A’ight seriously tho, no one will convince me that Kazui is any older than 5.

So the first glimpse of him we get is just him, wide-eyed, staring into the camera. Right off the bat it’s clear that he hasn’t even grown into his eyes yet, so clearly he must still be pretty young.

For real, I’m wondering if people who say he’s 7-9 have ever seen a 7- 9 year old before??? Manga or nah, saying he’s 7-9 is absurd.

Anywho, the scene continues and his behavior provides another clue, And what really indicated to me that he couldn’t be any older than 5 is his behavior.

When Hiyori calls him out…

He bolts.

Obviously he’s startled. Any child of any age would be, but he doesn’t rationalize his behavior. He doesn’t defend himself. He’s doesn’t explain that he’s ‘just looking’ or anything of the sort. He up and leaves. You’d think a child that was 7+ would face the situation even if only a little bit.

But nah, he’s like “oh no busted’ and books it.

And so maybe that’s just an indication of a non-combative personality (he is Orihime’s son), but…

Then we come to the next situation with ‘Yhwach’. And that’s what’s truly telling of his level of development(?).

Just take a look at this:

He’s grinning and smiling this dopey, clueless, little smile when there’s this dark,very creepy, very suspicious hole opening up in the wall.

Any child of an older age would think, ‘That’s a little odd. Maybe I should stay away and/or tell my parents.’

But nope. This little guy just reaches out…

And shoves his hand into it.

Not even his entire hand. He doesn’t have the dexterity to get his whole fist into the wall. He misses with a fingerThose hands do not exhibit the level of coordination that the hands of a 6+ year old would have.

And then take note of the anatomy; his arm and hand are very small, short, and round. His fingers are stubby and clearly a bit wobbly since he couldn’t even manage to get all of them in the wall.

And that’s ignoring the elephant in the room: this little guy saw something questionable and just… grabbed it?? He just totally went for it?? And all with this dopey, clueless, adorable little smile on his face?? That is a very baby-like level of curiosity. That is not something a 7 year old would do. It’s not even something a 6 year old would do.

And then when Ichika shows up, it’s even more glaringly obvious that he’s very, very young. A good few years younger than her.

She shows up, very deliberately, just where she wants to.

Legs crossed, all cocky and proud of herself, sword pointed. She knows what she’s about.

Maybe it’s because Kazui recognizes her last name (doubtful) or because she’s a shinigami too, but he seems completely unperturbed about someone showing up out of nowhere.

This mystery kid who just popped out his wall asks who he is and first he’s confused “me….?”  But he answers “I’m Kazui”. 

And without a second thought he just releases his shinigami powers?? No caution, no thought about it?? Just full on does it without thinking anything about it?? Like it’s no big deal??

And Ichika has a reasonable reaction, one that an older child would have. She doesn’t just roll with it with a silly smile. She actually processes the situation and…

So yeah, I will fight you to the death about Kazui being a little 5 year old chub ball and 7-8yo Ichika leading his cute chibi bum around by the hand like his big sister.


I decided to do this Chara meme thingy myself because why not i’m being a little pussy because I saw one of those black spiders that’s fast and is like fucking sonic, now I cannot sleep because after I bashed it it disappeared.. Tbh I’m not even done.

For both Chara and Frisk charts are added if you want to use them for your need u v u

Chara Chart!  (( Can’t go on twitter so I’m just link it from photos ))

Frisk Chart! (( Can find the Chart on their blog uv u ))

I'm not allowed to steal without saying what I'm taking anymore

Halfling Rogue: “I go to the general store and steal something. Literally anything.”

GM: “Alright, roll Slight of Hand”

Rogue rolls a 22

GM: *sighs* “Roll 2d100 for loot tables”

Rogue rolls for loot

GM: “A'ight, you get…” *groans*

Rogue: “Hell yes, what did I get that you hate?”

GM: “A masterwork +1 Battleaxe that you can’t even wield. It’s bigger than you are”

Rogue: “I take it to the blacksmith and ask if he wants to buy it off me.”

GM/Blacksmith: “I just made that yesterday, and and gave it to the owner of the general store. Why do you have it?”

Rogue: “I leave and give it to our warrior.”

Some time later, after a dungeon crawl, the party ends up back in town.

Rogue: “So I’d like to go to the general store and steal something”

GM: “NO.”

Rogue: “First I’d like to hide from the guards”

GM: “Fine. Roll Move Silently.”

Rogue rolls a 23

Rogue: “And here’s my Slight of Hand:”

Rogue rolls a 24

Rogue: “And for the loot tables.”

Rogue rolls 2d100

GM: “You’re a smug bastard, you know.”

Rogue: “Yeah, but what’d I get?”

GM: Long, sullen silence, then, “A +3 Str Masterwork Composite Longbow”

Rogue: “Sweet.”

GM: “Can you stop breaking my game for at least a single session? You’re level 2. You’re not supposed to have masterwork items yet.

ok but, harry potter but from oliver wood's pov

Oliver Wood and Who the Fuck Cares about Some Dumb Stone, Why is Our Seeker in the Hospital Wing???


Oliver Wood and Finally, Finally, Praise be to God, I Can Die a Happy Man

Oliver Wood and the Year They Ought to be Thankful I Graduated bc I Would Have Raised HELL about Some Dumb Tournament Cancelling Quidditch

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Oliver Wood and Will There Still be Quidditch if the Dark Lord Reigns?

Oliver Wood and I Can’t Take the Chance, I’ll See You at the Battle of Hogwarts; Not Even Voldemort Cancels Quidditch



  • Kunikida:Hello?
  • Dazai:Hey what's up
  • Kunikida:I need your help, can you c'mere?
  • Dazai:I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Kunikida:A'ight hurry up and get over here.
  • Dazai:I can't find them
  • Kunikida:What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Dazai:I can't find them, there's only soup.
  • Kunikida:What do you mean there's only soup?
  • Dazai:It means there's only soup.
  • Kunikida:Well then get outta the soup aisle!
  • Dazai:Alright! You don't have to shout at me!
  • Dazai:[Walks to next aisle]
  • Dazai:There's more soup!
  • Kunikida:What do you mean there's more soup!
  • Dazai:Just more soup!
  • Kunikida:Go into the next aisle!
  • Dazai:There's still soup!
  • Kunikida:Where are you right now?
  • Dazai:I'm at soup!
  • Kunikida:What do you mean you're at soup!
  • Dazai:I mean I'm at soup!
  • Kunikida:What store are you in!
  • Dazai:I'm at the soup store!
  • Kunikida:Why are you buying clothes at the soup store!
  • Dazai:Fuck you!