“I’ve invested a lot in you, Councillor. More than I hope you ever come to realize…I don’t trust, rely or depend on anyone. But if that’s what it takes, I’m capable of anything.’ Aria had grown frigid after her admission, withdrawing into herself in compensation for revealing something so very compromising of her position. The Two Liars - GBtQ

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clueless-man-with-a-camblr So my boyfriend who I’ve been with for almost 5years now started a go fund me page, he is a ftm transgender and is asking for help with the surgery he plans on having. I love him more then anything and want to help him out as much as possible and so I think the least I can do for him is help him spread the word about his campaign. We will be moving in together soon and I want nothing more then for him to be happy. Any donations that are made, no matter his small the amount will mean the world to both of us. If you cant make a donation then i would really appreciate it if you can help me spread the word. Anything at all will be of the biggest help. Thank you http://www.gofundme.com/sa389sus

This is a starting point and only the beginning: code…decoded introduces the PRIDE code - our LEGACY - our inheritance. Gender neutral “Identity” icons developed for a NEW generation of LGBT+.  Topbottom, or versatilebutch orfemmebisexualtransgenderstraighthiv positivehiv negative, and if you’re in a relationship, the committed code…Identify Yourself with PRIDE. What’s your code? (◕‿◕)


In Between Men - Season 1 - Ep. 1

Pride and Prejudice
It’s Friday of Gay Pride Weekend in NYC. All in one day, Dalton Fuller considers hiring a PR Firm for his business, throws a major industry party for his friends opening night art exhibition, and learns what happens when you do talk to strangers. FOR SHOW UPDATES: Go to Facebook.com/InBetweenMen & Twitter(@IBMtheseries) to LIKE us and Follow Us. And Get to know the Cast and Crew and View Photo Galleries at www.INBETWEENMEN.COM. To Purchase or Rent on ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/in-b…

I’ll never forget the day I learned there was such a thing as a Men’s rights ‘movement’. The expression on my face must have been pure incredulity. The mental gymnastics these ~men~ struggle through to convince themselves of the existence of male oppression must be exhausting. I also noticed how these same white MRA types will spew their ignorant, trash opinions on race and you just can’t help laughing. Aren’t you alienating fellow brown, black, asian etc MEN? Where are your disabled men? Your GBTQ men?
Men’s rights supporters are essentially toddlers throwing a tantrum after they’ve been told to stop hoarding the ice cream and share it.

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Regarding the question of Liselle or Dianth being an ardat yakshi, would you possibly make Dianth one? That'd be a really interesting storyline...

This is actually very interesting, for two reasons. One, because Dianth never participates in a mating meld with anyone, not even once, throughout all the time we will see her character. Two, because there’s an arc in the Dianth story about her applying AI technology to obtain better medical understanding of the A-Y condition; research that could actually contribute to developing future therapy for it. 

For those who’ve seen the spreadsheet, you may remember that it’s Matriarch Persa Arenti (the one who employed Vathesa in GBTQ) who approaches Dianth because her daughter Liska was diagnosed, but at first Dianth declines, simply because A-Y business tends to get a little messy and complicated. So Persa converses with Tevos at one point, trying to basically convince Tevos to persuade Dianth into taking on this project. Tevos is wary, however, especially since Persa’s blatantly leveraging her connections and status. Persa finally manages to convince Tevos when she asks her, what if it was Dianth in the monastery? Would Tevos go to the same lengths to get her freedom back, if their positions were reversed? What if Dianth turns out to be an A-Y some day? Tevos merely says she isn’t, but Persa asks, “But do you know for certain? Has she been romantically involved with anyone?” Tevos answers that Dia’s never taken interest before, so Persa implies that she could be, for all Tevos knows. Persa was like her not so long ago, thinking her daughter Liska was healthy and normal, only to suddenly lose her, likely forever.