Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.
  • Samirah: Where’s Alex?
  • Magnus: Doing stuff.
  • Samirah: I don’t like the sound of that. Where’s TJ?
  • Magnus: Trying to stop Alex from doing the stuff.
  • Samirah: And Mallory?
  • Magnus: Trying to stop TJ from stopping Alex from doing the stuff.
  • Samirah: I see. And what are you doing here, Magnus?
  • Magnus: I’m supposed to stop you from stopping Mallory from stopping TJ from stopping Alex from doing the stuff.