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#191: He Falls Asleep On You


I always have something to tell or write in this description but this time I have nothing to say… Tell me what your favourite preferences are in my inbox because it helps me finding out what kind of genres you like! 

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”Is that drool on your leggings?” The sudden question made you plug out your earbud, looking over at Michael with a curious expression until you looked down at your lap. A small smile embraced your face by the dark stains visible even if the fabric was black and you ran a hand through Luke’s hair carefully. You hadn’t realized yourself, you had expected him to just rest his eyes for a short minute but he was out like a light. No wonder though he had been up since 4 this morning to catch the flight. Not to mention that the plane didn’t have much space, leaving Luke to be smashed up against you on the small seats. His long legs were cramped with the lack of space and he was in a serious need of sleep but finding the right position wasn’t optional. Until he moved down so he was resting on with his head and upper body on your lap. “He’s sleepy. It’s only a good sign.” You giggled and ran your fingers through his hair once again, expecting that was the main reason why he had ease with it. Michael made a short disgusted look that only made you laugh even more when he shook his head and focused back on the book in front of him.


“What’s your star sign?” You questioned after scanning the magazine page of horoscopes, spending majority of the time reading on your own until you finally settled on finding Calum’s. Looking down with a curious expression your lips parted and your eyes widened slightly. His cheek was pressed against your shoulder, the bass resting on top of his stomach with his hands placed on top of it. You hadn’t even realized he had stopped playing until now but the way he was looking was pure. You could tell how comfortable he was, the way his eyelashes were moving as if he was having a great dream. His lips were pursed but they still wore the corners upwards. It was a lazy Sunday which meant that not much was on the schedule and Calum used that for the benefit. He wasn’t the one to take a nap but when he did he would do it at random moments like these. But they always seemed to have the same thing in common and that was being next to you whether it was just his cheek touching your shoulder or hands linked. Focusing back on the magazine you smiled happily and leaned your head against his, feeling a sudden rush of relaxation go through your veins. Moments like these were your favourite.


“Is he sleeping?” Calum questioned while looking up from his phone, catching your attention and made you look down at Michael. “I can’t see his face.” You giggled and moved forward with your neck to at least get a glimpse of his face, seeing his lips pouting while his eyes were closed. His head was situated in the middle of your chest on the couch in the dressing room, the faint sound of music being played on the stage for soundcheck. “He is out like a light.” Calum observed while scratching his chin, and you noticed it too. “No wonder though.” You giggled and ran a hand through his hair, “He went to the dentist earlier. He had to get eight fillings.” Calum’s eyes widened in realization of Michael’s source of tiredness. Looking down at the poor boy with a sad smile he nodded his head understanding and clapped him on the knee. “I hope he feels better when he wakes up then.” You nodded your head agreeing while pressing your lips against his forehead, giving him repeated kisses and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Me too. I don’t like seeing him as exhausted as this, he sat at the dentist chair for three hours.” Smiling up at Calum your eyes went back to Michael lovingly, pressing one final kiss.


“Do you think you can eat something or should I just make a bowl of yogur-,” Pausing in track by your question when your eyes adverted down to his tired state, his eyelashes resting against his cheek sleepily. “Wait, when did you start sleeping?” You questioned yourself out in wonder, not really knowing why you did that because it was obvious he didn’t really have a reply to that. You did hear his faint snores while watching TV in front of you but you hadn’t thought much of it. A package of medicine was resting neatly on the coffee table in front of you along with a glass of water. Ashton’s tonsils had grown lately, to the point of him barely speaking without sounding like someone who was getting choked. It took him some while to drag himself to the doctor but when he did, he found out he was in fact infected with tonsillitis. “I can’t even find something for myself.” You giggled while watching him rest his cheek against your stomach, your hand resting on top of his back while caressing through the fabric. It was such a pure and sad moment even if you were at the point of starving you couldn’t get yourself to wake him up just to get it, rather wanting to smile down at him and nuzzling his cheek hoping he would get better.

Shitty List of DL Blogs (II)

I decided that making a new list will take less time than fixing everything in the old one. I made it a bit more clear and deleted all the blogs that have been inactive for more than 2 weeks. So all the blogs that are here are rather active. There is a lot of blogs that may be contained in a few categories, I added them to the ones I think they’re the best at or they do the most often. Enjoy!

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@yandereshit (of course)

@ask-diaboliklovers (…a lot of spanish tho)
@askthemukamibrothers (reactions)
@dialovers-yuri-one-shots (yuri)
@hogwartsdarkbridal (HP universe)

♣ Roleplay and Ask Blogs ♣

@ask-daddy-ruki (Ruki, atm on hiatus, but worth seeing anyway) 
@askthetsukinamibrothers (Tsukinamis)
@askthislazybastard (Shu)
@ayato-thegreat (Ayato)
@donttouchmycookies (Kanato)
@saybyetoyourvcard (Laito)
@kanato-teddy (Kanato)
@midnight–pain (Reiji)
@pimp-lord-karlheinz (Karlheinz)
@rasasvadx (Laito)
@rxtrase (Shu)
@salmonmaki-shu (Shu)
@thefifthson (Ayato)
@themukamikouden (Kou)
@tsukinamibrothers (Tsukinamis)

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@diabolik-lovers-i (Ayato)
@diabolik-artist-kiyumi (Shu & Kino)
@askdiabolikmaxine (TENTACLES)
@bloodmoon-queen-kasumi (Carla)
@chi-diabolik (Yui; also, general roleplay)
@forsakenoathkeeper (Shu)
@fragile-dreams-sweet-minds (Yui)
@karls-keeper (Karlheinz)
@lunakagayaki (Subaru)
@pigbackrides (Yuma)
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@rexlamialilium (Karlheinz)

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@ask-artist-subaru (Art with Roleplay) 
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@diabolikloversgenderbend (art)
@dialovertoenglish (translations)
@hoshihiro (translations)
@mikkymi (edits)
@poorlydrawndiaboliklovers (…art.)
@princely-tea (art)
@sloxed (art)
@soboropan (art)

♥ Others ♥

@allkindadiabolikloversconfess (confessions) 
@bishiesreactions (not only DL)
@daddydaily (not DL but… how kinky are you?)
@diabolikally-pervy-poems (POETRY)
@dirtydiabolikloversconfessions (confessions)
@dlvampires (mix of everything *^*)

As you can see, there’s still a lot of us. The fandom won’t die so easily!

(If you see any mistakes or want to be added here, just write to me, I’ll fix it as soon as possible)

Phandom Little Pop 2016 Masterlist

Act Real Shallow, In Too Deep - Philtality

Summary:  To the surprise of exactly no one, the mirror in Dan’s room is sometimes a portal to a different life.

All of the Internet’s Effects - thegreatphan

Summary: Dan and Phil decide to go through the phan tag.

All Your Perfect Imperfections - literallyoutubetrash

Summary: Dan often can’t believe Phil is even real, with all the sunshine and happiness he seems to project. What happens when he decides to confront Phil about it? Will he realize that, despite the aggravation some of his endearing faults may bring, Dan actually wouldn’t have him any other way. 

An Irresistible Sidekick - fruitlessphan

Summary: Dan likes comic books and dreaming and Phil likes Dan.

At the Sixth Incense - phandomestic

Summary: urban witch dan is working a shift at a wiccan tools and apothecary shop when traditional witch phil walks in and ends up striking up a conversation. wiccan!phan au.

Better With You Here - cactuslester

Summary:  Phil is stuck in the lab on a Saturday night when he should be at a viewing party for a film he edited. It really couldn’t get worse.

Blurryface and Video Games - skywalkerswift

Summary:“You live in a flat next to me and is blasting twenty one pilots at 2 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep so I came over to yell at you but you look gorgeous and I didn’t think this through and I forgot what I was about to say”

Extreme Weather Warning - howlterfanfics

Summary: Dan and Phil in: How To Deal With Slightly Unpleasant Weather.

The Happiest I’ve Ever Been - phangirl-landphil

Summary: Dan and Phil celebrate Christmas in their flat. 

I’d Do It All Again - danisnotupmyass

Summary:  Two, he reminds himself. He finds it almost strange making a coffee for another person.

I Feel Sick - starmvn

Summary:  dan has a cold and phil is arguably the best when it comes to cures.

Is There Somewhere - phanticizing

Summary:  2012! dan and phil try to fix broken ties

It’s the Small Things - sin-n-city

Summary: It was only a small thing, but as it turns out. They are the most defining moments in life.

Julestjerner - Anonymous

Summary: N/A

My Phannortal - holdyourcheese

Halloween coffeeshop demon angel angsty smut fluff hospital soulmates singer/songwriter reality superhero ghost hedgehog secret agent role-reversal married enemies flower shop punk pastel in hell AU

Nerds - phannet

Summary:  How Dan and Phil became friends, and why Dan took law.

New Beginnings - all-hail-fishfingers-and-custard

Summary:Snow falls on new year’s eve, Dan and Phil take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

On Our Backs Under the Stars - arolester

Summary: phil is an actual plant boy living in the forest. dan is a space boy who comes down to earth.

Phil’s Guide on How To Care for a Sad Dan at Christmas - danisnotonplacenta

Summary:  Dan gets kinda sad coming up to Christmas. Phil makes it his job to cheer him up.

Spoiled - complexlester

Summary: Phil gets a shibe and comes home, Dan’s like tf.

Stolen Kisses, Pretty Lies - Danisnotahobbit

Summary: Phil didn’t mean for it to happen. He was just at his cousin Spencer’s wedding and someone started being a homophobic asshole. So what did he do to shut him up? Kiss the cute brunette boy who just passed by.

Trust Fall - insanityplaysfics


‘we did a trust fall but you were too weak to fully catch me’ au - preferably its really funny/awkward at the fall as i have a crush on you and now you’re on top of me and you almost kneed me in the groin and now we are both blushing like hell and the class is wolf whistling at us do you want to maybe get coffee?

Wanna Look Good For You - damnisheonfire

Summary: Dan comes home and shows his daddy his new clothes

We Lay Here for Years or for Hours - tinyqueernumberone

Summary:  fluffy domestic 2009! phan stay in together while it’s snowing.

Winning - robotlovesinternet

Summary: Phil takes robot!Dan clothes shopping.

You Can Call Me Coffee ‘Cause I Grind So Fine - extrememehowell

Summary: “You thought I was your friend and pulled me up on the table to dance with you now you’re shirtless and grinding on me.”

99 Bottles - realityisnoplacetolive

Summary:  Dan and Phil are trapped in a storage room.



You’re afraid of him leaving for tour

Justin invites you to a Halloween Party as a friend.

 Justin invites you to a Halloween Party as a friend (Part 2)

Remembering how you met and where you guys are now

You have a fight

He finds out you’re being bullied

He finds out you’re being bullied (Part 2) 

Post Award Show Fun (SMUT WARNING)

He comforts you during a storm (SMUT WARNING)

He’s been gone for too long

He’s been gone for too long (Part 2- MINOR SMUT)

He gets you home safely

Thanksgiving with Justin and his family

You’re Pregnant 

You’re in the studio with Jay

You’re in the studio with Jay (PART 2)

He gets upset because he believes he’s right for you

He takes you on a date in the sky 

Christmas Time- Justin’s POV

 You think he’s ashamed of you

You think he’s ashamed of you (Part 2)

Justin needs a stress reliever (VERY VERY MATURE SMUT)

You, Justin, and the gang play a game

He wants you

You have something to tell him

He asks you out (Nerdy Justin)

Your late night thoughts

He comforts you

You’re fed up

He comes back for you

He comes back for you (Part 2)

He scares you

He hurts himself skateboarding 

You have a crush

You’re insecure

You’re insecure (Part 2)

He gets jealous

He gets jealous (Part 2)

Justin has been busy and pays you a visit

He calms you in a storm

He approaches you in a club

The end of your marriage could be approaching 

The end of your marriage could be approaching (Part 2)

You have a lazy day with him

You’ve been cheating on him


Very Dirty-ish Request

New Music

You record him in the studio

Mobile Masterlist
  • Apollo Fluff/Angst (BUCKY X READER)

Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever.ModernAU! -Uncorresponded love.

SECOND PART. Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever.ModernAU! -Uncorresponded love.

Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever.ModernAU! -Uncorresponded love.

Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever.ModernAU! -Uncorresponded love.

Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever.ModernAU! -Uncorresponded love.

Song-Fic based on Emily Wolfe - Anywhere

Competitiveness was an attribute you were born with. And when Bucky decides to prove how good his pranks can be, you are steady to demonstrate he’s wrong.

Some of them said you were born gifted; you were able to magnify every single perception, from luck, to your own feelings. Others, that you were damned since the very beginning; you could also bring the worst from every single thing, every single person, even about you. However, you saw your powers as a part of yourself, a part that, like a silent virus, was infecting your own sanity. Cheating!Bucky,

Some of them said you were born gifted; you were able to magnify every single perception, from luck, to your own feelings. Others, that you were damned since the very beginning; you could also bring the worst from every single thing, every single person, even about you. However, you saw your powers as a part of yourself, a part that, like a silent virus, was infecting your own sanity. Cheating!Bucky,

Some of them said you were born gifted; you were able to magnify every single perception, from luck, to your own feelings. Others, that you were damned since the very beginning; you could also bring the worst from every single thing, every single person, even about you. However, you saw your powers as a part of yourself, a part that, like a silent virus, was infecting your own sanity. Cheating!Bucky,

Working as a waitress in a night pub was not easy, but he made it so.

PMS are a nightmare, and Bucky is trying his best to cheer you up, accidentally heating up the situation while doing so. 


Where Bucky steals his Howling Commandos uniform.

Requested. “the reader is introverted, a wallflower and likes Bucky but know no ones knows, while he and Nat or someone else have a thing. One day the reader and back share an intimate moment and they start to question things about themselves.”

Requested. Can you do an imagine where someone from the avengers (don’t really care who) cheat and the reader walks in on them, so she leaves him? (Request summary modified to avoid any spoiler about the shot.)


Hello there! may i request bucky angst with numbers 2 and 12? (where bucky cheats on the reader ooohh make it angsty yes yes :D) From the prompt list.

“You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?” 

“I loved you. Loved.” 

After constantly hearing how someone was beaten up in the back of the cafe you were working almost everyday, you decide to peek in the alley, finding adefenceless boy, trying his best to keep on fighting. Inspired by the scene in CA:TFA where Bucky was trying to flirt with Peggy Carter effortleslly.

bts masterlist






hogwarts!bts: jimin | jungkook | taehyung | jin

-DATING BTS (fluff)




-imagine being yoongi’s celebrity crush (blurb; fluff)

-being min yoongi’s sick girlfriend (bulletpoint imagine; fluff)

-lullabies (scenario; fluff)

-empty (short scenario; angst)

-A KITTEN?! (fluff)


-NWA (fluff)


-FIGHT ME (fluff)


-i thought you were nice - (magnets, a continuation written by hopefuldiction ) (scenario; angst, some fluff)

-love & potions (scenario; hogwarts!au, angst, happy ending)






-to you being on your period & not realizing (fluff)

-to you crawling under their cafe table & thinking you’re a crazed fan (fluff)




Tie Me Up (And Tear Me Down) / perverting-kpop

Bad Influence / picficskpopstyle


Fatigue / dailydoseofdia

Purr For Me / jeonghsk

Something New / kinkybangtan

Earned It / jeonrepublic

This Blows / jeonrepublic


Lick / dailydoseofdia

Pluvial / hyacinth-ink

Too Loud / sugasmut


Aubade / hyacinth-ink

Work Out / jeonrepublic


If We Were A Movie / kimvtae

Tease / perverting-kpop


Zaddy / btssmutgalore

Zaddy 2.0 / btssmutgalore

Bliss / kimvtae

Taehyung And Not Chill / jeonrepublic


Unwind / dailydoseofdia

Apologies / seokline

Blogs Mentioned:

dailydoseofdia hyacinth-ink btssmutgalore kimvtae seokline jeonghsk kinkybangtan sugasmut jeonrepublic perverting-kpop picficskpopstyle

* This masterlist will be updated frequently 

Is Someone Jealous?

Request: Hello! Could you please do a Bucky x reader imagine where Steve really wants Bucky to ask you out so he flirts with you while you’re with Bucky to make him jealous which causes Bucky to kiss you in front of Steve? 🙈

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Jealousy.

Word count: 2,051

A/N: I’m back!!! I have no idea if you guys even noticed that I stopped posting for a while, but anyway have this one-shot thingy. I changed the last part of the request, so I hope that’s ok. Steve has been such a matchmaker in my fics lately lmao.

My Masterlist

Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox! (Please check if requests are still open before requesting!)

Originally posted by monstacookies

“Come one Buck, tell her.” Steve smirked, nudging Bucky with his elbow. Bucky rolled his eyes, turning away from Steve so that he wouldn’t have to smell the alcohol in his breath.

Steve had been nagging Bucky all night, demanding that he went over to you and told you how he felt about you. No matter how much he liked you, he didn’t want to tell you so, because it was very likely that you didn’t like him back, and he didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

Instead of replying, Bucky let his eyes wander around the room, taking in the whole scene in front of him. The Stark Tower was filled to the brim with random people, most of them who Tony didn’t even know personally, but still chose to invite to his massive parties. The music wasn’t extremely loud, but it still gave Bucky the urge to cover his ears. He caught a glimpse of Tony, who glided around the room, cup in hand as he went to speak from person to person like the great host he was. As Tony walked over to you, stopping next to the bar to have a small chat with you, Bucky’s eyes focused on you, everything else going silent in his mind.

Keep reading

My Fic Masterlist!

I’ve been asked to create a list with all of my pics on it so far! I’ll have a master list that will be updated regularly as a link in my description soon! I really hope I got all of them; I’ve been quite the busy bee lately! (I also only talk in all exclamation points apparently, sorry!) 

NOTE: I only write fluff, so these are all fluffy!!!!


This Kind of Relationship 

He Isn’t That Scary At All

He Had His Moments 

Oceans and Sunsets

I Want to Have This Forever

The Date in Notting Hill

Simon’s Favorite Thing 












Fics with Natasha Snow-Pitch + my OCs!

Pretty. Sweet. Kind. Perfect.

This is What Magic Is

My Lovely Little Sprite

Of First Christmases and Priceless Gifts

I Knew You’d Have Loved Her

Of Babysitting and Storytelling

Of Thunder and Little Puffs

The Day We Brought Her Home

Of Grey Eyes and Magical Little Girls

Last Call For a Natasha Snow-Pitch?

Natasha’s First Day 

Normal!AU oneshots!

I Love You, Frat Boy

You Wanted My Moriel Masterlist, You Got It.

I was also wondering if anyone wanted me to post my TBW list? It’s gotten completely out of control.



Storm Warnings - Moriel (fluff) 

Homecoming - Moriel (fluff / angst) 

Chocolate - Moriel (fluff / angst / unresolved sexual tension)

Sunday Morning - Moriel (fluff) 

I’m A Mess (Part 1) - Moriel (nsfw/angst)

Weighed Down - Moriel (angst/fluff)

Caught In the Rain - Moriel (fluff/angst)

A Hard Day’s Night - Moriel (fluff)


Scruff - Feysand (nsfw) I know it’s not Moriel but… 


Meditation - Mor

Lush Visit - the Inner Circle

exo masterlist


-EXO as your best friend: chanyeol | kyungsoo | yixing

-DATING EXO (fluff)


-LOTTO (; fluff) 



-SICKNESS (fluff)


-FANGIRL (fluff)


-COMFORT (fluff)

-CRUSH (fluff)

-I NEED YOU NOW (terribly, terribly smutty)


-CRAVINGS (fluff)

-FATHERS DAY (fluff)

-BRIBERY (fluff)


-COMING OUT (fluff)

-SPIDERS (fluff)

-CALL ME OPPA (fluff)



- DENSE (sort of angsty??)



-just friends ( scenario; fluff)

-UNALLOWED (kinda angsty)





-how he’d ask you out

-UNALLOWED  (kinda angsty)


-LONELY BOYS (best friend!kyungsoo, angst/fluff)


-I FORGOT (angst, tiny bit of fluff)

-playboy (blurb; fluff)

-LUCKY ONE (fluff)

-UNALLOWED (kinda angsty)


-SPIDERS (fluff)




-LONELY BOYS (brother!sehun, angst/fluff)

-DOUBLE DATE | EXES & OHS (short series; angst)

-VIRAL | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5 (series; fluff)

-MISSING YOU (fluff)

-UNALLOWED (kinda angsty)



-FANGIRL (fluff)



-SPIDERS (fluff)

-CALL ME OPPA/GE (fluff)



-DENSE (sort of angsty??)


-BAD DREAMS (fluff)

-DRUNK (fluff)

-I FORGOT (fluff, tiny bit of angst)


-I NEED YOU to get me more medicine (fluff)


-DENSE (sort of angsty)


-MISSING YOU (fluff)

-PUPPY LOVE (fluff)


-to you wanting to stay with them after a fight with your parents 

-to you calling them daddy 

Scars: Young!Remus x Reader



Warnings: Fluff Too Real

Send In Your Requests Here!

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Y/N turns slightly, looking over her shoulder when Remus grumbles in his sleep and his arm unwinds from around her, he shifts slightly, now straight on his back rather than being the bigger spoon. She smiles  as she turns around completely, now on her side as she faces him, hands folded under her head, supporting her cheek.  She watches with candid admiration, the way his dark brown locks are tousled wildly across the pillow. The way his nose kept scrunching up as his head lulled to the side slightly, pressing against the pillow. She tilts her head, memorizing the way his eyes were shut, his long lashes spilling onto his cheeks. 

It was a day or two after the full moon, and although they had planned a dinner date for Hogsmeade, Y/N had suggested a nap instead. Remus had protested, saying how she deserved a night out and being much too humble to admit that he was tired and still aching from his transition. She had dragged him back to his dorm, telling the boys to leave them alone for a few.

 Remus had blushed, a slight smirk on his face as they had entered the room, “Love, come on, we don’t have to do this. I’m fine. You got that new dress and everything.” 

Y/N had shaken her head furiously, stepping out of her school shoes and loosening her tie,  faking a hideously huge yawn. “Remus, I’m so tired. We can go later too, love.” She had whined. 

Remus chuckles slightly, a thumb brushing across a newly acquired scar not so secretly on his inner arm. He knew she was faking it, positively adorably at that. 

“Pleaseee.” Y/N pleads, walking up to him and wrapping her arms around his torso, gently. 

He sighs, burying his head into her hair and running his hand up and down her back. “Fine. But if I don’t get to see that dress, I’m going to be mad.”

And that’s how they had ended up here, Y/N, in one of his old flannels, staring at her boyfriend. He was so brave, so good to her. She tilt her head slightly, staring at him as he whines unconsciously, shifting so he isn’t lying directly on his shoulder. She sighs quietly, hating that he was in so much pain. Her y/e/c eyes fall upon a pink scar, new, on his cheek, slashing across his jawline. How had she not noticed it earlier? She tuts quietly, lifting a hand to reach over and brush her finger across it gently. She frowns,at the prickling feeling that’s replaced the usual smoothness of his skin. She glances at him for a moment, before leaning up on one elbow slightly and pressing a soft kiss to the scar. 

Remus’ brown eyes open, a lazy smile spreading across his face as he reaches a hand up and cups her cheek before she can turn away. “Hi there. Thought you wanted to nap.” He mumbles, voice still rough and sleepy. 

She smiles at him, looking up, “I did. Kind of got distracted though.” She whispers back. 

“Did you now?” He asks, grinning at her lazily as his thumb brushed back and forth against her cheek. 

“Mhm. It’s hard, you know, when there’s a handsome boy next to you.” She responds, reaching up to kiss his nose. He scrunches it, eyes pressed together and laughs slightly. 

“I’m not handsome.” He grumbles, pouting at her. She frowns at him, before sitting up and pulling away from him. 

“Hey!” He whines, reaching for her again.

 “Remus, you’re beautiful.” She mumbles, pushing his hip down as he tries to pull her into his chest. She scrambles quickly, straddling him as he huffs, careful not to actually sit on him. He looks up at her with curiosity, his hands flying up to hold her hips pulling her down completely, eyebrows furrowed together. “What’re you up too?” 

She frowns down at him, blinking, “Remus, you’re beautiful. You have to know that, alright?” He bites his lip, staring at her.

 She sighs, leaning down and pressing a finger into his chest, “Fine, you want to do things the hard way?” She lifts his shirt, squirming a little to expose his chest, cuts and bruises coloring it.

 “Y/N-” Remus begins, but she cuts him off with a shush, leaning down and pressing soft kisses to each bruise.

 Remus lets out a hearty sigh, not from pain, but like he’s relieved. Her finger brush over each scar, smiling lightly as his chest rises when her fingers press to his warm skin. 

“Sweetheart-” He begins, but is cut off when Y/N leans down and suddenly presses her lips to his, her y/h/c hair cascading down from behind her shoulders as she cups his cheeks and kisses him furiously. He’s shocked, at first, she’s never been so demanding, but his arms automatically wrap around her back, pulling her down closer. Her hands locked behind his hair, pulling him closer to her, as if he’ll disappear from under her as she slides her tongue across his bottom lip and easily gains entrance to his mouth. After a few more heated moments, he mumbles, against her lips,  “Love- c’mon We- need to breath.” 

She whines slightly, pulling away, forehead against hers. “W-what’s gotten into you, huh? What’s wrong?” He demands, staring up at her with concern.

 She closes her eyes, furiously. “Remus, nothing. I just- I wish you would see how special you are. I love you so much.” She mumbles quietly. He stares up at her in shock, eyes wide. They had been dating for quite some time now, be he still felt shy about his scars, and it bothered her. 

“T-these scars, Remus, they aren’t ugly or unattractive or hideous. Yes, I wish, you didn’t have them because it means you went through pain, but I love them. I reckon you think I’m mad, but I think they’re beautiful, Remus. It shows how strong you are. My strong boy.” Y/N rants, her breath rampant against his collarbone.

 Remus stiffens, just for a moment, before wrapping his arms tightly around her and flipping them over, her back hitting his creaky bed with a light thud. He looks down at her, one arm tight around her backside and one pressing to her cheek. He swallows, and speaks in a low voice, “Y-you really mean that, Y/N?” 

She looks at him, “Of course I do, Remus.” 

He doesn’t take a moment longer to press his lips to hers, but it’s not ravenous, it’s sweet, calm and gentle as if he wants time to slow down so this moment last forever. She sighs, one hand gripping onto his shoulder and pulling him closer, unconsciously. He lets out a hiss, leaning down closer to get away from the touch. “Sorry, sorry!” She whispers, pulling away. 

“No don’t, c'mere, c’mere don’t run away. Please.” He whines, pouting his lips at her. She giggles slightly, pressing a kiss to his jawline.

 “Let me take care of you, Remus.” She whines, her hand reaching back up to his shoulder and her fingers dipping under his shirt to press to his tender shoulder, lightly, of course. He sighs, kissing her temple. 

“But I want to cuddle you.”

 She snickers slightly, running her hand through his messy locks, “It’s not like I’m going anywhere, love.” He smiles at her, “Lay back for me.” 

He obliges, lying on his stomach, and she once again straddles his hips, pushing the fabric of his shirt up and kissing his shoulder slightly.

 “Re.. this one looks really bad.” She mumbles quietly, trailing her fingers softly over the purple bruise coloring his skin

. He grumbles into the pillow, “ Hurts.” She sighs, brushing her fingers a little tighter into the bruise. 

“Too hard?” She questions leaning down by his ear. “

 “S perfect, angel.” He mumbles, eyes closed and cheek pressed to the pillow. 

She sighs, pressing a kiss to the bruise and then one to his head before moving back down. She sits on his butt, and lets her hands wander the spanse of his back, trailing her index finger down his spine and back up again, bumping over the vertebrae. She press both her hands down, on opposite sides of his spine, pressing her knuckles in from time to time and she gives him a massage. Grunts of appreciation escape his mouth, and when she hits the spot just between his shoulder blades, he finally speaks, “Right there, love. Bit achy.” He admits through grit teeth.

 She moves up, sitting on his lower back now and kneads her knuckles into the spot, altering between her thumbs rubbing circles. He sighs, after a bit, before he reaches an arm back and pats her thigh, “ ‘m good, sweetheart. Hop off for me.” She does so, perching on her knees as he flops over, smiling at her. 

“How’d I get so lucky, huh?” He asks sweetly, reaching over and pulling her onto his lap as he sits up.

 “Mm. I think I should be asking you that.” She responds, as he nuzzles his head into her neck.

 “Let’s get some dinner, hm? Want to see that dress, on you and the floor.” He says, smirking against her skin as he kisses her neck.

 “Anything you want, my love.”

Dean Ambrose Imagine Masterlist Vol. 2

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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Request; 13- Stiles

PromptBed sharing. Character and reader have to share a bed for some reason.


“Alright, listen up!”, Coach paced up and down the rows of seats as the bus drove down the highway trying to give a speech to a herd of sleepy teenagers, “Some of you idiots think this road trip is another reason for you to party it up in the Hotel Room, drink beers, and flirt with the cheerleaders……….”.  

Coach stopped directly next to where Stiles and Scott sat with their heads leaned against one anothers, snoring softly and completely unaware of what was about to happen. Once coach saw that his two biggest idiots were sleeping through his important announcement, he leaned a bit down until his mouth was right in front of Stiles’ ear. 

“BUT IT’S NOT!”, he screamed at the top of his lungs, making Stiles and Scott shake out of their sleep in surprise. Stiles, who’d already been on edge from their newest supernatural occurrence, looked up to Coach, horrified. 

“Was that necessary?!”, he shouted at his Coach who just looked down at him with a frown. 

“Pay attention, Stilinski! After last year’s hotel mishaps, you and McCall are on thin ice. Thin. Ice”. 

Stiles rolls his eye and buries himself deeper into the seat and tries to avoid any more eye contact with Coach. This weekend was the biggest playoff game in history and if he pissed off Coach a little bit more, there would be no chance of him playing at all. 

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you looking back at him giggling silently and immediately looked behind him to see what was so funny. There was absolutely no way you were looking at him. Stiles had been pining after you for years and not once had you ever given him the time of day. He was Stiles and you were the class president and head cheerleader. It’s not like you really could show an interest though; you’d been dating some kid from Davenport for years. Stiles knew all about him too, but he just couldn’t get over you no matter how many times he tried.

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Questionários de personagens

Aqui está uma masterlist com alguns daqueles questionários de desenvolvimento de personagens. A maioria está em inglês.

Eu acho que esses questionários são bem úteis na hora de construir/desenvolver um personagem, apesar de não achar completamente necessário responder exatamente tudo do começo ao fim. Para mim, essas perguntas são mais uma base, um empurrãozinho pra você pensar mais coisas que podem ajudar a desenvolver seus personagens.

Eu separei alguns deles aqui (tem um ou dois ask memes de rp, mas ainda assim achei bacana). Algumas perguntas que se repetem em quase todos, mas tentei colocar questionários que tem perguntas mais interessantes.

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My massive stationery haul for the new year is here! As most of you know school is about to start again (for well some of us) really soon so i decided to do my shopping with careful research making sure i had everything i need for year 13 which is going to be a majorly important year for me.

So here i present to you my stationery haul list of everything i brought (i still have a few bits and bobs to buy because i’m lazy and totally self conscious about how much i’m spending)

Back to school stationery : 2016 stationery haul 

  • 4 big folders - 2 blue and 2 pink - I usually have one folder for each subject which helps make sure you don’t lose any papers and everything is up to date and in order
  • 2 small folders - 1 blue and 1 pink - These are easier to put in my bag so i can put the papers in and shift them into the bigger folders once i get home 
  • 2 pencil cases - 1 multicolored - This is the cute one i take to school on a regular basis1 massive clear - This is more for revision purposes with all my post-its, colored pens etc. it helps to keep it all in one place so you can take it to school when you’re going to work on your notes and it prevents the stationary from turning black ‘cause your too lazy to sharpen your pencil at the bin
  • Planner - “Make it happen” - It helps to keep you organised with all your homeworks and assignments (especially if your not great at usually phone apps to stay organised) ANNDDD they’re usually super cute and can be rather personalized 

  • Small A5 note book - Blue obviously you see my theme? - Easy place to take extra of syllabus notes, backup if you don’t have paper and i like to have somewhere i can jot down my thoughts 

  • 4 A4 note pads - Normal sheets which hole punches already - One for each subject and you can just tear out the page and stick it into your folder 

  • 4 folder dividers - 1 for each folder - This helps to split the subjects into topics helping to be more organised and it makes it easier to locate and allocate your notes

  • 8 envelope folders - I brought 2 packets of 4 (blue, black and pink) - 2 for each of my subjects as i have two teachers for each subject
  • 1 file folder - “Today is going to be awesome” - because it was just really cute and it matched everything and i couldn’t help myself Something for loose piece of paper 

  • Clip board - With a daily planner which you can write on with a whiteboard pen - Someone told me that its practical if you need to write and you don’t have a flat surface around you. Id suggest not ripping of the ‘packaging’ because its not packaging its the cover… :/

  • Coloured ball point pens - Pastel colours - For revision notes 

  • Gel pens - for revision notes 

  • (Ball point) pens - for revision notes 

  • Coloured pencils - for revision notes and some teachers like them

  • Fine liners- for revision notes 

  • Feltip fine liners - for revision notes

  • 2 rulers - 1 wooden Panda 15cm - Adds a personal touch and fits in your pencil case also i had one before but i put it in the wrong pencil case and it got dirty -1 plastic  pink 15cm - they don’t get dirty so you can also use them for felt tips etc. 

  • Pencils- Turquoise - sometimes you need to make graphs/sketch/ rough notes 

  • Rubber/eraser - A long automatic pink one with a bunny on it - So it doesn’t run out and you never know when you need to rub away the mistakes of life 

  • Sharpener - Wooden one - Wooden supplies are just cute

  • Massive hole puncher - Blue with those measurement things - The bigger ones mean you can hole punch a lot more papers so its convenient if you can booklets from your teachers and it won’t break whilst your doing so (it happens to me way too much) . It also means you can place all your papers into your folder and you don’t always need plastic wallets.
  • Plastic wallets - 2 50 piece packets - Just in case. Sometimes your booklets are still too big to hole punch or you’ve written too close to the edge and it would mean your cutting of your writing. 

  • Paper clips - Blueeee - To keep your papers together or attach onto your books without having to staple it. Also i sometimes attach cardboard behind my paper when using felt tips to make revision notes and they help to keep the paper attached to the card board whilst you move it around. 

  • 3 Flashcard (with a holder) - Flashcards are an amazing revision technique that needs to be tried (they don’t always work for everyone though so its okay)The holder means that you don’t end up losing them/ messing up the order whilst going through them

  • Highlighters - They are a necessity of English students, they help you summarize and revise. 

  • Post-its - Similar to highlighters

  • Small post-it strips - Helps to mark pages that are important and allows space to add a word of reasoning
  • 64GB memory stick - pastel lavender colour - A portable place to save all your work and i use a large size due to the amount of memory media uses(pictures, videos etc.) If its just for normal school purposes like Word and PowerPoint i think 8GB should work perfectly fine