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 Art made by me, on 9/26/16 ( I barely post this stuff What do I do )

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(For the try to seduce my muse thing) "U-Uh...L-last night I was looking at the stars and for everyone I saw I named a reason why I love you...I-I was doing great until I ran out of stars..." (@ask-Nanami-Chiaki) (HAVE YOU BEEN SEDUCED BY HER WAYS?!)

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“"You’re so cheesy…and that’s why I love you.”


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  • ◊ : What’s your favourite thing about your muse?

My favouite thing about Theon is the fact that he is so human. The choices he makes aren’t the best choices, they’re impulsive, foolish, and all too easy to understand. He hurts, and the hurt is that of rejection that every single one of us has felt. He’s someone I want to see succeed and be happy, that I want to see forgive himself… and his journey of self-forgivemeness is something that we all of us can learn from. I love Theon’s character as I relate to him intensely, and honestly I find those that can’t relate to him confusing. So many forgave Boromir - why can’t they forgive Theon?

Los Angeles.

I was thinking on poetry this afternoon, and the difficulty of trying to say a lot in so little. Despite this pipe dream of finishing the novel I’m working on and getting it into the world, the fact is I’ll probably never be published. But this little corner of the world is mine, with nothing posts about everything, tiny musings on tiny things. (This was built from a story a guy told me in a bar in 1996. We were drunk and I don’t know what was real, or if the guy was real, or if the bar was real, but this is how my brain works, making ethereal what was once solid, and vice versa.)


The Middle of Summer

In the middle of summer, James took a trip east.
Margaret had lost her job at the diner for spitting in a customer’s Cobb salad.
It had been three days, alone in her apartment,
and she hadn’t changed out of the orange and avocado green pinafore,
the one with the cigarette burn along the stripe near the side seam.
James brought her along.
The corridor out of California was two-tone and angry,
and they passed through it by playing What If.
Margaret would sell her soul, fight the crocodile, choose invisibility.
James was two for three.
They both agreed that Arizona was greener than expected.
Margaret bought a t-shirt at the 7-11 in Phoenix, a rainbow ending in a palm tree.
James took a photo of her pulling it over her head,
and wondered if the drive-by truckers could see her breasts through the spotted windshield.
In Texas, their conversation slowed.
They pointed the car towards the lightning that stabbed the purple sky, thunder trundling behind,
a slow and fat child.
At 6:23pm –
Margaret was counting the seconds between flash and sound,
and was nearly ready to ask James what to do with that math –
they felt the car flinch with a load beneath it, and pulled over.
On the highway there was a canvas bag.
No one remembers who opened it, but
three kittens had been run over
by the car that James and Margaret were in,
(by James and Margaret).
Two children surfaced from yellow grass that was taller than them, calling for their kittens.
The four of them waited,
hearing only wind and the imaginary hum of imaginary cars on imaginary highways,
highways with bookends. The kittens did not answer, because James and Margaret had decided to go east.
James and Margaret said the things you say to children who call for lost animals, which is to say
Margaret began to cry and James held her elbow.
And the boy, in jeans a size too big, with tarnished hands and farm hair,
turned toward the tall grass.
And the girl, with the blue dress, her twelve year old arms muscled and tan,
turned toward the tall grass.
Margaret, straining against James, could see another canvas bag,
could hear the mewing before she saw the undulations.
The boy dragged it by its ties onto the highway.
He took the other bag, the one that did not move or sound, and called over his shoulder,
“She had too many.” And then,
Margaret and James got into their car and rolled down the windows.
The math had worked out somehow,
so the rain came in, in drops and sheets and buckets and waves,
and Margaret and James were carried by the summer storm
to places they’d not soon remember.
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Jewel Green || Gold || Pale Grey || Turquoise

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Green like the sea and forest leaves.

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Gold for what he could achieve and the coin that dictates his life.

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Grey as the fog that rolls over the deck of a sailing ship.

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And the rich turquoise of the paradise that lays beyond the horizon.

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list 5-10 (or more!) things your muse has on them at all times–whether it’s in their pockets, their wallet, their bag, etc..
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1. Rainbow tambourine - safely kept in a fur pocket at all times, it’s the gift she received from Sabine before she left Holiday Island
2. Fur - for fashion and function
3. Comfort stones
4. Photos of chibi Shin
5. Jewelry - whether it’s two or three rings, dangly earwear, bangles, or the navel shiny, there’s always a piece on her 
6. A hip scarf, because dancing might happen at any moment
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With Fact-Muse Blogs now a thing,

Would anyone be interested if I did one with either Nutritiion/Health with Tonio (something I would need to do a lot of Wikipedia for) or a Jonathan Joestar history and antiquity (which is my own field of study)


I don’t understand people that use judgement and criticism to somehow get the results they want. Like parents who tell their children that they are living in a sty and it’s filthy and disgusting and all that stuff. Does that sound motivating to you? It’s like “Oh. Thank you for taking a shit on my existence. I absolutely want to clean it now.”

Why can’t more people be like “Hey, I’ve noticed you’re living in squalor. Are you depressed?” or even better like “You know, honey, you always feel more motivated and happier when your room is clean. Want to spend some time doing that? We can go to lunch later if you get it done this morning.”

I mean like… that sounds awesome, right? Compliments? LUNCH??? I’m game. I trick myself with rewards all the time. For instance, right now I just finished breaking down a bunch of boxes for recycling. You know what my reward was? Writing this!

Anywho. Brain thoughts.

i need ships where at least ONE of the people are just really pissed about how deeply inlove they are. like ‘god damnit i’m so fucking in love with you and i hate it and i hate how i feel when others hit on you and i hate how i lose appetite and i hate how much i smile around you and how you make me blush and my heart race and godAMMIT I’m so deeply in love with you it’s crazy’


G-Dragon: a respectful, humble musical genius who’s got unmatched talent and succeeded by years of hard work; leader, writer, and producer of supergroup BIGBANG

That’s maybe the main reason why even he’s not your bias; he kinda is a little bit. But above all, I stan him because of his huge, huge heart which is overshadowed so often by his G-Dragon persona. He’s got so much love for everyone. 9 years in the industry, through so many ups and downs, he is still him. People tend to forget that he is Kwon Jiyong and that he’s GD only when he’s on stage. But lately I think he is showing bits of Jiyong more and more often and little moments like this I need to capture. 

I wish nothing but happiness for you, Kwon Jiyong. We all know just how hard you have it preparing for MADE, but so far 2015 is looking so, so bright. I couldn’t be more grateful for this era. Like you believe in us, we also got your back. Until Whenever. 


  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:but like why was Ginny depicted the way she was in the harry potter films why did they take away her funny personality and her ability to stand up for herself why does she randomly tie harry's shoe why is she not humorous and funny and witty in the movies and what is up with that kiss in the room of requirement that's not how it's supposed to happen that's a stupid way for them to get together why does she not tease harry why are her accomplishments pushed aside why is she not the strong ginny from the books why did they take that away from her why does she hardly say anything in the movies like after the second one she gets over harry and starts talking to him like it was never about her being shy or weak like the girl was possessed by voldemort and survived and didn't lose her wit or humor or strenght why does this movie ginny exist why are things they way they are why anything