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03282017 masterlist (part 1 -reactions)

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      MONSTA X





            BLOCK B


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams

            ➽ seeing you walk around the kitchen like a zombie with bed hair while wearing only his shirt

            ➽ accidentally falling for a very young fan

            ➽ his s/o going thru a hard time because of fan hate

            ➽ what kind of a movie would you two be?


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams (giri and iron)

            we hope u enjoy them!!!

            also… happy birthday to our wang puppy!!

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            NCT hyung line reaction to their virgin S/O asking to try thigh riding


            Anon: older member reaction to their gf who is also a virgin asking to try thigh riding with them

            TBH this isn’t really smutty lmao I didn’t write about what they’d be like during, literally just how they’d react if you asked them too! I can do their reaction whilst, but please request for that if you want it. Also tysm for 3k - I’ve started to follow forever and it won’t be up for a while but pls anticipate it❤️ :-)

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            Never Again

            Hey, I’ve been really into lotto by exo at the moment. Can you do one about lotto! baekhyun where he accuses you of being with him because of his money and kicks you out (and you have no other place to stay)? Happy ending please! Thanks

            Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

            Originally posted by baekhyunsama

            Anger coursed your veins as the front door slammed you out. The air was cold; already freezing your bones. But Baekhyun had been harsher than the wind, and you felt more frozen than any weather could make you.

            He’d kicked you out, accusing you of being with him for the money and the lavish lifestyle. Was it so hard to believe that you actually loved him for him?

            Today was an exception, but usually his eyes are soft like an ocean on a content day, his actions softer than anything. Usually he is kind and considerate, and there was no denying that he treated you better than anyone else in your life. That wasn’t because of the money, or the gifts; but because he listened to you. He sat and held you close when you cried, always made time for you to talk about your feelings, if you had been having a good or a bad day.

            But now, he was monstrous, his words cut like knives and there was nowhere for you to go.

            As you sat against the wall of the house, you let your head fall back and hit against the bricks, but the pain couldn’t compare to the ache in your heart.

            Somewhere along the line, you must have fallen asleep, because you found yourself coming back to a world full of light now the sun was rising. You’d been rouse by the click of the door, and when you looked up, Baekhyun was staring at you.

            “You stayed here all night like that?”

            You barely moved, your bones stiff and aching.

            “I wanted to apologise. I’m sorry, I realised what an idiot I had been”

            “You think?” Your voice cracked, but it was defiant all the same.

            Baekhyun bent over, picking you up into his arms and carrying you back into the house.

            “You’re freezing. I’m so sorry.” He commented. He placed you down on the sofa, wrapping you in pillows and blankets before cuddling up at your side.

            “I’ll never hurt you again.”


            Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

            Genre: Angst/Fluff

            Word count: 634

            Summary: Yoongi is looking through his phone, his insecurities hitting him. You comfort him and fluffy fluff :))) 

            Originally posted by faqsuga

            The noise from the TV in front of me was distant as my gaze around the room fell on my boyfriend of 8 months. He had a hurt look in his eyes while his thumb were scrolling down his phone, his black hair falling down in front of his eyes. I sat up scooting a little closer looking over his shoulder. “What is it?” He just kept looking down on his phone. “Babe?” I said a little louder. My arms found their way around his waist as I put my head on his back. “Am I really that bad Y/N?” I hear his voice weak in the dark room. “Where does this come from, Yoongi?” I asked shocked by his question. He got out of my arms turning around looking at my confused face. His eyes fell down to his hands, as I knew he were struggling to find his words. “I just… You know… Am I really as cold and heartless as people say I am?” I felt my heart sink as I heard his voice full of insecurities. “Do I give you enough love Y/N? Am I really that emotionless?” I knew that Yoongi had a certain reputation being an idol and all, but this? This made my heart hurt so much. He is the most loving and caring man I know, even if he might not always show it, you can always see it through his small actions every now and then. I took his phone out of his hands making him look me in the eyes. Even though he’s cold sometimes and mostly it’s sarcasm that comes out of his mouth, he is full of emotions and it’s times like these where he can’t hold it in that he really opens up. I took his face in my hands looking him deep in his eyes, letting him know that what I was going to say was truly what I felt and knew “Yoongi, You are the most caring person I know and you’re not heartless or cold. I can’t ask for more love from you, as I know your giving me all the love you can. I love you so much and I know you love me too, so please shut up about this and don’t take it in because we both know none of that is true.” I kissed his lips, feeling a tear on my cheek. I pulled away looking at his beautiful face, wiping a tear of his away with my thumb. He pulled me in close for a long hug, his chin resting on my head. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes just listening to each other’s heartbeats, enjoying the silence together. He pulled away taking a strand of hair behind my ear, smiling down at me with loving eyes. And people say this little fluff ball is emotionless?

            That night Yoongi held me closer than usual. Don’t get me wrong we always cuddled, just that this time it was different. It was like he wanted to prove something, I don’t know if it was for him or me but I knew how much he cared and that it was hard for him holding his emotions in all the time. I don’t know why he always did that, I’m just happy he at least has me, and his music to get it all out. I felt his hand take mine, and a kiss on the back of my shoulder, “Goodnight Y/N” he whispered in my ear. “Goodnight Yoongi” I closed my eyes feeling my breath get heavier by every second that passed. Right before I fell asleep I heard a soft whisper from the man beside me “I will give you almost all my love so no other man can take my place”.


            Hi guys! Here’s the masterlist I promised :)  I might add ‘working on’ titles to this list (without a link, obviously), so you have an idea what to look forward to in the near future. 


            Old friends (m)

            Tease (m)


            Bus Rides (m)

            Dancing In The Moonlight (m)

            I Don’t Care (m)


            Contrast (m)


            One Night (m)

            Birthday Wishes (m)


            Altitude (m)

            Missing Trains at 2am (m)


            City Lights (m)


            Resistance (m)

            Last updated: 3/28/2017

            03282017 masterlist (part 2 -scenarios)

            reaction masterlist can be found; here

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            Rap Monster





            BTS AS:





            • A - Based on the song A by GOT7

            EXO AS:













            SEVENTEEN AS:








            GOT7 AS:




            B.A.P AS:

            MONSTA X






            MONSTA X AS:





            VIXX AS:











            BLOCK B

            Z-I-CO (we dont write scenarios for the other block b members)



            happy jackson day btw~

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            !!(Season Twelve spoiler warning)!!

            A Sam Winchester x Daughter!Reader series where the Daughter grew up in England with the British Men Of Letters, each Part takes place in an episode of Season 12

            Part One: Screw You

            Part Two: Family Reunion

            Part Three: I Have To Go

            Part Four: Like Me

            Part Five: Let’s Kill Hitler

            Part Six: Reaper

            Part Seven: Lucifer

            Part Eight: Ketch

            Part Nine: Listen

            Part Ten: Patience

            Part Eleven: Remember

            Part Twelve: Ramiel

            Part Thirteen: Trust

            Part Fourteen: Pick A Side

            Part Fifteen: Ramsey

            Not Afraid Anymore

            author’s note: Requested by @alone-in-madness. My computer managed to shut itself off and not boot again so it deleted half of the story and yeah, I tried my best to memorise something but I started everything from the bottom, lol.



            “You must tell him that, you can’t stay silence forever,” your friend Isabella insisted you to talk with your best friend Shawn about your feelings towards to him before you leave the Canadian land to London, England. Your destination in London was Middlesex University to study Management and Business Administration.

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            Vegas Gone Wrong

            Sin City (Bucky)

            After a exhausting mission, Tony gathers the team, that were on the mission with him, and decides to take a weekend at Vegas. Things were fine, that is until Tony, the heavyweight, is called away for the night and team are left to their own devices. Insert the classic Vegas trope of a drunken wedding. Except that its the entire team this time, and no one knows who married who.




            Little Mouse (Steve)

            Steve returns from Vegas with most of the team, only to find Thor has brought home a stray. He doesn’t have time for some stray, he’s got work to do and perhaps a runaway bride to find.






            Oh, Honey, Honey (Bucky)

            Bucky and Y/N, after choosing not to annul their accidental marriage, aren’t ready to return to work just yet, or to deal with a random woman Thor found, and instead decide to take a honeymoon. 





            Updated 3-27-17




            Girls’ Trip



            It’s a Girl

            Bad Days

            Drunken Accidents


            Late Nights

            Beauty Hurts

            Second Chances

            Party Preparations


            One and Only

            Welcome Home Daddy


            She Loves Us

            Jet Lag

            ‘Minor’ Accidents

            Newest Addition - morgan x reader

            A/N i love this, it wasn’t a request i just wanted to write it.

            “Please don’t be mad at me, but I kinda.. sorta, maybe adopted a puppy.”

            In which the reader adopts a puppy behind her husband, Derek’s back while he’s at work, and then proceeds to put off telling him all day. She buys the dog a bunch of stuff at the store and nervously waits at home. Derek’s in for a surprise when he opens the front door.

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            Sitting at your apartment, you sipped your coffee. After everything that happened with Jimin, you decided to take a week off from work just to completely recoup. Scrolling through the news, your jaw dropped. An article popped up. How I put my brother in prison. You re-read the title a million times, but finally you opened it. It was a viral post that people were constantly sharing, but it hit incredibly close to home.

            When I would do something wrong, I would twist the story and my brother would fight for me. He protected me from people that I didn’t need protection from, but he didn’t know that. I preyed on my brother’s unconditional love and his need to protect me from the world. Soon, I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t invincible.

            Most of you may know my brother, Park Jimin, as a criminal, but I want to tell you that he had no idea he was committing a crime. I didn’t tell him about my crimes, I didn’t tell him I had fled the country, I hid all of my secrets from him and he suffered.

            Jimin was only doing what he had promised when he was young. He promised me that he would always protect me. But what I want to tell him is that he shouldn’t protect me from the world. He should protect himself from me.

            Your eyes stung with tears as you read the post. JiHyun had posted it and people were sharing it at alarming rates. They found it heartwarming that a younger brother was looking out for his older sibling, but also heartbreaking. Scrolling to the comments, you saw a ton that asked the government to relook into the case, many were pushing for a petition to be signed to get Jimin released, and some cried that he was still a criminal. However, most supported Jimin and hoped for him to be released. You picked up your phone, but before you could dial a number, your boss was calling.

            Y/N. His stern voice threw you off guard.

            Yes? You answered and he sighed.

            I need to take you off the Park Jimin case. You’ve had too much involvement with his brother and now with this post, have you seen it? He asked quickly and you told him you had. Well this post is causing us nothing but grief, we need to vet that this is JiHyun and then we have to make a deal. But you can’t be there. He said and your mouth hung open.

            Why? You muttered, but your boss was already complaining about the mountain of paperwork he now had to complete because of JiHyun’s post. You sighed and hung up the phone. You thought about calling the house, but instead you laid down and put a hand over your eyes.

            A flood of memories popped into your head. The little things that Jimin would do when you came into the house. How he would smile at you and his giggle would light up your day. But now you dreaded what the government was going to do, how they would react, you weren’t there to protect him anymore. You couldn’t help the sigh that escaped your lips once more. It hurt to know that Jimin would probably blame himself for you leaving, he would assume that him and his brother were the cause, but you knew you couldn’t reach out to him. The tears streamed down your face. It’s not supposed to be this hard. You whispered into the empty apartment.

            Jimin stood in your office as the movers took everything from your desk. He watched intently and with a deep scowl on his face as they packed up boxes of papers and journals. Stripping away the light and life that you brought into that place. He walked back to his room and Yoongi knocked on his door.

            What? Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

            Wow, show me how you really care. He jeered and Jimin didn’t break his angry gaze.

            Y/N is gone. No note, no warning, she said she was going on a couple day leave, now they are taking her things. Jimin threw his hands in the air, but Yoongi shook his head. Pulling his tablet out from behind his back, he lightly tossed it at the angry inmate.

            Things aren’t as black and white as you thought. Yoongi replied and Jimin scanned the document. It was your hacked file and under your reason for leaving, there was a simple message.

            Forceful reassignment? Jimin read it aloud and Yoongi nodded from the doorway.

            Guess her bosses thought she was getting too cozy with us, plus with your brother coming to join the house, I’m sure they just wanted a new, clean slate. Yoongi shrugged. And I was actually starting to like her. He murmured and Jimin nodded.

            Jimin didn’t tell anyone, but he was not only starting to like you, he was really starting to fall. He saw you as an escape from the pain that the house brought, he saw you as a center of calm in the chaos that was his life, but now you were gone and he didn’t know what to do. Looking at the document, he looked up at Yoongi.

            I can still forge. He quietly spoke and Yoongi raised an eyebrow. Maybe, her boss will listen to a more intense government official. Jimin contemplated the idea, but he could see you shaking your head vehemently in his mind. He pictured you looking at him with disapproval in your gaze, Yoongi tried to humor the idea, but Jimin shook his head. No, no. She would kill me if I broke the law now. Jimin murmured and Yoongi left the room.

            Jimin wanted to make you proud, even if that meant you were not longer his doctor. Jimin would try to do the right thing, so he could look you in the eye as a free man one day.

            SKAM Imagine/Fic Masterlist

            Even though there isn’t really a demand for it (who am I kidding I have zero followers), I thought this was a good idea so I could have all the things I write in an organized post.


            You Scare Me And I Love It

            I Like You A Latte

            Beat Of My Heart, Rhythm Of My Soul

            I Don’t Know About You, But I Could Think Of A Metaphor Or Two

            Isak Valtersen, King Of Romance

            Close Your Eyes (I’ll Still Be Here In The Morning)


            Evak Shopping Adventures (pt. 1) 

            Evak Shopping Adventures (pt. 2)

            Evak’s First Vacation


            A rebloggable masterlist with all my works. Will be updated every time I post something new. 

            If you want, here you can find my works in progress too.

            ❤ ❤ ❤    


            Coming soon


            Collector  ↠  Devil!Au || Angst || Drabble series

            Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3

            They all die in the end    Sniper!Au || Angst || (slight) Smut || One-shot


            coming soon


            coming soon


            Down the rabbit hole  ↠  Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series 

            PreludePart 1 

            Moodboards: Jimin ; Jungkook ; Taehyung


            Sanitarium  ↠  HarleyQuinn!Au || Angst || Completed

            Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Moodboard by @sugajpg ❤

            Drabbles: V for Vicious (M)

            The beautiful creature living in this house  ↠  Horror || Angst || Smut

            Prologue ; Part 1 ; Part 2

            Down the rabbit hole    Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

            PreludePart 1

            Moodboards: Jimin ; Jungkook ; Taehyung


            Venator  ↠  Vampire!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

            Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3

            Down the rabbit hole  ↠  Wonderland!Au || Angst || Smut || Drabble series

            Prelude ; Part 1

            Moodboards: Jimin ; Jungkook ; Taehyung

            Cold waters  ↠  Merman!AU || Angst || One-shot


            Tag List, Master List, To-Do List

            I’ve seen a few of these floating around tumblr recently, so I thought I’d jump on the train. I’m going to have this Google Doc open for a few days. If you wanna be put on a certain tag list, just add yourself. If you’re already on a list and you wanna be on a different one, go ahead and move yourself. And if you wanna be taken off a list altogether, go for it. I’ll probably keep this doc open until the end of the month (Friday, March 31) However, after the 31, you can still be added to a list. Just shoot me a message or an ask and I’ll add you!! 

            AUBREY’S TAG LIST

            My life has been pretty crazy for the past few weeks, and I really hope it’ll slow down a bit. However, once it does slow down, I’m going to need to really buckle down on my homework (Those online, do-it-at-your-own-pace classes seem like a good idea until the end of the semester looms and you realize that you have to fit an entire semester’s worth of work into four weeks… oops)

            Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’ll probably post fics sporadically for the next few weeks (of course now that I’ve said that, I’m gonna get right back to obsessively writing because I seem to have this need to prove myself wrong). I have one finished drabble in my drafts, waiting to be posted. And Avenging Angel is probably gonna have to wait a while because I don’t have the brain power to devote to the plot that I’ve come up with.

            But I’ve been thinking of re-vamping my masterlist since it’s getting so long (So many fics!!) so you might be seeing a few more mini-masterlists of all Dean fics, all Sam fics, ect. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to do it, but I’ll figure something out :)

            So, anyway, that’s what you can expect from me in the next few days/weeks (Then it’ll be summer and I’ll have time to write!!!). Don’t forget to add yourself to my tag list if you want!!

            Forever Tag: @importantliverrighthere @fairytalesexistxx @jensensjaredsandmishaslover @ciarasnapple @spazzstiel @starswirlblitz @jensen-jarpad @everyday-supernatural-af @riversong-sam @beacon-hills-chance-harbor @itseverythingilike @missthang2734 @fly-f0rever @mellowlandrunaway @hugwinchester @ivvitm1109 @i-live-for-laughter-and-love @iamnotsaneatall @autopistaaningunaparte @jared-padaloveme @angelicshinigami @lilyleely @youtubehelpsmesurvive @nanie5 @daughterleftbehind @babydanixox @sayukoi @padackles2010 @agent-superwholockian @sumara62 @sgarrett49 @li-ssu

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            Season 12 Tag: @erule @jarpadobrien

            Crowley Tag: @fandomfreak202 (After all that work to get you tagged, it’s not working!! Did you change your URL?)​

            Avenging Angel Requested Tags: @ally-miller16 @abigrumple @iamreadinginsecret @supernaturally-writing @supernaturalfanficc @escapethethunder @tas898 @niyah-k @colorfulobjectenemy @oh-harvelle @benditlikegumby @carry-on-my-akward-son @demongodess @chrissalys @polar-bear-pjs @pishposha @-episkey- @spn-imagines-fics @raspberrymama @karibou90 @magickal-angel


            Tom Holland:

            Distracted By Her Beauty

            Surprise Guest

            Flirting At Comic Con

            She’s Basically All He Talks About

            Matching Tattoos

            Thanks To Tessa

            Getting The Most Candy

            If You Can Beat Me

            Not Quite What I Expected

            Stronger Than You

            //Two part fic//
            Part one: Turning Flips

            Part two: I Won’t Fall

            Cuddle All Day

            Not In Front aid Of Your Dad

            Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

            I’ll Show You Around

            She’s Sick And I Have To Go

            Cuddling With A Cutie

            Swearing Like A Sailor

            Winning More Than Oscars

            He Just Has RBF

            Lost At Comic Con

            I Miss Everything About Her

            All About Her


            All For Nothing

            The Nanny Series:

            The Nanny

            Falling For The Nanny

            Nanny Bear

            Don’t Anger The Nanny

            Little Waiter Boy

            Party Nanny

            Jealous Of The Nanny’s Friend

            Peter Parker/Spider-Man

            So Please Don’t Leave Me

            Secret Tattoo

            //Two part fic//
            Part one: Spider-Man Onesie

            Part two: Spider-Man Onesie: Alternative

            //Two part fic//

            Part one:Cat-Girl

            Part two: You Were My Cat?


            Halloween Everyday

            Wonderful Witch

            Ghostly Encounters

            Don’t Scare Me While I’m Watching AHS

            Silent Treatment

            I Caught You Cutie

            He’s Not That Great

            Don’t Laugh But…

            Come Back Home

            Spilled Coffee

            Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

            //Two part fic//

            Part one: Singing And Dancing To My Milkshake ft. Peter Parker

            Part two: Singing And Dancing To Lip Gloss ft. Peter Parker

            The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

            The Hello Kitty Pants

            Guardian Angel

            He Saved Me

            Late Night Visitor

            I Really Like You. A Lot.

            The Date

            The Holland Twins

            You Look Like A Turtle!

            Once Upon A Time


            Henry Mills

            She’s Not An Elf!

            Love And Fish Scales

            From A Different Book

            Accidentally Summoned


            Peter Pan

            Not Alone Anymore

            Grant GustinCelebrity Crush

            Barry Allen

            You Weren’t Supposed To Hear That

            The Dolan Twins

            Being The Dolan Twin’s Best Friend Would Include:

            Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include:

            Dating Grayson Dolan Would Include:


            (What I mainly post) 

            The Vampire Diaries

            Teen Wolf



            Other Stuff

            I also edit photos and videos, and to check out that stuff, just search original or my edit on my blog, and it should pop up!




            Meeting Cee During the Five Kage Summit


            Being on Deidara’s Team in Iwagakure

            Genma Shiranui

            Meeting Genma in a Bar

            Hashirama Senju

            Being Hashirama & Tobirama’s Younger Sister

            Hashi & Tobi’s Younger Sister Falling in Love w/ Izuna

            Meeting Hashirama In a Coffee Shop

            Professor!Hashirama Having a Crush on Professor!You

            Reuniting w/ Hashi During the War


            Being Hidan’s Younger Sister

            Being Recruited by Hidan & Kakuzu

            Hinata Hyuga

            Being Hinata & Hanabi’s Sister

            Ino Yamanaka

            Being Ino’s Younger Sister

            Itachi Uchiha

            Being Sasuke & Itachi’s Younger Sister


            Being Able to Calm Jugo

            Kakashi Hatake

            Being Kakashi’s Assistant

            Being Kakashi’s Mom

            Fighting Alongside Kakashi During the War

            Your and Kakashi’s Child Graduating From the Academy

            KakaSaku Meeting Their Daughter’s Boyfriend

            Madara Uchiha

            Facing Madara During the War

            Minato Namikaze

            Confessing to Minato

            Naruto Uzumaki

            Adopting Naruto

            Naruto Defending You From Bullies


            Being Orochimaru’s Teen Daughter

            Rock Lee

            Training w/ Lee

            Sakura Haruno

            Sakura Telling Kakashi She’s Pregnant

            Being Best Friends w/ Sakura & Ino

            Sasuke Uchiha

            Encountering Sasuke on His Travels

            Sasuke Protecting You

            Shisui Uchiha

            Shisui Realizing He’s In Love w/ You


            Being Temari’s Best Friend


            Finding Out Tobi is Obito

            Tobirama Senju

            Being Pregnant w/ Tobirama’s Child

            Tobirama Falling for His Ex-Student (Part 1 to Sensei)

            Tobirama Showing Off His Baby


            Yamato Being Your #1 Customer


            Sensei (Tobirama x Reader)


            Being the Sand Siblings’ Little Sister

            Friends-to-Lovers (Shino, Kiba, Kankuro, & Iruka)

            Gaara Family

            Gaara Relationship

            Guy Relationship

            Indra Otsutsuki SFW

            KakaSaku as Parents

            Kakashi as a Dad

            Kakashi as an Older Brother

            KibaHina as Parents

            NaruHina as Parents

            Neji Relationship

            Random Shino

            Sasuke as a Dad

            Shikamaru & Smoking

            ShikaTema as Parents

            Social Media (Kankuro, Kiba, & Shino)

            Tobirama as a Dad

            Tobirama w/ Pregnant S/O

            One-Shots / Scenarios

            At First Sight (Cee x Reader)

            Books (Kakashi x Civilian!Reader)

            Neighbors (Naruto x Reader)

            Unexpected (Zabuza Momochi x Hinata Hyuga)