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SHINee reaction to losing each other in a shopping center

Requested by @nckii, your other requests will be made later too (since you left so many dear!)

Onew: After running around the store for twenty minutes and calling you twice, Jinki was actually thinking he totally lost you. “Have you seen this kind of girl here?” he asked the shop assistant, showing her your picture. He knew he was ridiculous searching for someone who definitely wasn’t a child. “Jinki!” he then heard and swung his head as fast as he could, just to see you smiling with a pair of heels in your hand. “Y/N, where were you?” You smiled at his now a bit more relaxed expression. “I was looking at shoes. I saw you run past me twice already, but you didn’t hear me shout.” Jinki smiled awkwardly, but on the inside he was happy you weren’t dying in a clothing store.

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Jonghyun: “Y/N, i’ll go there, meet me here in 20, okay?” You nodded at Jonghyun who walked to his favorite corner of jackets. Twenty minutes passed and Jonghyun got his stuff payed. It wasn’t a new thing for him to have to wait for you, but after sitting there for 25 minutes, he began to look for you. Not seeing a single part of you after searching the whole floor, made him return to your meeting spot. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Sorry, it took some time.” you smiled at your boyfriend. Jonghyun looked at the stuff in your hands. “Are you gonna get all that?” he asked in shock. “Yeah, you said you were gonna pay.” you smiled sneakily. “Y/N-ah, it’s not like I am loaded. Okay. Fine. As long as you are happy.”

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Key: Your boyfriend was picking out the dinner ingredients, so you thought, why not go look at some drugstore skincare. “Y/N, red or yellow peppers for the sauce?” Kibum asked half in his own world. It took him a minute to realize he never got a reply from you. Looking around himself confused, he still continued shopping. Feeling something being thrown into the basket made him yelp. He then met your eyes and smiled in relief. He looked into the basket. “That brand is supposedly good.” he smiled.

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Minho: You being in your own world was a bad thing most of the time. Seeing a pretty skirt in one of the shop windows, made you turn into the shop, totally forgetting Minho who walked a few steps before you. As you turned in, he continued forward without noticing. “Wanna go here?” Minho mumbled looking to his left, but quickly stopping whilst realizing you weren’t there. “Y/N?” he shouted softly into the crowd. He started to look through the shop windows that he passed, later finding you looking at a skirt. You felt his hands wrap around your waist and looked back to see his smile. “You can’t just leave me like that, jagi.” he laughed.

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Taemin: 5 minutes after you clearly told Taemin that you were going to go to the bathroom, he noticed that you disappeared. Looking around the clothing store, without a glimpse of you, he decided to call your phone. “Y/N-ah, where are you now?” he asked with a silly sound of worry in his voice. “I am not kidnapped, I am behind you. Turn around silly.” you smiled whilst talking and walking. You kissed Taemin as you got to him. “I told you I was going to the bathroom.” You could see him blush out of realizing how foolish he had been being that worried over you being gone for 10 minutes.

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