Omega: “Hello, Rouge.”

Rouge: “Oh, hi, Omega! … Doesn’t Commander Tower want you to shut down?”

Omega: “Nope.”

Rouge: “But I heard him say-”

Omega: “Nope, I never heard him say anything like that.”

Rouge: “Well, you keep running away when he tries to talk to you!”

Omega: “I don’t see your point.”


I mean, it’s obviously an outrage-bait cliffhanger that’ll be resolved by saying “Mjolnir knows the real Cap is worthy” or something, but Marvel is really treading the line here with this event. It’s been established that Thor could no longer lift the hammer because he believed Nick Fury’s words that Gorr the God Butcher was right, essentially Gods were worthless.

Maybe, Cap is so firm in his beliefs and believes he is right that the hammer recognizes that. The hammer didn’t want Thor to lift it because he didn’t believe in himself.

At this point I just assume Mjolnir is just fucking with us all and took a liking for trolling people ever since Original Sin. It’s the only way to make all the bullcrap surrounding it work.

Nick Spencer you are a absolute madman!

I want to be ready for the shitstorm.