After Mark’s livestream where he went into deep detail about his perception of Dark, I wanted to add more of Dark’s canon personality traits into these texts. Obviously I’m not gonna be writing these with Dark’s pure personality in mind (because if I did they’d be a lot less funny and a lot more verbally abusive, as well as Anti being waaaay more psychotic), but I’m still glad we got more info on Dark as a character and I wanted to acknowledge it.

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tomorrowtab, sort of.

@ me: reminder that whatever it is, panicking about it won’t help. sit your ass down and make a plan.


  • doc appt
  • pharmacy
  • take student id photo
  • email student id photo
  • send ‘hey guise i can haz my loan leftovers’ email to uni from uni acct
  • remind yourself that what you’re doing is already enough. feeling like it isn’t doesn’t change the facts. you did actually do your due diligence and you are actually gonna do okay as long as you keep showing up.
  • remind yourself that leaving legal stuff unresolved with your ex is, if emotional-laundry-list-ly not ideal, also not A Bad. you can just move on.
  • idek man school starts in a week and i’m more confident about it than i was a week ago but i’m more notsleeping/yespuking now because yikes change and also debt and also grief and my processing systems are like NOPE WE ARE NOT HAVING THIS HERE HAVE A TRICHOTILLOMANIA FLAREUP INSTEAD
  • debt doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • breakup doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • not being legally divorced doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • having to go back to school doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • being in no sense literal or figurative where you planned to be doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • cutting ties with destructive biofam doesn’t mean you did it wrong.
  • relaxing into and rejoicing in the life you do have doesn’t mean you never cared about the life you once did.
  • yes, that includes the cats.
  • lying down on the floor and dying feels like a great plan but see above re: feeling doesn’t make it so.
  • back the fuck up off yourself y/y
  • have a biscuit potter

I loved Connor and Jude’s storyline. I did. But does that mean I have to sit here and be bitter because Connor is gone? No. Jude is finally moving on and he is happy. He is making mistakes, but all teenagers do. He’s learning, and Noah is cute AF. if they’re not going to last that’s fine, but sitting here being all “why are they forcing joah on us???” It’s just really unfair to everyone in the joah tag when all you do is whine and send hate. It’s a fictional show, it’s not something you should feel the need to send hateful messages over. Connor was great. Jonnor was great, but Jude is happy and he’s moved on. Let’s just try and either support that, or at least keep the negativity out of the tags where the fans like to see good posts.