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✉, ☾, ❝❞, ♋, ☢

send ✉ for a un fucking sent text

[text]: Should we talk about what happened the other day? I feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I’m not sure if that’s something you… want to do. 

send ☾ for a good fucking night text

[text]: Good night, Nov. Sweet dreams. 

send ❝❞ for a long fucking winded text

[text]: You’re not going to believe this. I was walking back to my place after I grabbed coffee right? I accidentally bumped into someone in the middle of my walk and spilled my coffee ON THEM. I felt so bad and then I realized it was ELTON JOHN. I’m here feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet and I’m trying to apologize and he’s really nice and I offer to grab some napkins from this cafe next to us. Thankfully no one, at this point, has noticed I’m with coffee-covered Elton John. I grab napkins and offer them to him when he asks my name, clearly just trying to be nice because I look so stupid. When he heard my name he seemed to recognize it and then suddenly he’s asking me about my work and we’re talking and basically I’m going to be designing a new house for Elton John. 

send ☢ for a fucking drunken text

[text] wa IT lizrds arent mAMMALS?
[text] iM watchng dicovry chanel  

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Fandom Tag!

Tagged my @madhattercharlie (Thanksss <3)

- Go to this website: www.random.org/lists

- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into

- Tag five or more people

- Have fun!

I’m just doing K-pop cuz I can’t really think of anything else atm

mom/dad:  Hoshi (SVT) - okay….lmao

sibling: Jessica!!!! 

grandma/grandpa: D.O. (EXO) - LMFAOOOOOOsjNDKSNDKN ok at least I get good food lmao <3

haunts you: wendy (rv) - ….tru 😂

boyfriend/girlfriend: WONHO (mx) - OHMygDO THANK YOU <33

your ex: Yuri (snsd) omg 😂

your best friend: rosé (bp) - omg yey

proposed to you: kihyun (mx) - TT>TT 

your boss: Tao - KDNSKDNKSNDJHAUHd

random person you meet at a bar: victoria (f(x)) - ok then :P

your rival: Kai (exo)- is this bc i get d.o.s food and u don’t.

gave you your first kiss: kRIS omfg wow

drunk and singing karaoke with: krystal (f(x)) - biTCH YES

played 7 minutes in heaven with: seulgi (rv)…. ok dsajndjansdjknask

gave you your favorite dessert: I.M. (mx) - thank u bb <3

This was fun haha, so I tag: @chenosaurdonut, @popsica , @isexoreal @baekhyunstolemyeyeliner aand @intergalactic-space-kittens <3

I’m looking at Louis’ tweet and can’t stop wondering if he had texted or facetimed Liam already, filled with poo emojis, inside jokes and banters….. at the end of the convo Liam’s like “hmm did you forget to say something” and Louis was like yeah congrats on getting older 👏👏 ok I’m so busy gtg 👋 *turns off facetime* and Liam just complained in the text like why can’t you learn from Niall 😑😑😑 and Louis replied whooa ok you want a shout out? I will give you that motherfucking shout out. “Happy birthday Payno” ok my job is done 👌 happy now?? *a series of more poo emojis*