« Everyone’s process and treatment plan may be different. I am so grateful for my life today and I want to protect it. It isn’t always easy to take positive steps each day, but I know I have to in order to stay healthy. If you are struggling today with a mental health condition, you may not be able to see it as clearly right away but please don’t give up – things can get better. You are worthy of more and there are people who can help. Asking for help is a sign of strength. »

I love Geneology of the Holy War, and I especially love these two.

DA: mistressakirahime.deviantart.com

Thank you so much for submitting! I love Genealogy of the Holy War too- it’s my favorite game next to Blazing Sword. This drawing is absolutely lovely- I love the lighting you chose for them. Hopefully you will participate in our art contest!

- Sylv ♥