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Author’s Note: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s right. I bring you here a one-shot of fluffy Steve! I hope you all like it! I promise one day I’ll continue the series I have been writing, okay? Sorry!

Warnings: FLUFF. And some ass smacking 

Words: 1,126.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

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~ BTS Group Texts ~

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You love him, but he loves her.

You stood from a distance, your heart skipping a beat when you saw him. You bit your lip, thinking about everything that could have been. Harry had been your closest friend since you met when you both were just five years old. The two of you grew up together, shared baths and had sleepovers. He was your best mate, from start to finish. His fame never pulled him away, never for too long at least, and he had always been there for you no matter what. When his career with the boys had really taken off, Harry did all he could to keep you close. You’d been introduced to his band mates early on, forming life long bonds with them as well. You could think back to the first time you had really opened up to them, when Louis had caught a look in your eye when Harry had mentioned another girl. Harry of course was oblivious, and probably always would be. “What’s up your butt?” Louis asked, as Harry had exited the bus to make a phone call. Your face turned a lovely shade of red, as all eyes were on you. “Nothing?” You question, worried Harry would return any second. Louis pressed further of course, and with the boy’s curiosity growing, you mumble a quick, “I think I like him, I don’t know.” and they all go silent for a moment. “You should tell him.” Louis urged, but you never did. Now, almost five years later, you were dolled up for Harry’s birthday party, your heart racing just at the sight of him.

“You alright?” Louis appeared next to you, his hands shoved into his pockets as if he knew just how you were feeling. “Mhm.” You shoot him a small half smile and let your eyes float back to Harry. Louis and you had become tremendously close over the years. You told him everything, you opened up to him completely. For the past five years, Louis was your shoulder to cry on, and the only person to encourage you to tell Harry the truth. You and Louis found the table were the rest of the boys sat, a drink in each of their hands. “Here ya go, love.” Niall hands you a full glass of champagne. You take a seat next to him, and open your mouth to ask the lads how they all are, but something stops you. Cheering was heard and an applause followed, and slowly you turn to see what all the commotion was for. You watched as Harry stood back a distance from the leggy blonde, who was proudly showing off a large diamond ring. Your heart drops…

“Y/N?” Niall asks, his innocent voice so full of concern. His words fall on deaf ears as your senses begin to fade. You can’t hear anyone, all you can focus on is the sight in front of you. The boys stare at you, eyes wide. “I-I’ve got to go.” Your voice is barley audible, but they shout for you as you stand up from the table and head for the front of Harry’s place. Tears burned your eyes, and you quickly wiped them away, not wanting to cause a scene. You had waited too long, your chance was over. Harry was happy, and who were you to ruin that for him. “Hey, where you goin’?” His voice calls out for you, as you try to sneak past him. Harry steps away from his fiance, who is still showing off her new ring. You grip the handle of his front door, tears streaming down your cheeks. You couldn’t face him. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you leaving?” Hurt was evident in his voice, it broke your heart. You smile, and face him, his brows furrowing in concern when he meets your eyes.

“Congratulations, H.”

This is part one of a three part series. Lemme know what you think. 


He still sees you - Shawn Mendes

A/N: okay fam I was watching season 4 of Sherlock and I just had to write something like this… I’m a sucker for sad imagines… here ya go babes! 

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Shawn let out a frustrated groan and placed his guitar next to him on the couch. Nothing was going right, he couldn’t come up with melodies and he had a hard time writing. Usually he would have bubbled with inspiration, he could spend hours in one place writing and perfecting a song or coming up with melodies for songs. But today was different. 

“You need to relax a little”, your voice pulled Shawn out of his thoughts. “You’re pushing yourself way to hard and you know it”.

He rolled his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. “I am not… I need to finish this album, tour is starting soon and with this whole moving situation there is no time to relax”. 

You studied him, letting your eyes run up and down his body, taking in every feature. His hair was longer, the curls more noticeable. The dark circles under his eyes unusually prominent. He was probably not getting enough sleep, that’s if he got any sleep at all. His usually happy and warm aura was dull, sad and grey. 

“Look at you Shawn”, you sighed.

“What, Y/N?!”, he turned to you in a swift motion, sadness and stress instantly replaced with anger. “You want me to say it? You want me to tell you that I know how hard I’m pushing myself? You want me to admit that I’m looking exhausted, tired, sad, whatever word there is to describe how I’m feeling right now? Fine! I feel like absolute shit! And I keep pushing myself, packing my schedule as full as I can, so that I don’t have to think about you! I mean look at me, I’m talking to myself!”.

Your gaze went down to the floor. “You still haven’t told them, have you?”. 

“No…”, Shawn said, his voice cracking, eyes filling with water. You could practically watch the anger drain from his eyes as it was replaced by pure sadness. “I can’t tell them that I still see and talk to my dead girlfriend. I told Andrew I didn’t want to take time off. I simply can’t let it sink in, I can’t let you go”.

Without much hesitation you moved closer to Shawn. “Look at me”, you said and placed you hand on his. “You will be alright, you understand me? You will get through this, you know how I know that? Because you’re strong, you have your family, you have your friends and your fans and you have your music. They will understand if you need some time to process this, Shawn. And you don’t need to let me go either…”, you had to stop for a second to collect yourself and swallow the lump in your throat. “…I will always be with you… right here”. You placed your hand on his chest, right where his heart was heavily beating.

Shawn closed his eyes and it was almost like he could feel your touch on him. Almost. When he reopened his eyes, you were gone and he was alone in his living room again. The living room in the new condo that was supposed to be your home too. The living room where the two of you were supposed to spend your time together. And it was all just a distant memory now, because you were taken to soon.

“Hey, Andrew?”, Shawn was standing near the window looking out on the beautiful city that lay beneath him. “you think we could clear my schedule for a bit before tour? I think I do need to go home and spend time with my family”.


Slutty Masterlist

BTS Reactions:

-BTS Reaction To You Cheating On Them

-BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Farting On Them

-BTS Reaction To Catching You Dancing to One of Their Songs

-BTS Reaction To You Crying Over A Sad Movie

-BTS Reaction To You Being A God Of Destruction Like Rap Monster

-BTS Reaction To Cumming Prematurely

-BTS Reaction To You Wanting To Try A New Kink

-BTS Reaction To You Hitting Them In The Balls

-BTS Reaction To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant

-BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Sending Their Nudes To Your Parents

-BTS Reaction To You Asking To Wear Matching Outfits With Them

-BTS Reaction To You Being Smol

-BTS Reaction To You Claiming You’re Smarter Than Them

-BTS Reaction To Giving You Hickeys Before An Interview

-BTS Reaction To You Being Insecure

-BTS Reaction To You Wanting Sex While On Your Period

-BTS Reaction To You Asking To Use Sex Toys On Them

-BTS Reaction To Their S/O Being Restless In Bed

BTS Scenarios:

-You Saying “I Love You"

-Thigh Riding

-Grabbing Their Junk In Front Of The Other Members

-You Being Horny At Their Work Enviornment

-Another Member Walking In On Them Having Sex

-You’re Their Close Friend, and Accidentally Send Them Nudes

-Accidentally Injuring You During Sex

BTS Fanfics:


Sick Puppy (Taehyung scenario)

Sick puppy (Kim Taehyung scenario)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Request: Could you do a scenario of them finding their mate MIA or their mate being sick? Or you could do a single person (your choice)

Warnings: none

A/N: Hope you like it.


‘’I love you so much’’ Taehyung told you for maybe the tenth time that evening. You giggled, and hid your face on his neck.

‘’I love you too Tae’’ he wrapped his arms around your body and held you closer to him.

‘’Are you sure you can’t come with me on this trip?’’ he questioned again, for maybe the twentieth time.

‘’It’s a boys trip, as in just for boys. We can go on a trip later, just you and me. Okay?’’ But he wasn’t having it. He let out a few whine noises and when you moved to look up at him, he was pouting. ‘’Don’t be such a baby.’’

‘’I’ll start planning our trip the second I come back, I promise. We can go anywhere you desire’’ and before you could respond, he attacked your face with kisses, making you laugh loudly.

It was an uneventful week in the pack house, everything was super quiet. Taehyung planned on calling you every chance he could, but you begged him to stop, so he could enjoy his trip. And to pass the time, you decided to join the warriors.

Werewolf training was hard as it is, but training under the rain for hours? Your body wasn’t having it. After tripping and falling multiple times, they felt sorry for you and told you to leave.

The bruises and cuts on your legs would quickly heal, but the cold you had wasn’t going away too soon. But that was two days ago. Now you were on your bed, looking a corpse. The doctor gave you medicine but it didn’t seem to do anything to you.

‘’Babe?’’ Taehyung yelled from downstairs, making you smile. He finally came back from his little trip with the boys. ‘’Are we playing hide and seek right now? Come on baby, we can play later’’ he teased you as he opened the door.

You cleared your throat a few times before speaking, ‘’hey babe. How was your trip?’’ 

‘’It was awesome! We saw so many cool things and we ate delicious food. Although it doesn’t compare to yours, it was really good. I brought you a lot of gifts as well, I think I got half of the Gucci store’’ he went on and on, and all you could do was smile at him.

‘’You didn’t have to buy me anything Tae, a kiss and a hug is enough’’ he laughed at your response and finally looked at you. 

‘’What happened to you? You look so bad’’ he questioned as he got closer to you.

‘’Oh wow, thank you babe. I was training under the rain and I got sick.’’

‘’Well, move over. I’ll cuddle you back to health!’’ you giggled at his excitement.

‘’No! You’ll get sick!’’ you shrieked as he got on the bed and brought you closer to his body. ‘’Taehyung!’’

‘’It’s okay, if I get sick you can nurse me back to health’’ he laughed loudly and kissed your forehead.

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mobile masterlist!

this for all you mobile users :))

it’ll be updated from oldest (top) to newest (bottom)


best friend texts with jaehyun

renjun being cute + shy with an older girl he has a crush on

nct dream finding out you’re younger than jisung

nct 127 teasing you because you like mark

cute boyfriend mark texts at 2am

daily boyfriend texts with haechan

dreamies teasing you about your crush on haechan + him getting jealous about you hanging out with mark + accidentally confessing

confessing to best friend johnny

best friend texts with jungkook

platonic relationship with haechan

memey 4:20 texts with haechan

jisung wanting you to call him 오빠

nct 127 teasing you because you like jaehyun

boyfriend texts with taeyong

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Haunted ♡ Ethan

Summary: You go to a haunted place with Ethan and Grayson. You accidently hurt yourself and Ethan is - as always - your lifesaver.


‘Hey E, what’s up?’ you ask after you pick up your phone. Normally Ethan didn’t call but just texted you, but if it was urgent or he needed you right at that moment, he would call. ‘Hey babe, I was wondering if you would like to film a video with Gray and me? We had a really cool idea for this week’s and I figured you would maybe like to be in it?’ Ethan asked.

You were excited. Of course you would! The last time you had been in one of the twin’s video’s was almost a year ago and it had been a very nice day with them. No doubt you would join again if you got the chance. ‘Yeah, sure!’ ‘Great!’ Ethan responded happily. ‘So, should I come over to the warehouse?’ you ask, but it was kind of a rhetorical question. They always filmed and edited at the warehouse, so why would today be different?

You had already grabbed a pair of sneakers when Ethan’s words interrupted your actions. ‘Actually, no. We were planning on filming at an other location for this video.’ ‘Oh?’ you ask, your voice sounding surprised. ‘Where?’ ‘Ehh… That’s a surprise.’ Ethan responds, but he sounded a bit nervous; like it was a place you’d rather not go to.

‘Just tell her,’ you hear Grayson say on the other side of the phone, his voice muffled. Why was Ethan acting so mysterious? ‘Tell me what?’ ‘Okay, then. We were planning on going to ‘the Haunted House’. And I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to come if I told you where we’re going before we actually are there,’ Ethan admitted, chuckling. ‘What is ‘the Haunted House’? I’ve never heard of it,’ you say.

‘You haven’t? It’s this old abonded villa in the middle of the woods. People say it’s haunted and lately a lot of kids are visiting it. They come home with the scariest stories, like that they saw ghosts or heard a woman screaming.’ Although it wasn’t that cold and Ethan had only given a description of the place, you had goosebumps on your whole body. It sounded like a house you would never go to, at least not voluntarily. ‘Freaky,’ you respond quietly.

Ethan giggles. ‘You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, baby. I know you’re scared easily.’ Even though you knew he was just messing around, your mouth drops. ‘I’m not! And maybe it isn’t one of the places I would love to visit, but I’m not a pussy,’ you say, almost sounding confident.

Ethan laughs. ‘I’ll hold your hand, okay? I’ll protect you from all the monsters,’ he jokes. You could just see Ethan and Grayson, standing in their living room, laughing about you. But you weren’t going to show that you were scared already. Na-ah. Ethan probably just made those stories up; that people saw ghosts and stuff.

You were a strong, confident, independent woman, who wasn’t going to be afraid of some ‘‘haunted’‘ house. ‘Shut up, E. When are you going to pick me up?’ you ask, expecting it would be at a reasonable time. ‘Tonight.’ Ethan says darkly, like he was enjoying this very, very much. ‘Alright then. No problem. See you later, E.’ ‘Bye, baby,’ Ethan responds and hangs up. Oooh, boy.

It had been a very long and wobbly ride. Since there were no roads in the woods Grayson had to drive literally through all the trees and bushes. The sun had already gone down after you arrive. While Ethan and Grayson grab the camera and all of the set up stuff, you look around. It was deadly quiet so deep in the forest and the old villa gave you the feeling that you weren’t welcome here.

The walls were weathered and covered with plants and moss. It sent shivers down your spine. ‘Alright,’ Ethan sighs. ‘Ready?’ Grayson locks the car and together you walk to the entrance of the house. It wasn’t really an entrance; it looked more like a dark hole which happens to be the place you guys could enter this scary hovel.

The house was cold and dark. No wonder; it was almost autumn and the weather felt like it too. A lot of windows were broken, so the rooms were really draughty. You go sit down on a broken couch and look around, feeling very uncomfortable. Ethan and Grayson are busy trying to set up their equipment. They first wanted to film an intro, to tell where they were and what they were going to do.

‘I don’t like this room, Gray. This house is enormous, so we might as well go and see what’s upstairs.’ ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ Grayson agrees. Your eyes grow big. You were perfectly okay with where you were right now and you had no intentions of exploring this house. 

It wasn’t that dark in this room - yet - and when you looked up to the stairs, it gave you chills. You couldn’t see where the stairs ended since it was just a giant black hole. ‘I don’t think that’s necessary, is it?’ you ask, looking from Ethan to Grayson. ‘Why? Are you scared, Y/N?’ Ethan chuckles, but you knew he was just teasing you. You knew that he would leave immediately if you really wanted to go.

The thing was that you couldn’t say you weren’t scared anymore. This place made you freak out. ‘Maybe a little. Maybe I shouldn’t have come with you guys,’ you admit. Maybe it was the tone of your voice, but suddenly Ethan puts his stuff down and walks up to you. ‘Hey, it’s okay. We’re here. Nothing can happen, baby.’ He grabs your hand. You give him a thankful smile. You knew Ethan could be a tease, but when it really came to it, he was very protective of you.

He gestures Grayson to go first and grabs his stuff with his other hand. The three of you make your way to the stairs. The stairs creaked like crazy. When you hear something fall down one floor higher, followed by the sound of footsteps, you can’t help but freak out. ‘Ethan. Ethan,’ you squeek, pressing your body closer to his. ‘Sshh… There’s nothing here. It’s fine. You’re fine,’ Ethan whispers to calm you down, stroking your hand with his thumb. Your breath was unsteady. You were a hundred percent sure you heard someone walking just a few seconds earlier.

Ethan and Grayson were almost ready with setting their camera up, along with the lights and some other equipment. The only thing they still needed was a blanket or some pillows to sit on since the ground was really hard and cold. ‘Y/N, could you do me a favour and check the room next to this for some pillows? Or a blanket? Anything soft, really,’ Grayson asked.

Your eyes met Ethan’s. ‘It’s safe here, baby. Just call my name if you need anything.‘ he says. You hesitated, but weren’t going to be controlled by your fear. ‘Well, okay then. I’ll be right back.’ With a deep sigh you leave the room. ‘Be careful,’ you hear Ethan say before you close the door behind you.

You make your way to the room next to the one you just left. The door opens with a rusty sound, which gave you even more chills. You walk into the room, but can’t see anything. Just when your vision becomes more clear and you make your way to the corner of the room to see if you could find anything there, you hear more creaking sounds.

Before you know it you fall through the thready soil and your feet get stuck between the wooden planks. Your body gets knocked forward and your chest hits the floor. The air gets smacked out of your lungs and to make things even worse it felt like you had broken your leg. Your body hurted so bad, but you couldn’t move since your feet were still stuck.

‘Ethan!’ you try to yell, but your lungs were screaming for air. You take a deep breath and call Ethan’s name again, this time a lot louder. ‘Ethan!’ It’s quiet for a few seconds, but then you hear rushed foot steps coming in the direction of the room. ‘Y/N! What…? Baby, what happened? What did you do?! Are you okay?’ Ethan’s voice was full of worry as he ran up to you and kneeled down beside you.

‘I did nothing! Suddenly I fell through this goddamn floor!’ you object, trying to catch some breath. Grayson also comes running into the room. 'What the-?’ he asked confused. Your lungs hurted from the smack you got when you fell against the hard wooden floor. 'Let me get you out of there, baby,’ Ethan said as he pressed his big hands on either side of your waist.

Grayson rushed towards you to help Ethan. 'Ah! Ah! That hurts,’ you whine when Ethan tries to lift you up. He bites his lips as he places his hands somewhere else. His eyes are focused on your face as he tries to lift you up again, this time even more careful. You try to keep your face straight, even when you feel like you were dying on the inside. You were almost sure you had broken your leg. It hurted like hell.

'Hold on, babe. We’re getting you out of here,’ Ethan reassures you as he helps you get out of the hole you were in. You bite your lip to hold a shriek of pain as Ethan supports you by your waist and Grayson lifts you up effortlessly with his strong arms. Together they carefully put you down. 'Are you okay?’ Ethan asks, still worried. He was always worried that you were very fragile. Well, this proved he was right.

'Yeah, I’m alright… I think,’ you lie. 'I know you’re not, Y/N. You don’t have to say you are,’ he says sweetly while stroking your leg. 'Should we get you to the hospital?’ Grayson asked. Ethan looks at you and you frown your forehead. 'I don’t… I don’t know. I know you want to film this video…’

Ethan chuckles. 'That can wait. If my girlfriend is in pain and needs help, I think that will definitely come first.’ You can’t help but grin a little. 'In that case…’ Ethan and Grayson help you up so you can stand on your feet again (well, one foot) and guide you to the door.

After Grayson grabs of all the equipment Ethan lifts you up so he holds you like a baby. 'Much easier,’ he chuckles. You look at Ethan’s beautiful face and feel very warm and safe - even in the scariest house you had ever been in. There was no one who could make you feel better than Ethan could, even when you were in pain and acted like a scared little mouse.

Ethan carries you downstairs and together with Grayson you quietly leave the house. 'Well, at least you didn’t get eaten by monsters,’ Ethan says to cheer you up while he looks at you dead serious, his eyebrows raised. You let out a short laugh. 'Oh my god. Shut up, E.’ Ethan laughs and gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek.



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Upcoming Imagines

Some people were requesting that I post a list of my upcoming imagines so they can see what to look out for!💜 So here it is:

 ▪️Actor - Y/N is in a film and has to do a kissing scene and Shawn gets jealous

 ▪️Roses - Y/N doesn’t know if her boyfriend is good for her and how she feels about Shawn 

▪️Catcalling - Y/N gets catcalled on the street and Shawn is NOT happy about it

 ▪️Fan Account - Y/N is dating Shawn and she stops going on her fan account about him and her Internet friends go crazy 

▪️Party - Y/N has a guy flirting with her at a party and Shawn is NOT happy about it 

 This may not be the exact order they’re posted in, but I hope you like the sound of these!💗

Every Day (Part 2) - Calum Hood

Thank you to those who requested a part 2 for this! Hope you enjoy it :)

Part 1 

SUMMARY: Somehow along the lines of their relationship, Calum and Y/N fuck up and Y/N is tired of a failing relationship lingering on. She ends things but Calum is dumbfounded and tries to fix it with constant pleading. She doesn’t budge and so Calum’s logical idea is to send her a bouquet of flowers every day for every day that he loves her. 

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful. In which the only “event” was opening your front door and finding a bouquet of flowers laying there. Every. Day. 

On Day 8 and every day after that, Calum started sending bigger cards. Like the regular sized cards that you’d buy for someone’s birthday or graduation instead of the small notecards that usually came with bouquets. He wrote that he upgraded to a bigger size because “if I just wrote the number of days then I’d be counting down the days until I die. So I decided to write more than that. That way it’ll feel like I still get to talk to you… Even though you most likely won’t write me back.” 

Despite this going on for just a short time it’s become a part of what you do everyday. Wake up, open the front door, and pick up the flowers that he left there. You didn’t really react to it much other than reading the card and putting the flowers in some water. You didn’t text him, call him, or track him down. All you did was anticipate the next day. You thought to yourself that maybe these are just baby steps to talking to him again. But right now you wanted a bit of space. Ironic since he’s been giving you a bit of space the past two months. 

You also thought initially that maybe he just got them delivered to you (he admitted this also on Day 8 when he upgraded to bigger cards) but no he actually wakes up everyday, buys a bouquet of flowers (a different kind each day), goes all the way to your house from wherever he is, and leaves it right at the foot of the door. 

You have to give him props though for always seeming to go at a time where you aren’t leaving your house to go out. He didn’t really have a plan either since each time was different. He didn’t always go at noon or at night. And you were kind of grateful for that because it would’ve been slightly awkward if you caught him setting them down. 

He knew you were hurt and still are but he accepts the fact that you guys are broken up but he’s determined for a second chance. Some days you wished something tragic and scandalous happened to your guys’ relationship just so that there seemed to be a good enough reason as to how you guys ended like this especially after being together for four years. But no, really what had happened was that you two argued, he turned into a sarcastic smart ass so you stopped trying to talk to him and he seemed to act like he didn’t mind. The two of you got so used to the lack of communication that nothing was ever resolved. You guys had those two months to try and fix things but was it too late now? 


I moved back in with Ashton the night Y/N told me to leave. I left at her request and didn’t push it any further seeing how tired she looked, and I don’t mean I want to sleep tired but more so this relationship is draining me tired. Every argument we had she would cry and yell at me. This time around she still cried but never once rose her voice at me. And that was more scary than anytime she has ever screamed at me. 

“I don’t know mate, do you think I’m the one to blame?” I asked Ashton as we sat at his table eating breakfast. I haven’t really told him the whole story rather than “Y/N and I broke up but I need to go buy her flowers everyday.“ In which he looked at me as if I went crazy. 

"No, I think the both of you are to blame. You guys both stopped talking to each other and both didn’t really do anything about it." 

"Yeah I guess you’re right. I just can’t help but feel overwhelmingly guilty. Because to be honest…” Ashton stopped eating and looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “I kind of liked feeling like I wasn’t in a relationship. There was no obligations or responsibilities I mean I don’t know if that’s normal for couples to feel like that every now and then. But- you know I liked not having to worry about her whereabouts and if she was having fun at a party I dragged her too or at some dinner with friends. I liked not having to text her where I’m at, what I’m doing, or some other shit I don’t know. My mind is just a mess. I just know I definitely don’t feel that way anymore.” I slumped back in the chair, looking at the food that I didn’t even want to eat anymore. 

Ashton looked down, trying to figure out what the best thing is that he could say to me. “I mean, it makes sense I guess. Kind of like how parents want to get away from their kid every now and then. You know just go on a vacation with their husband or wife, go on a date night, or have some alone time but at the end of the day they’re always gonna think about their child and love their child. So yeah, I think everyone needs some space once in a while." 

"But it was two months Ash,” I commented back, “parents probably don’t go on vacation without their kid for two months until they’re old enough to look after themselves or moved out already. They probably just go on a weekend getaway or whatever.” I saw Ashton’s face react to what I said, knowing that I did make a pretty a good point. But it was true. Two months was way too long to neglect a significant other. "You know when I walked in and she was FaceTiming her best friend that was probably the first time I heard her voice sound quirky and hearing her giggling. And I wish she was doing all that to me but the moment she turned around and saw me she completely changed her attitude. Then that’s when she told me.“ 

"And your plan is to leave her flowers everyday at her door?" 

"Well yeah. I know her. She’s not gonna want to talk to me. So my plan is to indirectly talk to her." 

Ashton nodded and grabbed both of our plates to clean up. I got up myself and put my shoes on, needing to go to the florist since today was a particular special day. 

Y/N’s POV 

Today was your birthday. You weren’t doing anything to celebrate besides hanging out with your best friend. He insisted on flying over to spend a little over a week with you saying it was no big deal. You asked him to at least stay with you to help him cut down on expenses from paying for a hotel. 

"Flowers huh? Sounds pretty romantic." 

"Well he does have quite a lot to make up for for not being so romantic the past months." 

‘A lot to make up for’? So you’re gonna give him another chance?“ 

You looked at your best friend sitting in the passenger seat, thinking to yourself that maybe that wasn’t the nicest choice of words. "It’s complicated,” is all you said back to him. 

“Y/N, you guys were together for four years. That’s a long ass time. I just could never picture you guys being broken up." 

"Well we are.” You said sternly. 

“For now,” he said back quietly. And you looked at him again and saw a little smirk on his face. 

After picking him up from the airport, you just parked in the driveway since you’ll be going out later anyways for a birthday dinner. You opened the front door as he rolled in his luggage. 

“Oh shoot, I forgot to fix up your room.” You told him, quickly realizing that you left the bedsheets in the dryer. 

“Oh that’s no problem, no rush.” He followed you to the guest room to put his suitcase away. As soon as he set it down, he patted his pockets looking for his phone but thinking he might have left it in your car. “Y/N I think I left my phone in your car." 

"Huh? Oh my keys are on the counter,” you said gathering all the linen out of the dryer. 

Y/BF/N left you busy fixing up the guest bedroom to get his phone. He grabbed your keys and went out the front door only to open it to a surprise. 

“Woah Calum?" 

"Y/BF/N?” He quickly shut the door so you wouldn’t hear them. Y/BF/N just caught Calum dropping off the flowers. And not just one bouquet, but seven. 

“Uh- You probably know but uh- the flowers are kind of-” Calum stuttered. 

“It’s alright Cal, she told me what happened.” He walked to your car to get his phone. “Um, but I’m here for her birthday. I don’t want you to think that I like moved in or something and we started-" 

"Oh yeah no, no. It’s cool. I would never think that about you,” Calum said setting the bouquets down neatly at the door. 

Y/BF/N stood there closing the car door after finding his phone, feeling completely awkward that he felt the need to clear the air in case Calum thought Y/N moved on to her best friend and he backstabbed Calum. 

“Okay, great, well now I feel awkward,” Y/BF/N said back to him and Calum laughed at that. 

“Yeah, well, can you just make sure she gets the flowers,” Calum asked pretty sadly, embarrassed that your best friend knew the state of your guys’ relationship. 

"Yeah man, I gotchu.” Y/BF/N patted Calum on the back. 

Calum and Y/BF/N weren’t exactly best friends but they weren’t acquaintances either. They said a quick goodbye before Y/N would get curious as to why it’s taking so long to find his phone. He opened the front door again and called out for her once Calum was completely gone. 

“Y/N! You have a delivery.” You walked out of the guest room to see Y/BF/N standing there with bouquets of flowers at his feet. He bent over to pick them up, closing the door with his foot, and setting them down on the table. 

“He was just here?" 

"Yeah, he looked pretty fucking sad Y/N." 

You ignored his comment too busy looking for the card that was always there. You immediately found a white envelope in the bunch of red roses and brought it over to the couch. Y/BF/N followed and hunched behind you from the couch. He peeked over to read it and you didn’t pull away to keep it for your eyes only. Seeing as you told Y/BF/N everything and they happened to have just awkwardly seen each other minutes ago, it was okay for you to let him see what kind of things Calum writes to you. 

You opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It read: 

Day 15 

"Today is your birthday… So on top of sending just one bouquet I thought I’d mix it up a bit and send you a bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and some other flowers that I forgot what the florist said. These bouquets are as beautiful as I view you. I always thought you were beautiful. And I hope I can see your beautiful face again. Happy Birthday Y/N." 

"Damn,” Y/BF/N said still looking at the card. “He. Really. Isn’t. Joking.” You laughed at him and put the card away while going over to put all the flowers in a vase. 

“Y/N I think I’m finally going to give you some advice." 

"Oh this should be good,” you said with a smile on your face. 

“Only because this is a sad situation for the both of you but… Calum’s trying. The both of you fucked up the past two months of your relationship but he’s trying. Don’t you think you owe him something back?" 

You stared at him, not really sure where he was going with this but wanting him to continue. "Like what?" 

"Like talking to him face to face? It would be easier for him than trying to fit what he wants to say on a card." 

"No, I don’t want to talk to him. I’m not ready to talk to him." 

"But you like getting these flowers Y/N. You like finding a card with them and reading each one and what he says. I saw how quick you were to find that envelope and open it. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have even bothered to bring in the flowers." 

Ok he had a point. You’re still mad about how things happened and how they ended but you had to admit this whole flower bouquet thing is a pretty sweet gesture. You looked down and leaned against the counter. 

"I may not have been here for each bouquet he sent and will send in the future but I am your best friend Y/N and I know you like getting them. I don’t like seeing you not happy." 

"I’m gonna start getting ready.” You said back to him, completely ignoring what he last said. But he was right. You aren’t happy but you were happy with Calum. But when things were in that “honeymoon phase” between you two. And now all you have are flowers and a card to look forward to from him. But why are you so scared to actually confront him and talk about it again? Like deeply talk about it. Because truthfully, you’re scared that things will gradually go back to what they came to be. 

The weirdest yet the most sensible way that Y/N could describe receiving daily bouquets from Calum was being in a relationship with a ghost who was alive. He was there but he was not. And they didn’t talk, but in a way, they sort of did. 

You celebrated your birthday with Italian food and wine. It wasn’t that extravagant but you did have a strong love for Italian food and wine. 

For the next week that Y/BF/N was here for was spent by watching movies, going shopping, eating out, and hanging with other friends. But of course he had to go back home. As you drove him to the airport you were feeling kind of sad that he had to go. You were having so much fun with him and having someone be at home with you that you didn’t want to be alone again. 

“Call me Y/N. Anytime. Any day. I mean it,” he said while hugging you. You softly told him goodbye and gave him a smile as you watched him walk into check-in. You got back into your car and drove back home. Back to a place that would be quiet and lonely again. You woke up pretty early today and decided to go straight to your bed for a little nap. 

Once you woke up again it was around 5:00 and you decided to start making dinner. It has become a habit to turn on the TV whenever you were doing anything. Hearing talking in the background didn’t make you feel so alone in the house. You ate dinner in front of the TV and spent the rest of the night on YouTube and FaceTiming your best friend when he had finally landed safely. And before you knew it, you were back in bed. 

“God living alone is so boring,” you thought to yourself as you pulled back the covers. You stayed up a bit scrolling through your phone until you realized something, making your eyes go wide and letting a gasp escape your mouth. 

You quickly got out of bed, ran down the stairs, and opened the front door. You thought back to today’s activities. Going out to check the mail. Driving to get breakfast with Y/BF/N. Dropping him off at the airport. Coming back home and napping. Cooking dinner. Watching TV. Talking on the phone. But nothing. You stared at the ground outside for a while and thought that if a neighbor saw you right now they’d probably think you look crazy. 

But you had a good reason to feel a little crazy right now. 

You hadn’t received a single bouquet of flowers that day.

And there’s part 2! As always, let me know what you think and if you want to read a part 3!

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in the cal-zone [draco malfoy]

request: “45, 55, 119, 179 and 318 for Draco? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but I think it would be awesome if you did any combination of them, because I feel like they work well together. I also wanted to let you know I loved your Draco fic- you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got yourself a new follower! <3″ - @quills-and-quaffles

word count: ~1700

a/n: guess who’s back, back again - it me back w more draco malfoy, the slytherin asshole who i love and hate at the same time! thank u requester for ur lovely compliments!!! thank u for following a lame teen like yours truly (,: also sorry i only did 2 of them yeet i just felt like they went together really well! an additional sorry for changing “i love u, u arsehole” to “i luv u, u arsehole” even tho i’m not rlly sorry. (: i hate myself for this title even tho i laughed like a hyena when i came up with it now enjoy this - i’m hungry for calzones *ben wyatt look into camera*

55: “have i entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

119: “i love you, you asshole.” 

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