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3x19 | Regina breaks the curse with True Love Kiss


It looks like in every musical I listen to, I keep seeing some parallels with Akechi. This time it’s “Words Fail” from Dear Evan HansenI can’t help but think of how a lot of the lyrics to this song could apply to Akechi too.

Coincidentally, both Evan and Akechi were raised by single moms because their fathers left them. Although Evan definitely had a happier relationship with his mom who thought her son was the best thing that ever happened to her. As opposed to Akechi who was seen as a bastard child that brought shame.

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They don't even block all nsfw stuff like their entire search and censor functions are just broke

it’s pretty amazing, tbh, because hiding explicit content is a good idea but naturally tumblr finds the exact wrong way to do it wherein they’re simultaneously way too aggressive (blocking all LGBT content) and way too lax (not blocking straight up nsfw stuff) so that the function not only doesn’t work, but has the exact opposite effect of hiding innocent and very useful stuff while still exposing people to genuinely explicit stuff.

It’s like they’re trying out for the world championship of How to Not Be Useful in Any Way

your holiness suffocated me,
your feathers burned;
your many eyes,
gazed right into my soul;
your words,
like prickly thorns
punctured my heart;
your holiness suffocated me
and yet
here I kneel at your feet
to praise you.
suffocate me.
smother me.
let your light envelop me,
make me yours.
—  i’ve always been

This is going to be a really personal post, but I need to do some reflecting.

After completing third year of medical school, I feel amazing. I feel like I’ve developed a competence for my training level that I haven’t felt in so long. This is going to sound really cocky, but I’m so proud. I can’t explain it. I’ve come to the realization that medicine comes naturally to me. My clinical grades and comments have been outstanding and exceptional, and I’m truly very proud of myself for coming this far.

Now that I’ve made an ass of myself, let me tell you the whole story. I went to a very prestigious university. After high school, I was used to being called smart and being “the best”. Whatever that means. Well, after attending a university where everyone else was “the best”, I had to face reality. My grades were ok, not amazing. My MCAT was average. I only interviewed at 3 medical schools Don’t get me wrong, I’ve very fortunate I got 3 interviews to MD schools, but I watched most of my friends get dozens and felt incompetent even though I now know I was fine. And for the first time in my life, I struggled with truly crippling anxiety and sought out help.

I came to medical school eager for new beginnings. Wow, I was hit with harsh reality again. Medical school is freaking hard, and everyone is more impressive. I struggled to keep up. In second year, I had a second run with crippling anxiety, but this time was far worse and my physical health also declined as a result. I failed several midterms and barely scrapped by on several finals. Now that I’m looking back retrospectively, I once again realized that I was extremely fortunate because I never had to remediate, but I know many who did. Medical school sucks. It just does.

Once again, I got help, just in time for Step 1, and thank god I did. I was able to push through and actually do better on Step 1 than I could’ve imagined after my mediocre preclinical performance.

Then came clinical years. I finally hit my stride somewhere. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how. But I’ve somehow racked up a series of grades and experiences that I could never have imagined all while enjoying myself along the way. After reading through my MSPE, I’ve realized that yes, medicine comes naturally to me, and this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m not trying to boast or one-up anyone or even prove that anyone can do what I did and overcome anxiety. I’m just sharing my experience and for once in my life, I can finally say that I’m damn proud of myself. I’m sure residency will bring it’s own set of hardships and feelings of incompetence, but I want to remember this feeling and that it does get better. I may not have many amazing accomplishments in my life, but I can say that I’ll be a great doctor. To me, that’s all that matters.

TalesFromYourServer: Father's Day Was Like Pulling Teeth

Well, as I’m sure many of you here are aware, yesterday was Father’s day, and it was hell for a lot of servers across the country. My Godfather’s restaurant was no different, it was packed to the limits, busy as heck, and then, then there was fidget kid.

About 4 PM, a family came in. Mother, Father, son and two daughters. The daughters were about 3-4 and the son was around 10. They were sat in Kandy’s section, one of the sweetest servers there.

Well, as she’s taking drink orders, the son pulls multiple fidget spinners out of his pockets and announces that he wants to show her a trick. Kandy politely tells him to go ahead, and he begins tossing two of them into the air.

He drops them.

FK: I’m gonna do it again.

He drops them.

FK: I messed up. Watch again.

He drops them.

FK: I’m gonna do it right this time.

He drops them.

After an agonizing five minutes of this, it becomes apparent that fidget kid has no clue how to perform this trick and he’s beginning to get frustrated and raising his volume as he demands that Kandy and his family watch him try again. Finally, his mother seems to have had enough and turns to Kandy.

M: Why don’t we have our drinks yet? I’m thirsty!

Kandy takes the rest of the drink order and hurries off to get them. When she returns, the Mom and Dad are on their phones, the daughters are coloring, and the son is nowhere to be seen. The Mom and Dad go ahead and order for everyone, and as she goes to put the order in, she sees fidget kid running around the restaurant with a fidget spinner in either hand and one in his mouth.

Over the next 15 minutes, this kid has multiple close calls with servers and patrons alike, causes one server to drop a tray of drinks (Thankfully not on anyone) and is generally being a nuisance. When people complain, the Mom calls him back over to the table, but a minute later he gets up again and is running around.

All of a sudden, there’s a crash and screaming, and fidget kid is lying on the ground holding his face. His mother comes running over and a minute later she’s screaming bloody murder.

Five of the kid’s front teeth are missing, knocked out by the fidget spinner hitting something when he fell. There’s a ton of blood on his face and the floor, and it just looks like a crime scene.

The Mom is accusing someone of pushing her son, other people are saying he tripped, and it’s not really clear what’s happened. An ambulance is called, the Mom is screaming for people to help her find the teeth, and there’s just general uproar.

The end result was that the ambulance came and the kid was taken to the hospital, the mom threatened to sue and was convinced that someone had pushed her child, and many people were upset about the gruesome incident and generally had their Father’s day ruined by seeing a kid with missing teeth and a faceful of blood while they were trying to eat.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, that is why you don’t let your child run around a restaurant. Especially not on one of the most crowded days, and especially not with something in his mouth. I’ve seen stories about people choking on fidget spinner parts, and that kid could have ended up a lot worse than he did.

I don’t know if she’ll actually try to sue, or what will come of this. I’m just relaying the story as it was told to me by a waitress working Sunday.

By: Xeno_Prism_Power