“It’s a touchy topic with a lot of people. But how can you tell someone to stop if that’s where their happiness is or if that’s how they feel? If that’s who they are? There are many gay relationships that I would much rather support as wholesome than some of these people who are just abusing women. I’d say that anything in the name of love is okay. I’m not saying me myself - I feel quite confident with a female - but it’s something I want to stand up for.“ - River Phoenix (∞)

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Omg I loved it!! Please continue!!

A/N: I’m super glad you loved it! For anyone else this fic is a continuation from this.

The tv show had ended, but Jude was still splayed out across the sofa with Eden massaging his belly, looking so contented that Eden wasn’t sure whether he’d fallen asleep or not. In fact he was pretty sure he had fallen asleep judging by the slow even breathing, and the fact that Jude didn’t protest when he took his hand away from Jude’s bare midriff. But he didn’t remove his hand for long; he was enjoying having an innocent reason for being so intimately close with his best friend. He even, briefly considered waking Jude up to tell him that he had feelings for him – but that would muck everything up… Jude had Mattie, and even if that wasn’t a done deal, he couldn’t cope with making things so awkward. He wouldn’t do that – not to Jude, and definitely not to himself. So he’d settle, in the moment, for rubbing the soft fleshy skin of his best friends’ stomach, and trying not to think anything more of it. 

Until Jude awoke and sat up so abruptly that he nearly head butted Eden, forcing Eden to withdraw his hand quickly.

“Jude?” Eden asked, startled by the sudden movement. “Are you-”

The heave hit Jude with the force of a speeding car, and he wasn’t prepared mentally or physically to hold back the stream of vomit that poured through his fingers, down his front and onto his lap. He spluttered to take a breath, making a soft choking noise at the back of his throat; but before Eden could make any noise of shock or sympathy another heave had hit Jude. The muffled belch turned into a surge of vomit, which he tried to catch, unsuccessfully, in his hands, and dripped from his chin and down his shirt. Jude let out a strangled noise somewhere between a cough and a sob. 

“Jude?” From where he was sitting behind Jude on the sofa Eden carefully wrapped his hand in front of Jude’s face, wanting to check his temperature without getting covered in sick. Jude’s forehead was slick was sweat and he was much warmer than usual. “I thought you were going to tell me if you felt sick…” Eden clucked, more out of sympathy than anger. 

“Came on too – hhhggggguuuk!” Jude seemed to be unable to open his mouth without a fresh wave of sickness pouring out. 

“I’m not telling you off,” Eden reassured him, using the pillows behind him to prop Jude up so he could slip off the sofa and face his ill friend. 

Jude was holding his hands out in front of him, covered in stringy, sticky liquid that was still dripping from them onto his lap. He looked partially disgusted and partially horrified. His face was as pale as milk and the sweat clinging to his skin gave him a similar sheen to that of a glass milk bottle. His chest was rising and falling rather erratically, and Eden could see his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. 

“Oh Jude…” Eden pushed away some of the hair sticking to Jude’s face; Jude’s eyes had gone very wide and suddenly he looked like a little kid. “Are you feeling any better?” Jude shook his head quickly, reluctant to open his mouth for fear of what might come out. 

Then suddenly Jude’s cheeks puffed out and he convulsed forwards, bringing his cupped hands up to his chin before a mouthful of sick spilled from his lips, creating a further cascade onto his lap. Eden could see him trembling, and him being this quiet – even when sick – was very unusual. Eden grabbed the rubbish bin from where it normally sat next to his chair and held it out to Jude, who first allowed the pool in his hands to drip into it, before gripping it’s edges and drawing it close to him. 

“I’m going to get stuff to clean you up with, and some water,” Eden said as Jude dangled his head over the edge of the bin, looking utterly miserable.
Eden had barely stood up before he heard a hiccup followed by a light splatter of something hitting the inside of the bin. He paused at the door and turned to look at Jude just as a shallow burp resounded into the metal bin; then Jude jerked as a harsh stream of puke came out of his mouth and nose. He’d barely drawn breath before another wave of puke was being projectiled out of his mouth. This wasn’t a simple case of indigestion, or eating too much too quickly, not even Eden rubbing Jude’s stomach could precipitate this much sickness. Jude had to be coming down with some kind of bug.

Eden filled a basin with hot soapy water, grabbed a sponge that he knew he’d throw away right after using, and a bottle of water, before racing back to Jude. Jude was still gagging, head over the bin, Eden could see his stomach muscles fluttering as they contracted. 

“I’m gonna clean you up as best as I can, but we’ll need to get you changed out of those dirty clothes so I can wash them.” Eden knelt down in front of Jude again, dipping the sponge into the water and wringing out the excess as Jude retched weakly. “God you’re really not well, are you?” Eden mumbled as he began to sponge the drying sick from Jude’s face. In response Jude moaned raggedly, then spat a mouthful of bile into the bin. 

Slowly Eden sponged down Jude’s face, then moved onto his hands – this task made increasingly difficult as they were still gripping the edge of the bin. The vomiting appeared to be tapering off now, each heave sounding drier than the one before it, and eventually turning into empty belches. 

Jude simply sat, allowing Eden to clean him up, and increasingly Eden felt worried by the glaze across Jude’s eyes and his listlessness.

“I’m gonna grab your pj’s, then I think you should drink some water and try to sleep.” Eden was struggling to keep his voice calm and not let his worry infect it, as he cleaned the last bit of sick off of Jude’s elbow. 

Leaving the sponge in the basin Eden clambered to his feet and ran to Jude’s bedroom, grabbing the pyjamas on his bed and, in the spur of the moment, a towel. On re-entering the living room Jude’s eyes flickered over towards him. 

“Ede…” his voice was raspy. “I – sorry.” Eden stood in front of Jude, reaching his hand onto his forehead, he was still very warm, but perhaps not as warm as before. 

“How are you feeling?” Eden asked, relieved that Jude had regained some lucidity. 

“Lousy.” Jude coughed, Eden held the water bottle to Jude’s lips.

“Take a small sip,” Eden instructed. “You’re really not well.” Jude did as he was told, his lips pursed into the bottle. 

“Everything feels slow.” Jude’s words were slurred into one another. “Didn’t mean to spew.” 

“Don’t worry,” Eden shook his head, “but I need to get you changed out of those clothes so you can rest.” Do you think you can stand?” Jude looked up at him like he was asking the impossible. “Put your hands on my shoulder and hold on.” Eden could feel Jude’s hands trembling as they fastened into the gap of his collarbone, then gently Eden supported him to his feet. “Keep holding on.” Jude hummed in response. 

Eden grabbed the bottom of Jude’s shirt and pulled it over his head: “Right, take one hand off my shoulder,” Eden felt Jude release his left hand, so he slipped Jude’s arm out of the sleeve. “Now do the same with the other hand.” He felt the other hand loosen, and then slipped that hand out, discarding the soiled t-shirt on the floor and grabbing Jude’s pyjama top and pulling it over his head. “You okay?”

“Hmm…” Jude shrugged non-committally, so Eden carried on. 

“Keep holding onto me, I’m going to take your jeans off.” Eden said, he could feel Jude beginning to shake more again and tried to speed up. He’d managed to extract Jude from his jeans and was just about to start pulling his pyjama bottoms on again when Jude’s grip suddenly became vice like. 

“Wait-” He choked, his stomach giving off an ominous gurgle that Eden could hear because he was at stomach level. Eden scrambled backwards quickly just as Jude burped and the water he’d drunk came rushing back up and landed in a puddle at his feet. “Oh god…” He moaned, bent double with one of his hands pressed to his stomach. “Sorry…”

“It’s okay,” Eden assured, grabbing the sponge from the basin even though the water was going tepid now. “It can be cleaned up in a second.” Eden wiped gently at Jude’s feet, removing all traces of the watery vomit. “Let’s get your bottoms on, then you can lie down.” 

Eden opened the right leg of his pyjamas, and Jude stepped in, then repeated the action with the other leg. Eden pulled up the bottoms to his waist and Jude sat heavily back down on the sofa, putting a trembling hand up to his face. 

“I think I’ve got a bug or something…” He mumbled, his voice wobbly. 

“I think you have too.” Eden agreed, holding up the water to Jude’s lips again. “Take a small sip. I don’t want you getting dehydrated.” Jude obliged, closing his eyes. “I brought a towel so you can lay down on the sofa. The bucket’s here if you need it.” 

Eden spread the towel over one of the cushions and helped Jude lie down on his side. He knelt next to the sofa as he watched Jude’s breathing become slow, it sounded like he was beginning to fall asleep.

“Eden?” Jude mumbled, not opening his eyes


“Will you rub my belly again?” Jude asked, opening his eyes and looking so pleading that Eden couldn’t resist. 

“Oh alright,” Eden agreed, “but only if you promise to say if you feel sick, and aim for the bucket.”

“I promise,” he said. “You made me feel better before…” Eden reached his hand up, making contact with the softness of Jude’s stomach again. Jude made a noise similar to the purring of a cat. “Thank you.”

i forgot how good it feels to finish a book?? especially one that you can’t put down and you become so invested in the characters, it’s such a good feeling omg

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Prompt: everyone knows that players have girls in every city, but Jude never thought Zero would be one of "those players" until he finds a mysterious text on his phone from a woman. Little does he know that the woman is actually Zero's mother.

I do not know when you sent this, but I like it!  I don’t know if or when I’ll have time for it, but it’s a good prompt!  I’m publishing this publicly so other Zude writers can see it and maybe be inspired by it.  (Also, in case you’re interested, I’ll be opening my LJ/DW community smallfandomfest for prompt submissions on Nov 1 and you could also submit this there.)


It has been little over a month since we met. Funny that we haven’t actually met. You are a collection of late night texts and exchanged selfies. Of words both sweet and heartbreaking. Of insistence and denial. To me, you are all this and much more.

I don’t know you beyond my phone’s screen. I don’t know what your voice sounds like but if I did, I’m sure it would become my favorite sound. I do know a few things. Like that extra crooked teeth makes your smile the cutest. It is possibly my favorite thing to look at. God, I could look at your face for hours and would still want to look at you some more. When your hair sticks out when you are sleepy, it makes me want to hold you tight. Did I tell you that your love for The Beatles made Hey Jude my favorite song?

You used to call me boo boo. Used to. Sad, isn’t it? That I want you but you don’t want me anymore. Somewhere between getting to know you and realizing that you love another, I fell for you. You hit me like a train and I ache everyday. That’s why I sleep every chance I get. For when I sleep, I don’t have to think about you and that brings me some relief. I count the hours till you are free, making mental notes of what I’m going to say to you. When the time comes, I find myself going blank. ‘I’ll tell you another day’, I think and go back to sleep.

I envy those who got to be with you for they had something I can only yearn for. Oh darling, what did I do to not deserve you? You are the sweetest to me but tell me, is it because you feel guilty of having to break my heart? Or do you say the things you do because you want to?

I could go on but what good would that do? We’ll never be the great things I thought we’d be but I hope you’d cross my path someday again. For when you do, I’ll be here, just like I am today, unconditionally.

Me, I’ll be alright. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe a year from now; I cannot say. You be good. Be the Ted to your Robin. I wish you all the love and joy of the world.

Come here you!

Love always,


summary of the homestuck update

-john’s adorable as always

-rosemary showing off the steps they kissed on

-tons of ectobabies and grubs including joey and jude

-john and karkat bieng cute with said ectobabies and grubs

-said ectobabies and grubs being flown off to new planets

-more time traveling shenanigans

-human, troll, carapace, and consort kingdams

-dirk and jake are happy together and having a good time

-johns bday parties are the best

-rosemary wedding

-trickster kids shenanigans at said wedding

-nepeta gets sucked into a black hole thing

-crockercorp and sn enterprises

-more of john’s bdays with john still being adorable

-rosemary happily hatching out grubs

-ok seriously is it even possible for all these dorks to get any cuter???

-annnnd then there’s caliborn being a little shit