170414 Woohyun’s Instagram Update

야구장갔을때 퍄퍄
#롯데자이언츠 #sk와이번스

trans: I went to the baseball game pyapya #LotteGiants #skwyverns

날씨풀린줄 알았는데 추워서 ㅜㅋㅋ
#러블리즈아버지 #울림이있어야삶이신선하고활기차다 #울림ent #캡틴

trans:  Thought the weather would clear but it’s cold
#There must be Woollim for my life to be full of activity

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“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”


EXID 10.20.2017

#Rensta #Repost: @ellekorea via @renstapp ···
“ 한마디로 정리하자면 딱 #하니(@ahnhani_92) 같은 향이에요💓 사랑스럽고 젊은 파리지앵을 형상화한 로샤스의 새로운 향수 #마드모아젤로샤스!🗼 프렌치 시크 무드의 사랑스러운 마드모아젤로 변신한 그녀는 어떤 모습일까요? #MademoiselleRochas#myfrenchic #ELLEzoomin
🎬Editor. LJY ”

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Park Kyunglim’s words at Infinite Rally 2 (vid cr: deep into the eyes) more like tears flowing out of my eyes

“I don’t know how to say this, but this is my truth speaking. I’ve been able to watch Infinite even before debut, after debut, and even at radio broadcasts…And through that, I saw them develop more and more to a point where they started with a few hundred and fans and as time passed by they got more and more fans and did more and more fanmeets. And each time they had to get a bigger place to a point where they can’t get a bigger place. And even at that height of popularity, I want to praise them for one important thing; they are still the same as when they began. At New Year’s this year, they all messaged me separately telling me “thank you noona for helping us and taking care of us since our debut and that we’ll never change how we were since the beginning” and some of the members even remembered my birthday and congratulated me. You know, there are so many groups/people out there who are the around the same ages as them but they have the nice hearts to thank me for being with them since their rookie days. And you know, at an age like this, you want to go out and have fun on when you have days off, but I’ve seen them going to practices and lessons; for a better future. I realized why they are loved, why they are so humble, and how they haven’t changed one bit in their hearts or actions. They’re are the dongsaengs I love, so please continue supporting them and please know that you (fans) are the ones who give them the motivation to go far out. I want to say thank you again. I have a feeling, well, I know that Infinite will continue being loved, because they haven’t changed. I’ve seen a lot of groups come and go but you know when they changed by looking at their eyes but they haven’t changed a bit. So, I, Park Kyung Lim, will continue supporting them [inaudible]. I will now go back to being Infinite’s fan and supporter.”
cr. purpleboyhowonee

I couldn’t have said it better. If you didn’t know, PKL is friends with CEO LJY. They’ve known each other since LJY was in his manager days and she’s seen the group grow up before her and she knows how hard this company and this group worked to grow big (she came out on Strong Heart the same day Sungkyu was on it and said this). I really thank her for saying this because it means alot as a fan to hear something like this and also thanking her for how much she cares for her. You know, it’s always a good feeling when you hear compliments like these coming from another celeb. (especially a well known one like her) and not just fans. It’s one thing when a fan says this; since it sounds like what a normal fan should say, but her saying it puts it on a whole other level. Thank you Infinite for continuing to be such a great group. 

Sungkyu & LJY CEO <4 Things Show>
  • Sungkyu: Anyone at this young age with this kind of job,I can't even say the specialties of this job, but I feel like working a job like this, [anyone] would feel lonely. And of course, I belieive that Hoya is one of the lonely ones...
  • LJY: I think what happens is that, people think "Since he's doing so well by himself, he must know how to take care of that lonliness as well". If you think about it, people tend to take care of the people who whine alot. Anyways, I think that he's a really trustworthy guy and he knows how to finish his part of the job. I like that.
  • Sungkyu: Honestly, he's the type to not show that. Who knows? Even at this moment while he's holding that camera,he could be lonely...
  • Hoya: I'm lonely!!!
Lee Jungyeop CEO on Woolim Girl Group Debut
  • 2014.06.02 Lee Jungyeop Interview
  • Q: Is your next project a girl group? It has been brought up from quite a while ago.
  • LJY: We have been planning the promotion in advance for about 3 years now. During that time, there are a lot of girl groups coming out. We need to make a different strategy.
  • Q: Have you find the strategy?
  • LJY: We seem to have seen the light now. You might see "really soon" coming. We're also in the middle of preparing a boy group.
  • translated by: eki @ woollim-girls
  • source: 단종임 @ instiz
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