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Hey lovely! Much as I'd love for you to just work through the whole ridiculous prompt list (seriously, the playing house one is so murder husbands it hurts!), I'll keep it to one. This one, Hannigram-style please: “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.” Love ya <3

Here you go, my dear @victorineb.   Summary:  Hannibal likes to watch Will sleep. When Will starts talking in his sleep, Dr. Lecter jumps into psychoanalytic action.  Also on AO3

The Princess and the Dragon

Hannibal loved watching Will sleep. He admitted it was a rather macabre hobby, but considering his other proclivities, a harmless one indeed.

Will’s regular nightmares had long ceased, only making a cameo every now and then. Depending on the severity of the dream, Hannibal would chose whether or not to intervene; a soft kiss on the forehead, a gentle stroke on the back, a whispered “I love you” in the ear, till the twitching and whimpering went away.

On occasion, verbalization would accompany the nightmare. Now this fascinated Hannibal immensely. Ever the psychoanalyst, he would cling on Will’s every R.E.M.-infused word, privy to his own personal reality show.

One balmy evening, after a particularly rich dinner, when Hannibal rose from the bed to open the windows and let in the breeze, Will began talking in his sleep.

“Mmmm, yes. Hannibal don’t stop. Keep going,” Will groaned.

Hannibal climbed back into bed, and propped himself up on his elbow, watching Will.

“Where are you? There’s my princess. My sweet princess. Love, I’ll save you…”

Hannibal scrunched up his face, “Princess?”

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i added lamb chop to the list of jewish american generals and admirals on wikipedia and in retrospect it is kind of odd that wikipedia has a list of jewish american generals and admirals is this some alt right shit

what the fuck actually

Lamb Chop currently performs with Shari Lewis’s daughter, Mallory, mainly for the US Military. Lamb Chop is a three-star general. She was given a field promotion by Lt. Gen. Tom Conant, deputy commander of the Pacific for the Marines.[4]

In the first year’s collection of 9 Chickweed Lane dailies, Out Whom Shall We Gross? the August 31st, 1993 strip quotes Lambchop as saying, “A virtuous man’s honesty exists only in proportion to the pyre upon which he atones for it.”

Mallory described Lamb Chop’s values as a “liberal Jewish Democrat.”[5]

After the Fall - mresundance - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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He can’t tell when they began, not anymore.

Will, Hannibal, and the years after the fall.

You guys, I’m the WORST, I totally missed that @mresundance had posted the Hannigram chapter of A Tale of Two Murder Husbands earlier this month!  Sorry about that, it’s been a weird few weeks.

The good news is, that means I got to read it today, and it’s perfect, and now you can read it too!

I’m like crazy about the original Hannibal stories and the Silence Of The Lambs/Hannibal movies really messed with me as a kid.
I loved the show Hannibal very much for awhile but I think my mom kind of ruined it for me… every time we got together she would demand I put it on and the ENTIRE time she would complain about how gruesome and graphic things were and I was always like “THEN WHY DID YOU MAKE ME PUT IT ON???” sigh