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Dig into my muse’s life - Headcanon meme

  1. When did your muse lose their virginity?
  2. Who was your muse’s first kiss?
  3. Who are your muse’s closest friends?
  4. Does your muse have any phobias?
  5. Which sibling is your muse closest to? If they have no siblings, which family member?
  6. If your muse had the opportunity to turn into the opposite sex for a day, would they take it? If so, what would they do?
  7. Who was your muse’s first crush?
  8. Most problematic thing your muse has ever done?
  9. How important is family to your muse?
  10. What is your muse’s happiest memory from their childhood?
  11. What is your muse’s saddest memory from their childhood?
  12. What is your muse’s deadly sin?
  13. What would your muse say to their younger self if they could go back in time?
  14. How does your muse see themselves in 5 years? What about 10?
  15. How does your muse deal with their anger?
  16. Is your muse more self loving or self loathing?
  17. What is your muse’s addiction?

[TEXT] sentence starters

  • [text]: Oops, I brought spandex instead of leather. 
  • [text]: Are we going to do this or what?
  • [text]: Tell me now..so how often have you had sex dreams about me?
  • [text]: Party. My Suite. Tonight. Bring Alcohol. And Lube. Lots Of Lube.
  • [text]: Is that supposed to be a threat?
  • [text]: Haha, no. I’m not giving it back.
  • [text]: Send me another picture like that and see what happens.
  • [text]: Soo..does that mean you feel the same way?
  • [text]: Just admit it..you missed me.
  • [text]: yuo look so pretTY WOW
  • [text]: You’re dead meat.
  • [text]: How do you feel about a threesome? 
  • [text]: Maybe I just feel like spending my night with you.
  • [text]: I’m sorry, baby. I’ve been cheating on you.
  • [text]: Just come back. Please. I’d do anything. I can’t handle this. I can’t handle you being gone!
  • [text]: wow pls fuck me
  • [text]: Come over. You left your underwear here.
  • [text]: I can’t open this jar of pickles and I’m laying on the floor crying and I know I haven’t talked to you in a month but please help
Back on the High Seas

//Hello loves, I’ve been doing some writing over the past couple of days to test out my muse, and so far things have proven promising! I’m still going to take it a bit slow, but I am confident enough to officially take myself off hiatus, and return to semi-regular posting. I’m currently working on clearing out my drafts and inbox, so thank you for your patience on those. 

Also a MASSIVE thank-you to everyone who reached out to me during my break to let me know they were still with me; it meant so much more to me than you probably realize, and made it so easy to come back after taking care of me for a while. 

Likewise, thank you to those that followed me during my break. I’m sorry for my silence, but you should be seeing more of me shortly. 

It’s good to be back.

A Christmas present for Dean -4

So many things, Cas muses to himself as he walks around the store. The lights overhead twinkle and decorations both delicate and garish hang from every spare spot of ceiling and every edge of shelf. Music plays, upbeat and festive, and not for the first time he finds himself bemused by the celebration that is Christmas here on earth. But what to buy, Cas asks himself yet again. What is the perfect gift to get for the human who has come to mean everything to you? Who has already given you everything you could ever want by giving you himself?

It isn’t as though Christmas isn’t celebrated in heaven, Cas thinks with a smile. Humans who have returned to the heavenly host yet still feel tied to earthly traditions, involving mile upon twinkling mile of tinsel and fairylights, feasts that are simply gluttonous, and songs sung, celebrating the birth of a man who Cas knows first-hand would be mortified by all of this unnecessary attention. Dean reminds him of Jesus so much at times with how selfless he can be, but any time such praise slips from Cas’ lips Dean’s ears blush red and he has to change the subject.

Celebrating here on Earth, Cas thinks, raising up a ceramic bastardisation of a cherub then returning it to the shelf with a grimace at the glitter that’s now become a part of his skin, Christmas and indeed all celebrations are so much more pleasurable. He and Dean have been known to celebrate everything from time to time; from a new episode of Game of Thrones to a hunt finishing early enough for them to return to their own bed in the bunker instead of the lumpy awfulness that would otherwise be waiting for them in a motel room beside Sam.

Sam, Cas thinks with a groan, pressing a glittered palm against his forehead and then cursing himself for it. What on earth is he going to get for Sam? Actually, Cas thinks then, striding with purpose along the aisles and carefully reading the signs above his head to check where he is going; Sam is easy to buy for. He’s so grateful for everything that whatever he chooses he knows Sam will be grinning gleefully at him in thanks. Still, these books, Cas smiles, adding them to the basket, this music, and these headphones; Sam really will appreciate these things.

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do! 

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  1. When Mouse was a puppy they used to take turns Playing Dead.
  2. Harry makes a big deal out of Christmas now that he has a family to celebrate it with.
  3. He likes to Prank call Thomas, even if sometimes it back-fires on him depending on what Thomas is doing at the time.
  4. No matter how old Molly gets, Harry will always talk to her in his yoda voice. And sometimes people will call him out on it even when Molly isn’t there.
  5. Harry picks up Maggie from school sometimes and takes her out for ice-cream. 

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kakorrhaphiophobia NAME OF YOUR MUSE:

Ichiro Kazue


(that’s Kaz above)

(this one is Ichiro)


Ichiro loves green tea but hates alcohol.

Kaz, unlike Ichiro; loves to drink alcohol and hates green tea.



-making friends

-sipping green tea and thinking of ideas

-finding new senpais or crushes


-trolling people in real life until they get so mad they leave

-making Ichiro suffer while also taking care of his everyday needs simultaneously

-Being a demon


  • @themedicisinsxne​ | Colleague that Kaz wants to make his bitch
  • @rubyscout​ | Ichiro’s only friend that he loves mutually
  • @cremepyro​ | Kaz’s senpai, a BLU Sniper that doesn’t share the same feelings for him


  • Ichiro regrets existing with a demon possessing his personality
  • Kaz has a regret of ever telling Cas/Java/Vernon (@cremepyro’s Sniper) his feelings for him and being rejected.


Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns (on fucking Ichiro’s side)

kakorrhaphiophobia: the fear of failure or defeat (on Kaz’s end)

@cremepyro @siren-of-the-dark 



two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

           1. Charlotte’s handwriting is a labor of love: she genuinely practiced her penmanship as much as any other part of her act, certain that it would come in handy for love letters; ironically enough, she almost never writes anything to impress and mostly uses it to write very lovely letters to her parents back home.

           2. It’s rare for Charlotte to carry more than about 200 gold on her unless she’s specifically shopping for something. She isn’t worried about it getting stolen; she’s that confident in her ability to charm her way into a lower price. (And, to be fair, she isn’t immune from impulse buys, and that ensures it doesn’t go to frivolous things.)

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I don’t understand people that use judgement and criticism to somehow get the results they want. Like parents who tell their children that they are living in a sty and it’s filthy and disgusting and all that stuff. Does that sound motivating to you? It’s like “Oh. Thank you for taking a shit on my existence. I absolutely want to clean it now.”

Why can’t more people be like “Hey, I’ve noticed you’re living in squalor. Are you depressed?” or even better like “You know, honey, you always feel more motivated and happier when your room is clean. Want to spend some time doing that? We can go to lunch later if you get it done this morning.”

I mean like… that sounds awesome, right? Compliments? LUNCH??? I’m game. I trick myself with rewards all the time. For instance, right now I just finished breaking down a bunch of boxes for recycling. You know what my reward was? Writing this!

Anywho. Brain thoughts.

i need ships where at least ONE of the people are just really pissed about how deeply inlove they are. like ‘god damnit i’m so fucking in love with you and i hate it and i hate how i feel when others hit on you and i hate how i lose appetite and i hate how much i smile around you and how you make me blush and my heart race and godAMMIT I’m so deeply in love with you it’s crazy’


G-Dragon: a respectful, humble musical genius who’s got unmatched talent and succeeded by years of hard work; leader, writer, and producer of supergroup BIGBANG

That’s maybe the main reason why even he’s not your bias; he kinda is a little bit. But above all, I stan him because of his huge, huge heart which is overshadowed so often by his G-Dragon persona. He’s got so much love for everyone. 9 years in the industry, through so many ups and downs, he is still him. People tend to forget that he is Kwon Jiyong and that he’s GD only when he’s on stage. But lately I think he is showing bits of Jiyong more and more often and little moments like this I need to capture. 

I wish nothing but happiness for you, Kwon Jiyong. We all know just how hard you have it preparing for MADE, but so far 2015 is looking so, so bright. I couldn’t be more grateful for this era. Like you believe in us, we also got your back. Until Whenever. 


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but like why was Ginny depicted the way she was in the harry potter films why did they take away her funny personality and her ability to stand up for herself why does she randomly tie harry's shoe why is she not humorous and funny and witty in the movies and what is up with that kiss in the room of requirement that's not how it's supposed to happen that's a stupid way for them to get together why does she not tease harry why are her accomplishments pushed aside why is she not the strong ginny from the books why did they take that away from her why does she hardly say anything in the movies like after the second one she gets over harry and starts talking to him like it was never about her being shy or weak like the girl was possessed by voldemort and survived and didn't lose her wit or humor or strenght why does this movie ginny exist why are things they way they are why anything