YoonKook in a nutshell pt. 6
  • Jungkook: *succeeds at a task*
  • Yoongi: Good job, you're so good at this!!
  • Jungkook: *smiles*
  • -
  • Jungkook: *fails a task*
  • Yoongi: Don't worry, just try it again, you're doing great! I'm so proud!!
  • Jungkook: Hyung pls

Se pone a hacer pruebas de resistencia a pipas de cristal con bloques de hormigón sobre un mostrador de… cristal.

TalesFromRetail: "Can I sue you?"

I work at a store attached to a pharmacy. The pharmacy hours are different than our store hours. This makes a lot of people very confused, and very angry.

One of the angriest and most confused of them all, was Old Man, who stomped up to my register at the ass-crack of dawn.

OM: Why isn’t your pharmacy open yet?! I’ve been waiting outside forever!

Me: Oh, I’m really sorry for the confusion. But while our store opens at [time] our pharmacy actually opens at [later time]. Fortunately, the pharmacy is opening in three minutes, so you won’t have to wait long!

OM:But [other site] says that you open at [earlier time!]

Me: Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with [other site], so we have no control over what they say our hours are. I recommend using [official site] in the future.

OM: Can I sue you?

Me: …Wait, what?

I saw a nearby coworker bury her head in a shelf to try and hide her laughter.

OM: I can sue for this, right?

Now, the strangest thing was, he didn’t even sound angry. His words were spoken with the childlike enthusiasm of a kid asking if they could keep the stray puppy they just found, or if he could get an extra scoop of ice cream today because it was his birthday.

OM: I mean, if I’m right, and the hours are wrong, that’s false advertising, and I could take this to court, right?

I look around for hidden cameras.

Me: Uh, sorry sir, but our hours are posted both on [official website] and outside, and have been the same since we opened. And even if they were wrong, it’s unlikely the court would take your case, and the process would be very long and very expensive.

OM: Well, I’m going to look it up.

Old Man wandered off, and because I’m petty, I went to look up [official website], to see if he if he was bullsh*tting me our not.

Soon after, OM came back from the pharmacy, and pointed at me as he walked out the door.

OM: Fix it.

Me: Actually, sir…

I pulled out my phone.

Me:I have [other site] pulled up right here. It shows our store hours here, and our pharmacy hours right below.

A long silence passed between us.

OM: I… I was wrong?

Me: ‘Fraid so.

The Old Man stared at me for a moment, then just shook his head, and wandered off in a daze. As if it was the first time he’d ever experienced being wrong in his life.

At least he sort of admitted it.

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Haz piernas, dijeron…

Ahora se gana la vida haciendo skate.

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TalesFromRetail: You have to give the cashier your coupon.

This just happened… Very hard face palm after this phone conversation. I work at a retail pharmacy that just underwent major renovations and our grand re-opening was today. Many people in the area were mailed coupons for bonus points for our rewards program.

Me: Hello! Thank you for calling (store name). How can I help you today?

W: I was in this morning and I didn’t get my bonus points. Spent $29 and I have a coupons for 4,000 points.

Me: Okay! What was your before tax total?

I asked because it often confuses people that their before tax total needs to be over the required amount (the coupon she has was if she spent $25).

W: $27. I live far away. Can you just add the points over the phone.

Me: I’m sorry Ma'am, but our system isn’t set up for that.

It is actually is possible, it’s is strongly against company policy.

Me: Do you remember which cash you went thorough? I can ask the cashier if they scanned your coupon and next time your in, we can give you the points.

W: I have the coupon with me.

Me: Did you give it to the cashier to scan?

W: No.

Me: Ma'am it’s just like any coupon, you need to give it to the cashier.

W: WELL, can you just enter the coupon code into your computer and give me the points?

Me: I can speak with my manager if you would like.

W: * silence *

I put her on hold. I know very well what she is going to say and my manager confirms what I told the woman. However, if the customer can make it in after the coupon expires, we we still add the points on. I return to the phone call and tell her what my manager said.


Me: None of the staff are trained in vitamins and they legally can’t give you advice. The pharmacist is, that’s why she told you to go to the pharmacy.


The company I work for supports it’s employees in 90% of customer complaints. If a customer’s threatens or swears at you, you are supposed to hang up immediately, which I did.

This happened early today, I hope she doesn’t ever come back in.

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Si parece estúpido pero funciona, no es estúpido…

Sucedió en Ucrania.

TalesFromYourServer: "I'm sorry, how many did you say?"

So tonight was a little slow, we’re not the type of place that you go for St. Patrick’s Day. But when I say slow, it was still busy, just slow by our standards….we’re one of the busiest restaurants in town (we’re a national chain, one of the busiest locations in the company). I was the Manager On Duty tonight. We close at 11pm, and by 9:30, we had just our closers working (2 cooks, a dishie, a bartender, and 3 servers…one for each section). At around 10:30, I come out from the office and look towards the lobby, where I see a very large group of people gathering. I immediately head in that direction. The conversation that I walked into the middle of went something like this:

Leader of group: “We should have a reservation”

Bartender: “I’m sorry, we don’t take reservations. How many in your group”

Leader: “A lot”

Bartender: “We can’t put anything together for you until we know how many you have”.

Leader: “OK, it’s probably about 70”

Bartender: “I’m sorry, how many did you say”

I arrived at the podium just at that last part. The bartender’s reaction (basically your classic jaw-drop), along with my blank stare, made an impact. Before I could speak, the bartender said, “You do know we close in about 30 minutes?”

The leader of the group just said, “Come on guys, let’s just go to "XXXXXXX” (restaurant next door).“ He turned around and a bunch of them followed, but not all. I let them go without dispute.

Now faced with a much smaller group, who were willing to break into sub-groups, we got around to seating them. We ended up with about 35-40 of them, spread them around among the 3 servers, and I headed immediately into the kitchen to alert the guys. Unhappy, they stepped out for a quick smoke before the chaos, so I manned the line. The orders started coming in before they returned, so I started cooking, and the guys came back just before all the main orders came in. The 3 of us pounded out all of the food quickly, then I ran around to expo the trays up and help run food….then jumped out on the floor to help bus tables (the ones that were lingering when the group arrived had now left). We got the entire group in-and-out within about 45 minutes.

I doubt any of my team will read this, but I just want to go public with telling them "Great Job tonight”. Amazing teamwork got the job done. Unfortunately for the cooks, the late rush reversed most of the cleanup they had done, so we all got done late, but I was proud of the job they all did.

But seriously, who brings 70 PEOPLE into a restaurant 30 minutes before close?

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