SevenXMC1 my xmas fanart

the story goes this way…as usual our beloved defender of justice, Seven tries to flirt with MC1 and MC1 just can’t help but keep on fallin’ for her husband’s hilarious pick-up lines xD yup for me seven and mc1 are meant to be for each other mhm and the theme is at Jumin’s Christmas party ah sorry for my sudden post and lack of work on my coloring I’ll try my best! :) well advance merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone who’ll be seeing this and to the rfa members fufufu!! 


“Bullying people isn’t cool. Not at all… Well, my hobby isn’t hurting young girls…”

Make Me Choose:  Levi or Orihara Izaya asked by an anonymous


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I CHALLENGE YOU *epic music on the background* TO (oh gosh, there’re all these lovely colors, so hard to choose XD) DO THE NUMBER 27 and the inspiration word is: “distance”. I’ll be looking forward to the result! ;)