Behind that smile of Queen who has, she is a inspiration, a warrior that knows how to deal with any situation, has earned a place in this race with tears, sweat, commitment, by his great charisma, simply by being her. I’m not talking about any artist… Ladies and gentlemen, she is STEPHANIE HWANG, a true example to follow!
생일 축하합니다 Fany Unni, F I G H T I N G ! 사랑해 ♡。

“I usually react to everything while smiling without getting angry. No matter how difficult and hard something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot”. Park Chanyeol

생일축하합니다 HappyVirus, today you’re slightly larger than yesterday, don’t forget that somewhere in the world, someone cares about you and also loves you! FIGHTING! 사랑해 ♡