some An Ancient Magus’ Bride AU doodles from my twitter

No concrete idea or anything, just Riko = Elias; You = Chise; Chika = Silky; Kanan = Rutz


This is my kind of funny… I love how frustrated he/she gets.

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being siblings with michael slushie boy mell??

Oh my gosh thank u i ve been meaning to write something like this <3 !!

-Let’s all be real here, Michael is super protective over you.

-It doesn’t matter you are younger than him, same age, or older,,, this boy will protect you from anYTHING

-But for this HC, you’re a year younger than him

-Your entire life, you were always his ‘little sib’ to everyone

-What’s your name?? no one knows, they only know horrible variations of your name and other weird nicknames

-When you two were young and he got his first gaming console, he definitely taught you how to play, along with all of the lil tips n tricks

-One time you found a game breaking glitch and Michael was a little irritated because oh my gosh what happened to my game but he was SO proud that his little sib’ was able to find something that would ruin the game

-And you bet your ass he told Jeremy and anyone else who would listen to him

-Oh my gosh!! If you ever have a crush on anyone, Michael is going to tease tf outta you. You thought his teasing with Jeremy was bad? It only gets worse.

-‘Hey little dude, who are you staring at?’ ‘Wh- Michael, I’m not staring at-‘ ‘hEY, THIS FUCKING NERD IS LOOKKING-‘ “mICHAEL MELL YOU SLUSHIE FUCK’

- Homemade slushy DIYs?

-Homemade slushy DIYs.

-At some point, you discover speedruns and immediately show Michael the videos (and maybe a few tricks you picked up)

-You both totally have speedrun competitions once you both got better at the games n the tricks/shortcuts

-You totally watch AGDQ together (especially 2013) to pick up the tricks and make dumb jokes

-While you two do definatlly have a close relationship, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your issues.

-Most of the time you two argue over small things, but then there are those times where everything gets overwhelming and you end up yelling at each other.

-But, regardless of what happens, you guys make up and buy each other snacks and play video games together

-Not only that, but you guys have ur feels jams where u both either get high n talk it out, or just sit outside, star gaze, and talk about everything

-Everything you guys do only makes your bond stronger, and its always great to have Michael to be there for you, and you for him.

-but yeah its fucking rad Slushie Sibs are great goodnight