Fe has this really weird way of working with how… unsure it is? Like I know what I think and I believe what I think fully… But with matters dealing with more social things, I automatically become stupid. Are my emotional reactions “correct?” Is how this person is treating me okay, or is it normal? It’s only until I receive input from others that I know how to react, and in turn, how to feel.

Like sometimes I don’t think Fi-users quite understand it? I literally cannot decipher my emotions unless I have that Fe input and objective standards. The best I can do is tag my emotions with “positive,” “negative,” and “somewhere in the middle.” I don’t have Fi internal values. I don’t have something constant like that.

When I receive Fe values, everything falls into place. If my emotion falls with Fe standards, I am correct. If my emotion conflicts, I am incorrect. And once I come to this conclusion, I can explore and understand my emotions more fully. I can receive closure and move on.

at dinner i was telling my friends the story about leslie jones’ premiere dress disaster and someone pulled up a picture of the group to look at and one of them was like “wow leslie is really tall, isn’t she” and i LITERALLY said “well kate and i are the same height, just for reference”

i was immediately like “shit….normal people don’t know stuff like that…you’re #exposed”

The Shaman.

A guy who has all the information of the universe in his head. 

How he describes that information is like recalling a dream.

Out of the blue, he’ll say something important and has two scribes to write it down. 

Two because they’ll make sure they heard the same thing, and once he says something once, he’ll never repeat it again

He can go on for 4 hours or more about anything

but within that time, you might only hear one sentence that you’d hold onto for the rest of your life

For that reason, most try their best to stay awake to listen closely to him