will respond with my muse’s rating of their level of trust for yours.

Unusual questions for your muse

🛌- Does your muse prefer to sleep under many layers of blankets or only under a few?
🎀- Does your muse like to accessorize? What are their favorite pieces of accessories?
🎐- Does your muse like to collect/hoard anything?
🛋- Does your muse like to have company over?
📱- Is your muse the “oversharing” type?
🐰- Does your muse prefer soft, plush textures or smooth and glossy textures?
💎- Is your muse drawn to things that sparkle?
🔖- Is your muse a daydreamer? What do they tend to think about? Have they ever caught themselves while lost in thought?
📰- Does your muse like to read the news?
📇- Is your muse a gossiper?
🕹- What does your muse do to occupy themselves when bored?
🏚- Does your muse like to explore dangerous places?
🌋- Has your muse done something stupid and not regret it?
⛪️- Does your muse enjoy attending churches they don’t belong to?
🛣- Is your muse considered a wanderer?
🐺- Would your muse consider themselves a lone wolf or a social butterfly?
🤝- Does your muse forgive others easily?
🖖- What “Fandoms” would your muse belong to?
🎖- Does your muse enjoy praise?
🎟- Do they like “so bad it’s good” movies?
🎠- Does your muse like amusement parks/carnivals/festivals?
🏝- Could your muse survive on an uninhabited island all by themselves?

                                  I don’t

                                                  like             people

                                                                                 seeing me


questions for the mun, regarding the muse.

  1. What makes you the most emotional about your muse?
  2. What made you decide to write this muse?
  3. If you could change one event in your muse’s life (in their main or canon verse), what would you change?
  4. If you could tell your muse one thing, what would you tell them?
  5. If you could give your muse one gift, what would you give them?
  6. If you had to take one positive thing away from your muse, what would you take away?
  7. If you could “borrow” one aspect of your muse and apply it to yourself or your own life, what would you borrow?
  8. Do you genuinely want your muse to be happy? What do you think would make them most happy in life?
  9. Do you enjoy putting your muse through angst? What do you think would break their heart the most?
  10. What do you love about your muse?
  11. What do you hate about your muse?
  12. What about your muse amuses you?
  13. What about your muse makes you sad?
  14. How would you describe your muse to someone about to meet them, in person, for the first time?
  15. Would you like your muse as a person if you met them in real life?
  16. In what ways are you better than your muse? In what ways are they better than you?
  17. Why do you think you connect to your muse?
  18. What aspect of your muse’s personality is most important to you? What aspect of your muse’s personality do you think is most important to them? Is it the same? Why or why not?
  19. If you had to judge your muse and sentence them to a “fair” fate, what would your judgement be? Would you punish them? Reward them? How?
  20. [come up with your own question for the mun, regarding the muse]
“DAMN.” Questions for Muses.
  • BLOOD. -What types of injuries has your muse sustained? What was the worst? 
  • DNA. -What was your muses home life like?
  • YAH. -Something your muse agrees on 100% of the time.
  • ELEMENT. -What is your muse “made of”, what is their character like? Courageous, loving, scared, etc.
  • FEEL. -How does your character react to a persons touch? A random stranger’s? A loved one’s? A friend’s?
  • LOYALTY. -Does your character have any loyalty to any group?
  • PRIDE. -What is your muses biggest flaw?
  • HUMBLE. -How does your muse handle praise?
  • LUST. -Who does your muse find attractive?
  • LOVE. -Does your muse have a “special someone”
  • XXX. -What’s the raunchiest thing your muse has ever done?
  • FEAR. -What are your muses biggest fears?
  • GOD. -Does your muse believe in a god? If so, describe it.
  • DUCKWORTH. -Has your muse ever thought about committing or committed a crime?
colorful headcanons.
  • ( send me a copic color for a headcanon )
  • frost blue: does your muse enjoy the snow and cold? or are they the type to enjoy summer more?
  • peacock blue: is your muse honest? what sorts of lies do they tell, if not?
  • lapis lazuli: does your muse prefer the idea of exploring the depths of the oceans, or the boundless expanses of space more?
  • reddish brass: how likely is your muse to step up and take the role of a leader? are they willing to take the challenge, or are they more apt to being a follower?
  • burnt umber: how stable is your muse, mentally and/or emotionally?
  • champagne: does your muse drink (alcohol)? are they a heavy drinker, if so?
  • tea orange: what is something that your muse is fascinated with?
  • malachite: has your muse ever done anything that they winded up feeling incredibly guilty for in the end?
  • olive: is your muse prone to feeling envious of others? if yes, what is it that they typically feel envious over?
  • vermillion: is your muse courageous, or would they consider themselves to be more of a coward?
  • coral: what is your muse's romantic and sexual orientations?
  • bougainvillaea: would your muse consider themselves as blunt, or do they beat around the bush instead?
  • currant: what's something that absolutely disgusts your muse (can be a person, place, thing, ect)?
  • crimson: how passionate is your muse about the things they love most?
  • raspberry: what food and/or drink can your muse not get enough of? do they indulge in it often, or is it something reserved for special occasions?
  • baby blossoms: does your muse have a favorite scent? what is it, and why?
  • mallow: what sorts of things might remind your muse of those close to them? any scents, objects, sounds?
  • aubergine: does your muse prefer the day, or are they more of a night-owl?
  • acacia: how much does it take for your muse to hate someone?
  • cadmium yellow: what subjects or topics does your muse avoid, because they bring up harmful / painful memories?
  • honey: when your muse loves someone (whether it be romantic, platonic, or familial love), how do they show it?
  • chartreuse: if you had to describe your muse with a color, what color would it be and why?
  • anise: when it comes to self-care, what does your muse do to take care of themselves? do they take care to spend time on it, or do they feel they don't deserve it?
  • new leaf: what message would your muse send to their past self, if any?
  • moss: how easily does your muse adapt to any new situations they're thrust into?
  • silk: does your muse care about appearances much? do they spend a lot of time on their own appearance, or do they just go with the flow each day?
  • sanguine: does your muse typically have an optimistic, pessimistic, or some middle ground outlook on life?
  • atoll: if your muse could go anywhere, without any restrictions whatsoever, where would they go? why would they go there?
  • cool grey: if your muse could ensure one thing for certain in their future to come, what would it be?
  • black: does your muse have a 'bucket list?' list some things your muse wants to accomplish before they die.

Muse answers the questions about the mun

☕️ How does the mun like his or her tea/coffee/hot chocolate?

✈️ What is the mun’s dream vacation?

⚠️ What is one thing the muse wishes the mun could have warned him/her about?

👋 What was the mun’s first impression of the muse?

📝 How did the mun react when he or she realized they wanted to write the muse?

👥 What is your favorite experience together as mun and muse?

💭 What does the mun typically dream about?

⏰ What is the mun’s ideal evening spent alone?

🎬 What is on the mun’s Netflix “continue watching” list?

💙 What photos does the mun typically share on Facebook?

📱 Does the mun take their phone with them to the bathroom?

📖 What is the mun’s favorite fanfiction about the muse?

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 What is the mun’s relationship like with his or her family?

👶 Does the mun want kids?

👀 Would you classify the mun as an extrovert, introvert or ambivert?

👣 Describe a time the mun took a lesson from the muse in a real life situation.

Mun VS Muse — send a symbol!

😊 = What makes the mun and muse happiest?
😭 = What makes the mun and muse the saddest?
😡 = What makes the mun and muse the angriest?
👻 = What is the scariest thing to ever happen to the mun and muse?
💙 = What is one thing that can calm down the mun and muse? Is it a person, thing, or place?
💚 = What is one thing that makes the mun and muse jealous?
💛 = How would the mun and muse describe their best friends?
💜 = How would the mun and muse describe their relationship with their parents and/or siblings?
❤️ = How does the mun and muse approach romantic relationships? Is either currently in a relationship or do they have a crush?
💩 = What do the mun and muse usually do when they feel bad?
🛍 = What sort of things do the mun and muse usually shop for? What is the last thing either of them bought?
🗺 = Where would the mun and muse like to travel to most? Have they ever traveled away from their home city/state/country?
🚿 = Do the mun and muse have any bathing routines? Any habits like singing in the shower?
🎈 = How do the mun and muse react to surprises? When is the last time either was surprised and what surprised them?
🎁 = What sorts of gifts do the mun and muse like? What were the last gifts they gave and received?
📚 = What sorts of books do the mun and muse like to read? Do you they have a favorite author or book?
📕 = What was the last book the mun and muse read? What genre was it? How would they rate it? Are they currently reading anything?
🎮 = What genre of video games do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite systems and video games?
📻 = What music genre do the mun and muse listen to the most? Any favorite bands?
🎸 = Can either the mun or muse play an instrument? Which one(s)?
🍳 = What are the mun’s and muse’s favorite foods?
🍎 = What do the mun and muse like to eat for a snack?
= What drinks do the mun and muse like best? Do they prefer cold or hot drinks?
🥂 = How is either the mun’s or muse’s alcohol tolerance? What are their favorite alcoholic drinks?
💫 = How does either mun or muse handle being sick? Do they need someone to take care of them, or are they capable of taking care of themselves just fine?
🐯 = What animals would best be associated with the mun and muse?
🌙 = Are the mun and muse more morning, day, or night people? When are they the most relaxed? When do they get the most work done?
🎨 = Do either the mun or muse have artistic talents? What are they?
🎬 = What genre of movies do the mun and muse like best? What are their favorite movies? Do they prefer watching alone or with others? Do they prefer watching at home or in the theater?
💮 = What are the mun’s and muse’s opinions of each other?
🍀 = Who is an important person in both the mun’s and muse’s life?

hard to say | (m)

Originally posted by jitamin

pairing: park jimin x reader, highschool! jimin, bestfriend! jimin
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst,
words: 11,163
summary: You’ve had feelings for your bestfriend Jimin for as long as you can remember, but you always thought they were unreciprocated. What if it turned out they weren’t…?
note. this is a (sort of) remastered version of the same story I wrote for Kyungsoo here, called Just Friends. Whenever I think of this story, I just see Jimin lmao, and I couldn’t help myself but to rewrite it. For more information, read here.

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Munday party with the Muse!
  1. What’s something you two have in common?
  2. What’s something the Mun would like to say to the Muse?
  3. What’s something the Muse would like to say to the Mun?
  4. Favorite thing about the Muse?
  5. Favorite thing about the Mun?
  6. Why did you pick this Muse?
  7. If you got to hang out with your Muse for a day, what do you think you two would do together?
  8. Would you cosplay your Muse?
  9. Opinions on each other?
  10. As told by the Muse, what’s an embarrassing moment the Mun has suffered?
  11. As told by the Mun, what’s an embarrassing moment the Muse has suffered?
  12. What’s something that reminds the Mun of the Muse in the real world?
  13. What would be the theme song for you two?
  14. Mun, would you wear your Muses attire?
  15. Muse, would you wear your Muns attire?
There are times when solitude is better than society, and silence is wiser than speech. We should be better Christians if we were more alone, waiting upon God, and gathering through meditation on His Word spiritual strength for labour in his service. We ought to muse upon the things of God, because we thus get the real nutriment out of them. Why is it that some Christians, although they hear many sermons, make but slow advances in the divine life? Because they neglect their closets, and do not thoughtfully meditate on God’s Word. They love the wheat, but they do not grind it; they would have the corn, but they will not go forth into the fields to gather it; the fruit hangs upon the tree, but they will not pluck it; the water flows at their feet, but they will not stoop to drink it. From such folly deliver us, O Lord.
I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Eighteen

Summary:  You talk through the idea of being adopted by the Ackles’ with Jared and Gen. Jared has reservations, but realising the reasoning behind it helps all of you make your decision.
Words: 3k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Danneel, JJ, Kim, Briana
Warnings: uncomfortable conversations, mild angst
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

Jensen escorted you to the Padalecki house despite your insistence that you could walk over on your own.

The incident with your mom in the airport was still fresh in his mind, it seemed.

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I Said I Loved You

I think it’s best this one doesn’t have a summary… I’m so sorry

Thanks @elsiemcclay for being a great beta, and for thinking up the title because I suck at titles! This is a shorter-than-usual one-shot before the next YT AU thing, which will probably be followed with angst.

Lance skidded to a stop, looking with terrified eyes across the dining hall towards the red paladin staring back at him.

Keith’s expression was stone cold, betraying no emotion.

Lance raised his shaking hands into the air, dropping his gun on the floor. Keith already had his own weapon aimed and ready.

“K-Keith,” Lance said, trying for a smile. “Please, put the gun down. You don’t have to do this. Let’s just talk it out!”

“There’s nothing to talk about Lance,” Keith’s finger moved to the trigger. “You know I have no choice.”

“But you do!” Lance pleaded, wringing his hands. “We’re a good team, remember? We should be working together! I… Keith, I love you!”

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