Kanye West is such an inspiration to me. He is always labelled as a horrible conceited person but in all truths he is a musical genius and he has very deep opinions about the music industry. He sticks up for what he believes in and doesn’t give a fuck if people disagree. Most people would consider him a bad influence but I think he is someone we should look up to. He teaches not only the people now but the younger generation to not give up on anything and develop your own thoughts and opinions. I love and respect this man more than most artists, especially after his speech tonight. Preach Kanye 🙏🏼

Tumbleweeds (Closed RP with twilightsunwolf537)

Okay, Monty was about done with the multiverse (except for Nix’s world, because Nix and Gage were family and they made their world worth it).

First, he gets sucked into a random rift, then his mechaniloid pet hummingbird flies off for some reason.

He can’t leave it behind! He has to find it before going back home!

Monty called out in chirps, squeaks and clicks for the bird, walking through the odd, overgrown forest slowly in fear of alerting potential threats of his presence.

  • Me:Hey, I kind of feel like writing today
  • Old fics like And The Wall Drops and Falling:he-
  • Me:No no, not you.
  • Prompts and requests from eons ago:what about u-
  • Me:No no...
  • Me:
  • Old fics:
  • Prompts:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:I'm gonna start a new story

In celebration of BLUPIN starting today, I’ve done a much-needed crossover!!

Been working on this one a while with otter-monster!

  • Lupin is Harlequin Opal (have fun finding his gem!!)
  • Jigen is Hematite (his was actually the hardest for me but Otter helped)
  • Goemon is pure Diamond (cuz Zantetsuken!)
  • and Fujiko is Alexandrite! (changes colors +rarity)


(Zeni’s Amber cuz HE’S A FOSSIL HARDY HAR HAR)

'Alternative' PTA fundraiser: Forget the bake sale, just give us cash
A PTA at a school in Texas allegedly sent a hilarious "alternative fundraiser" form to parents asking for cash in lieu of bake sales and walk-a-thons.
By Scott Stump

This is pure genius!! I wish my kids school would use this. I would gladly fork over the money to avoid having to this type of stuff.