Now that the 3rd anime season is over, I wanna talk about hands down, one of the best moments I’ve ever seen in any freakin sports manga/anime, I can’t even begin to explain how MUCH PRESSURE AND DESPERATION YOU CAN FEEL FROM THESE PANELS (which by the way were AMAZINGLY translated into animation, bless IG) and the symbolism is so in point I can’t help but swoon all over Furudate… what an amazing writer they are.

Shiratorizawa is a mad strong team and its foundation relies on the ace as a core, it doesn’t make the team less important, but it’s a dynamic centered around making Ushijima shine the most, which is of course totally valid and it’s the way they have been renowed as a powerhouse: to put it simple it freakin works; thus Ushijima is a force of nature that our team has to surpass (I could make a whole essay on why Karasuno winning isn’t an asspull as some people like to say but that’s for another day).

Then, what struck me most from this particular despiction of the last rally from Furudate is how neither Nishinoya nor Kageyama are there.

You can argument that Noya is on the sidelines right now, but I think it’s way more than that, because if that were the case Kageyama would be up there as well. Why this choice from Furudate? well I think it’s got to do with the narrative of the match, quoting Kei “the only one in Karasuno who can fight on equal terms with Ushijima is Nishinoya”, then we have Kageyama, whose performance earned commentary even from Oikawa. Ukai points out how Nishinoya and Kageyama are playing like always, not letting the pressure get into them “business as usual” you can’t expect less from them. So it only makes sense that they aren’t in the above panels, they are geniuses and stand on the same ground as Ushijima when it comes to talent, both as the setter and libero that they are. This battle though? the players have tried everything, they’ve blocked Ushijima, they narrowed his spike well enough that even Hinata could receive it, they set a freakin TRAP and the man still managed to surpass it!!! but not yet, not yet, they can’t give up yet…this last battle is mainly for the rest of the team, the regular players, the non geniuses, the Normal guys, it’s up to them to overcome their own limits together to have the slightest chance to surpass Ushijima’s overwhelming power. It all brings us to one fact from this match: Karasuno sure as hell can’t surpass Shiratorizawa with Kageyama and Nishinoya’s talent alone.

At the end talent wasn’t what brought Karasuno to victory, it was sweat, pain, game pressure, and an admirable will to prevail from the people despicted in this mental battle against Ushijima. I’m gonna say I’m damn proud of Furudate for not making Karasuno’s victory rely on Hinata finally becoming the little giant (heck he even left the minus tempo attack for the regular 1st tempo with everyone on the last play), nor Shiratorizawa faltering, no, Ushijima stood until the very end as the best player in that match, but it was Karasuno who became the best team in that moment, and all thanks to our regular players taking flight…isn’t that beautiful?


Just. Do it.

There is so much potential to see if Nintendo re-releases Pokemon Colosseum and XD for the Switch’s Virtual Console.

Imagine, playing either of the games on the go like a DS except it’s a big high quality displayed tablet. 

Something like this fake leak showing Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness played on the 3DS,

Will finally come true in a way! On THIS!

Just imagine! 

Playing Pokemon Colosseum or XD: GoD on the Go for the first time! 

Just like any other Pokemon RPG!

And this may be a stretch and a bit unnecessary since all Pokemon gain in Colosseum and XD are definite, but maybe they could even trade between each other and other players who happen to have the game. The same way they did with all the original Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow games basically, or perhaps other features could come out of it with a proper remake for the port. One thing is for sure though, Poke Bank compatibility is a must at some point in the game.

Some time the Switch’s life span they’re going to port Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness into the Switch’s Virtual Console and finally make them relevant again. Those who never have played it before will finally get their chance. That is what I predict will happen if the stars align just right.


Surrounded by Genius: Nature’s Take on Engineering

Sometimes, all we have to do to solve complex design problems is look to nature. Biomimicry, a design solution embraced by a growing number of engineers, draws inspiration from 3.8 billion years of research and development from the natural world. As biomimicry expert Maria O’Farrell explains, we can all learn a thing or two from the natural “lab” that surrounds us.

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to send suggestions? I got a neat idea that Edd has this special mini weapon item thing to pick up blah blah, a Bottle Rocket. Like an aim and shoot at something, fwooshPOW explosion?

It’s perfectly fine to send me suggestions! 

Gasp! A fwooshPOW explosion!? That’s the best kind!! why didn’t I think of that? Cola Bottle Rocket. It practically writes itself. I’ve already added it to the game. Brilliant.

Fake account!

These days, due to the popularity of “Legend of the blue sea”, some cunning created an instagram account pretending to be Shin, when in fact it does is copy and paste the post from the Official twitter of Cross Gene. It is absolutely not he, in fact, if you can and want, report this account, is called: shinwonho_91 https://www.instagram.com/shinwonho_91/