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I really really want to take my dad to the Afterschock2015 concert. He used to be a hardcore drummer for a bunch of bands but since having kids he hasnt done anything fun literally ever so I really want to do this for him since our favorite bands are playing *w*  The second reason for this boost is so I can go to Sacanime with a few rad friends of mine and my sister and that’s a good chunk of change, but I’d like to experience it for the first time c:

Ive cut the prices down from my last commission statements, and I’d really like to work with you guys if you’re interested but cant afford what you like, just please keep in mind that I’d really like to do this! 

I DO NOT DRAW: furries, MLP and the likes, extreme mecha, or very explicit NSFW (if you’re interested in that please let me know on details!)

more examples of my work can be found here (ignore the things I cant/wont draw since most have changed!)

I charge via Paypal so please use the “Send Money to Family/Friends” link

Thank you very much!! c: