[News] 161021 Dongwoo's Digital Single Already Climbing The Charts!

Dongwoo’s self composed solo track 마음에 묻다 (Asking the Heart) has already been seeing success on the digital charts since its midnight KST release. It’s placed at number 1 on Mnet, number 4 on Genie and 11 on MelOn. He’s also on top of the real time MelOn search!

I’ve known about Infinite for a while but I never looked into them but after their latest comeback I decided to check them out and I’ve completely fallen in love with them I like every one of their songs and they have the most amazing concepts and Sungyeol has stolen my heart and has become my ultimate bias since I didn’t have one but I worry that I’ll never be good enough to be a true Inspirit because I’ve missed out on so much

I didn’t think I had to have this conversation, but here we go...

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Grab some tea and listen (or coffee, or cocoa, or some hard liquor because I’m gonna say what I have to say and you’re invited to join me. I know you guys read fanfics with 5k words and multiple chapters easily, and this is not that long, so please, let’s make an effort).

Please remember that idols are artists. They perform. Singing and dancing is also performing. When you dance you, in some degree, you interpret a song and express it with your body and facial expressions what the choreographer wants to show. Everything must be in sync with the concept they’re working on.

They also do a lot of modeling (from literal runways, commercials, photo-shoots, to going to the airport, they are under the constant clicks of multiple lens). In some degree, when you model, you use your body and facial expressions to transmit what the photographer wants to capture (and, on their turn, they are told of what to capture by managers, brand owners, sponsors, etc).

It all comes to ARTS. PERFORMANCE. A SHOW. Either they like it or not. They are under the constant pressure of being perfect (aesthetic oppression affects them as well), because God knows who might be watching. It must be freaking exhausting. The fine line between their private lives and their work gets broken, tangled or erased many times.

Imagine you having to do your job constantly? Even if is something that you love, you have to sacrifice so much. Imagine an actor or actress having to perform 24/7. Every time an idol sets foot out of their safe spaces, they are performing. Consciously or not.

Many artists work hard to be closer to their fans in their own way. An example: JB from GOT7, being a person with a reserved nature, did a streaming recently and people kept asking for him to do something exciting (for more information of what happened check out this post by @jjjaebum). You should appreciate them doing what they feel comfortable doing (he was doing a puzzle), in order to bring a more natural feel between idols and fans. That’s the objective of live streams.

That’s the real Jaebum. Someone reserved, who doesn’t talk much, who does puzzles and whatever else he does in his private life. When he’s being JB he wears everything associated with it: love and admiration from fans, his public image, his music, his style, people’s criticism, his duties and responsibilities. But it also comes with hiding parts of himself he wants to keep private, for his family, himself and his loved ones. because the performer doesn’t necessarily mingle with the character they’re playing (some might, some might not). It must be tiresome to keep playing that character.

And I’m disappointed that when he is Im Jaebum some of you demand him to be JB. If we keep that rhythm, these streams will get shallower by the day, because the idols will feel like they have to perform there as well. It’s a tremendous gift that they show us a little bit of who they truly are when no one’s watching. Don’t underestimate it.

The world is not black and white. It’s not divided into shy and outgoing, introverts and extroverts. These are the extremes, and there are people who fit them. In between, there is the ever complex human nature. And with idols is the same. And idol might be super sexy and outgoing while performing, but be can super shy and low profile off stage.

I’m not gonna even name other groups, because it happens with a lot of them, if not all. When there’s only one of them, or just a part, there are always those fans who keep asking for someone who isn’t there. 

They also have their own schedules, so maybe the idol you’re calling for is sleeping, or getting their hair done, or practicing, or shooting a commercial, or taking a shit, or spending some time with their family. Or sometimes it’s simply the turn of the one who’s streaming, because they are a team but all of them deserve attention individually. Is this such a difficult concept to grasp?

One could argue that some idols do these streams with their public persona (their character invented for the public). I agree, some might do that. And they’re in their right. But I’m talking about the ones that show us a glimpse of who they are without the performing mask and people stomp it all over because it’s not what they wanted, or imagined, or hoped. The performer behind the character. Their true selves (or a glimpse of it).

Remember that we see things with previously conceived ideas. It’s part of our nature as human beings. That’s why we have different biases, because we see in them something we personally admire. But the way I see my bias is not necessarily who they truly are in reality. Please keep this in mind. Remember that they perform. And don’t be sad if the performer is someone (just a little or completely) different from the character they play for the rest of the world. Most times they don’t do it to deceive us, but to please us and protect themselves. It’s part of their job.

When I’m writing on @smutfictionaddicted​ (my fanfic blog) I’m writing about a figment of my imagination, my interpretation of the character played by the performer (the idols). So, even if the majority of the fanfic writers portrait some idol as dominant, with determinate kink or sexuality, it still does not guarantee that they are like that in real life

Everybody can portrait an idol as straight, dominant with a daddy kink. But in reality they can as well be as gay as a rainbow and vanilla for life. And guess what? Their reality IT’S NOT OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. There’s nothing wrong in writing fanfics, I do and read them a lot. But please, don’t get lost in fantasy land, and please do not assume that the onstage idol is the exact same as the person offstage.

I say this in order for you not to hurt yourself and for us not to hurt them, they give us so much. They are human beings just like us and they are entitled to their privacy, leisure time, social life, family life, love life, sex life, education, etc, just like any other person.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. Just ignore and move along. But if you do, I humbly ask you to spread this message and reblog this post. Thank you very much for your time reading this. I hope you have a nice day/night.

[TRANS] “Asking (Burying in) the Heart” by Jang Dongwoo

Did I get used to receiving?
Did I forget my past self in comfort?
Responsibilities and memories that followed
The pain that was suddenly engraved, this is not right

I was clumsy because my heart was rushed
I hurried because I thought I would fall behind
In a premature judgment
We eventually turn our backs on each other, end

A start that would become an end
It’s a visible path but
It’s a road I have no choice but to take
Love, farewells
It’s a pain that anybody can
Endure at least once, look deeper

Things that you can’t change even if you try
Things that can’t be changed no matter what you do
A person the way they are, individualistic aspects
Your hand and heart that I cannot grasp

I know I still love you
I can’t hold onto you woo woo
I miss you whoo woo
I miss the day with you
I long for you every night woo woo

It’s difficult An unforgettable destiny
Beat the grief No I can’t endure it
I pray even if it doesn’t come true
Please don’t take my person

Is it my heart that’s hurting me?
My heart that’s trying not to let go
Is it that what’s hurting me?
I was probably mistaken that
In eternity
That you would live forever, Can’t let it go

If you really want to know
I can tell you everything
Where are you, whom I loved so much?

I can’t give up until the day I die
I try to cover it up but
I don’t have the courage to bury it
Pretending to be ignorant from hiding away
It doesn’t feel like myself

A person I can’t see even if I want to
Because I was late with my unfailiar expressions
Even if I express my belated regret
You can’t hear me
Because you look up at a different sky in a far away world

I know I still love you
I can’t hold onto you woo woo
I miss you whoo woo
I miss the day with you
I long for you every night woo woo

It’s time to end up
(Even if I know it won’t work out)
I’ll get through it (I’ll probably miss you again)
The place I return to is different now
But I just need to become familiar with it

It’s time to end up
(Even if I won’t be able to forget you)
I’ll do it one more time
(Like how you told me)
I engrave the way I said
You were the only one I had when I first saw you
But it doesn’t work

I know I still love you
I can’t hold onto you woo woo
I miss you whoo woo
(I miss you baby)
I miss the day with you
I long for you every night woo woo

(trans. cr: inspiritddww)