Slasher Girls and Monster Boys selected by April Genevieve Tucholke

Just when I thought that I had seen pretty much everything YA had to offer, I read this book. Normally, I don’t even like short stories but because of the horror element within each story, I was quickly engaged and couldn’t stop reading. This is a perfect book for somewhat non-committal horror reading for fall.

The Magical AU Master Post.

This world is actually just like ours, save a few minor things. Namely, the magic. This verse is designed to be a Marvel AU, but if you wish to apply if to other writings, you may.

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  1. Magic And Basic Species
  2. Regional Magics And The World
  3. Culture, Towns, And Jobs
  4. Enchantments
  5. Elvish Historia.
  6. Demons/Angels 101
  7. Magical Creatures
  8. Forbidden Magic

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anonymous asked:

hi talk 2 me abt Lu Ten

oh worm hi

i frankly don’t have very strong opinions of lu ten. he went through no real difficulty in his life and went on to fight for the fire nation. for me, his significance lies in his significance to iroh.

lu ten was iroh’s pride and joy, and when he died fighting, it should’ve stoked iroh’s hatred for the earth kingdom. instead, it made him realize that what he had gone through losing lu ten was like every single day for the earth kingdom, and made him realize that he needed to change if he ever really wanted to make lu ten’s death mean something.

i also imagine that iroh feels incredibly guilty that it took lu ten’s death to realize that he was wrong. lu ten died fighting for a genocidal state, and if only iroh had realized sooner, he could have saved millions, and lu ten. that’s part of why it’s so important to iroh that zuko found his way, and why he’s so grateful when zuko finally does. zuko is like a second son to iroh, and even more than that, zuko is the one that iroh managed to guide to the light and ultimately save.

this, i think, is what finally led iroh to peace within himself.