. Between the Lines . 149

Lucy’s heart twisted with fear as she sat on a bench in the guildhall. Her fingers clutched Natsu’s tightly, and his own gloved hands squeezed hers gently in reassurance. His onyx eyes were fierce as he reassured Happy that he’d be fine on his own, that he needed to stick with Lucy.

On her other side was Loke, having showed up with his own magic. His shaded eyes were serious, his lips set in a frown. He was close enough that his arm brushed hers, but Lucy couldn’t help but want to hide against her most powerful Spirit like a child.

Who wouldn’t be scared on a day like this?

Levy was quietly sitting with Gajeel, their heads close together. He murmured something to her, and she replied with a reassuring smile. He was going with her, he’d announced, though he wouldn’t use his magic.

Gray and Juvia spoke quietly to one another, having agreed to do their work near one another so that if trouble arose, they could help each other out. Lucy smiled at the sight of how close they were, and then arched an eyebrow when she realized that their fingers were tangled together. When did that happen?


Lucy’s gaze darted to her companion’s. Natsu searched her eyes for a second, and then gave her a signature grin, showing off his teeth. “I’ll meet you here at three, kay?”

“Yeah,” she agreed, relaxing. She returned the smile warmly. “Three. I’ll be here.”

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  • Gray: I don't like Juvia like that
  • Laxus: My relationship with Freed is entirely platonic
  • Gajeel: I'd never say sappy shit like that to Levy
  • Natsu: Lucy and I are just friends
  • Elfman: Evergreen isn't manly enough for me
  • Zeref: I don't love Mavis anymore
  • Loke: *appears* why tf u lion
  • Loke: why u always lion
  • Loke: emmmohmagahd
  • Loke: stop fuckin lion

“I do believe we’ve broken your human girlfriend, Natsu.” 

“She’s not my girlfriend, older brother, she’s my partner. And don’t worry, Lucy’s fine. All she needs to do is forget things for a little while, and she’ll be right as rain. Ready to continue her neverending adventure with me once more.”

From lighthearted comedy to angst central at breakneck speed, because this fandom definitely needs more angst right now  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I think that Lucy looks lovely with the majority of men

just take a look

With Loke

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With Gray

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With Sting

With Hibiki

With Jackal

Or with Ren

But with Natsu it is something ,,more’’ than only appearance

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They are team, they are friends

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They have similar character

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They support each other

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Their relationship is their strength

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And they could devote themselves for each other

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