things that terrify me


the theory that we are all one in the same, only our thoughts separate us. individual things do not exist. things do not exist.

time may not be as linear as we perceive it to be. in my perception of time right now i am in bed, age 17, but at the same “time” i could be 12, laughing at some “diary of a wimpy kid” book or I could be 30, visiting my old house and sitting on my old bed to count the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

there may be galaxies bigger and smaller than we will ever know. what is within the nucleus of an atom? protons and neutrons, one might say. but within those? within the things within those things? entire galaxies. entire universes. and what is beyond our universe? what if our huge universe is smaller than another being’s proton?

i might die without a purpose. my existence is a fluke.

i might die with all purpose. my existence is quintessential to the continuation of the universe.

there may be nothing after my inevitable death.

there may be something after my inevitable death.

tl;dr- I am having an existential crisis because of a video game

The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°2

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Casting director Douglas Perrett of COACD released a book called “Wild Things” in which he unveiled Polaroid pictures from 2000 to 2010 of future models at their first castings and his first impression of them.

Miranda Kerr – First impression: “She would always do her castings with her blonde friend, another Aussie who would always get the job. She never booked the jobs.”

Chanel Iman – First impression: “Realized how young these kids are. She needed a hug that day.”

Arizona Muse – First impression: “Didn’t get at first; Her hair, her face.”

Elettra Wiedemann – First impression: “Meh.”

Candice Swanepoel – First impression: “Didn’t like her; Found her very Barbie-like.”

Hilary Rhoda – First impression: “Her first season, they begged her to do my shows. Too tall. She later did Balenciaga that season.”

Abbey Lee Kershaw – First impression: “They kept sending her over to hang out. I wasn’t sure why, neither was she.”

Daul Kim – First impression: “We just connected in a nerdy bloggy kind of way; lots of staring and grunting sounds.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – First impression: “Upbeat character, she seemed to have her eye on the big picture.”

Liu Wen – First impression: “Professional, in and out. Class act.”

Me, before relationship: really into hermit time, dislikes spring and summer, dislikes the countryside, hates singing, hates other people singing, hates yellow, loves black, loves red lipstick, is into being bitter and really, really into fandom and being skinny.

Me, in relationship: has realized excess hermit time is sign of depression, suddenly looks forward to spring, wants to move to the countryside and raise a goat, makes up silly songs for everything (complete with improvised dances), suddenly likes yellow flowers, prefers pink to red lipstick, is annoyed with bitterness, has no interest in fandom, and is really into baking things with butter. 

Bones Headcanon

This ties in a little bit of canon, a little bit of stuff @mccoymostly mentioned in an answer to an Anon ask earlier, and a little bit of what’s bouncing around in Jules’ head right now.

Bones is an impeccable diagnostician.  He’s an amazing clinician.  He notices things.  His observational skills parallel - sometimes even surpass - his technological acumen.

He’s got the newest, state-of-the-art equipment at his fingertips so that when shit hits the fan, he’s ready and able to treat every patient as minimally invasively as possible, and in order to achieve the best possible outcome for them.


He’s also old-fashioned.

Maybe it’s because he trusts his own hands more than the machines, or maybe it’s because he knows a little bit of touch goes a long way in reassuring his patients, but when time is not an issue, I feel like he falls back on a good, old fashioned physical exam.  Where Starfleet hasn’t mandated how things must be done or using what instruments or methods, he takes the liberty of using his best judgment to assess and treat his patients.  Where an old fashioned method would not extend convalescence any more than a modern method, he would favor that.

i love rupert giles so much but one of my favorite moments is the level of Not Caring he’s at in late s3 after he’s been fired from the council. wesley’s sword fighting him? cool, he’s gonna read a newspaper. everyone’s talking about the prom? there’s giles in the corner turned up to Snark Level Five. wesley’s trying to boss everyone around? giles exchanges a look with buffy and she goes off and follows his instructions. he literally could not care less

Eleven isn’t a hero because she has super powers. She isn’t a hero because she killed the monster and saved the day. She isn’t a hero because she stuck up for the boys and stuck it to the bullies.

She’s a hero because she knew saving Will would mean seeing the monster, and she did it anyways. She’s a hero because she learned a friend is ‘someone you’d do anything for’ and she took it to heart and did exactly that. She is a hero because despite suffering even more than she has before, she continually opens herself up to more hurt because it might help another person.

And most of all, I think, she is a hero because she lost her mother, lost the man who gave her food and tried to help her, lost her first friend and first crush. She lost the normal life that never should have been taken away from her, and grew up in this horrible, abusive environment for years. And despite all of this, she is still ok. She is still out there trying to make friends and learn to trust others. She is still living, still functioning. She’s not giving up, no matter how easy it would be to just quit and tune out of life.

THAT is what makes Eleven a hero. Someone little girls and boys who have experienced pain and abuse can look up to. Someone who inspires them to fight another day, to learn to trust.