Lives, Lived, Will Live.
Dies, Died, Will Die.  

Thank you to everyone who came out to this week’s Saturday Stream Request Roulette! :D 
The prompt was Bioshock Infinite AU, so I had to incorporate pilot Ryan somehow. :P Also, tried a much different style of painting this time, and I love the way it turned out! :D

- I always want you when I’m coming down -

Flyin past

150329 - Twitter - Sunggyu & Hoya


난어제 귀여운척해봄.. 봄이왔음…

I pretended to be cute yesterday.. Spring is here…

Hoya (reply to Sunggyu):


What’s going on

Sunggyu (reply to Hoya):


You don’t know aegyo?^^

Hoya (reply to Sunggyu):

웅 몰라

Yeah I don’t know

trans. cr; minjoo @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits