Passion for Creativity

I love all things art. That is why at the beginning of the year I started a brave new company representing some very talented artists. This passion has now taken me through 3 successful exhibitions, and a whole lot of different successes and failures through trial and error. 

Starting something is always tough, and I have certainly felt the stress of the new this year. As what myself and my friend, Elisabeth Byam Shaw, grows into something meaningful, I hope to continue to share that here.

While I will continue to share my own photography, I want to bring you the incredible work that is coming straight out of the talented studios I proudly represent. I look forward to seeing how this blog will continue to evolve and hope you continue to enjoy it too.

Frederick Ardley - Byamshawart.com

They’re 500 years apart, but this Ming Dynasty dish and Mark Rothko painting might have more in common than you’d think.

Yes, they’re both red, but the dish and Rothko (on loan from the National Gallery of Art) are also both by artists at the peak of their abilities, who created a depth and texture in their work either through paint or glaze. Both artists are concerned about shape—note the dish’s white rim that makes the red color pop.

The artists almost certainly didn’t know the other existed, but these pieces now share a room at our @freersackler. See them together through Feb. 2017.

Beware the consequences of overindulgence! Want to learn more about this painting? Join us for this week’s Spotlight Gallery Conversation, today, tomorrow, and Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

The Last Drop (The Gay Cavalier),” c. 1639, by Judith Leyster

Bugatti. 1924. Roger Soubie.

47 x 62 ¼ in./119.4 x 158 cm

The most successful of all the Bugatti racing models, the Type 35 won over 1,000 races while in production. It was first introduced on August 3, 1924, at the Grand Prix of Lyon. This poster was printed around that time - and while it is heavily reproduced, this is the first time an original has come to auction. Even the Bugatti catalogue raisonné relies on a reproduction!

Available at auction October 30.