Being in a poly relationship with Harry and Gil would include

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•lots of dICK
•lots of hickeys
•Harry and Gil having two very different personalities
•rough sex when Harry is in charge
•soft when Gil is in charge
•being more of a tomboy
•being the daughter of Dr. Faciler
•wanting to go to auradon, but afraid on what Gil and Harry will say.
•Uma and her crew protecting you because of how important you are to Harry and Gil
•no one messing with you
•Uma being your best friend
•you and Gil being the only one to touch Harry’s hook



Alexander and Evangeline were rivals. They were the same age, had both grown up the children of prominent clave members, with surnames that carried great respect in the shadow hunter world, and one day one of them would single-handedly run the New York Institute. Despite this, they were friends, best friends at that, and there was no lengths that they wouldn’t go for one another. Evie would die for Alec Lightwood and she didn’t doubt he’d do the same for her.

  • Mal: Are you afraid of her?
  • Evie: Sometimes. are you afraid of your mom?
  • Mal: I just really want her to be proud of me. She gets so angry with me when I disappoint her. And yea, she's my mom so I know she loves me...in her own way.
  • Eve: *grabs Mal's hand* moving on then. *takes Mal to the mirror*
  • Mal: oh..*laughs*
  • Evie: I know *laughs*
  • Mal: I look...
  • Evie: Say it.
  • Mal: not hideous.
  • Evie: Not even close.

Inspired Descendants Charm Bracelet!

They may always be the kids from the Isle but Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay are also proudly Auradon Prep kids!

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  • Dragon - Mal
  • Dog Bone - Carlos
  • Tiara - Evie
  • Snake - Jay

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You Aren’t Alone

Pairing: Evie x Reader

Request: Anonymous said: 8 with Evie please? Thank you!! 😊

Prompt: 8. “You aren’t alone. You’ve never been alone.”

A/N: this was so fun to write because it’s so adorable and fluffy. enjoy!

It had been 3 months since the Villain Kids had arrived in Auradon. The “fearsome fivesome” as they were called, were fitting in quite nice in Auradon. Even after Mal’s mom had tried to take over. 

Mal was doing great in school, and her and Ben had a perfect relationship. Evie was running a very successful fashion business, and Carlos and Jay were star athletes. The only VK that was having a hard time fitting in was Y/N. 

She had secretly missed the Isle because she felt so alone on Auradon. Her friends were all doing great things and they were happy, but the poor girl was feeling the opposite. Her friends have been too busy to hang out with her, and Y/N began feeling unwanted. 

The girl had spent most of her time in the library, getting lost in books and delving into a new world for a while. Y/N never came to lunch anymore, but she didn’t think her friends would care that she wasn’t there. She was wrong.

It had been approximately 3 weeks since Y/N had stopped coming to lunch, and the VKs became worried.

“Where is she?” Evie exclaimed, clearly exasperated.

“E, she probably made some new friends. Chill,” Mal spoke while picking at her french fries.

“M, do you see her in the cafeteria? Hm? She’s not sitting with anyone new, she’s completely disappeared. Plus, she wouldn’t just ditch us like that. Something’s up,” The blue haired princess was becoming increasingly worried with each word she spoke.

Jay and Carlos shared a look, going unnoticed by the frustrated girl.

It was no secret that Evie and Y/N both shared feelings for each other. Everyone knew it. Well, except for Evie and Y/N. 

Getting no response, Evie angrily got up and didn’t bother saying goodbye. She was going to track down Y/N and get to the bottom of this.

Y/N sat in the library, enjoying the quiet that enveloped her. 

Even if she did like her alone time, she missed her friends severely. She missed Evie most of all. Evie was her best friend, her rock. Her and Evie had been there for each other since they were kids on the Isle. They had always come to each other when they were feeling sad or upset, but now Y/N felt like she would just burden Evie. Slowly but surely, Y/N had fallen for Evie. She thought that Evie would never feel the same, though.

A visible frown appeared on Y/N’s face as she set her book down. Maybe taking a walk would help clear her mind. She still had some time until her next class, so she got up out her comfortable arm chair and headed outside.

Y/N took a deep breath, the outside air was refreshing. She walked along the fields, deep in thought. Maybe she should go back to the Isle. She thought she belonged more there than in Auradon. She just didn’t fit in. At least on the Isle being alone was normal. The sad girl’s thoughts were interrupted by someone calling her name.

She turned around to see Evie running toward her.

Y/N’s heart fluttered at the mere sight of her. She forgot how beautiful Evie was.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Evie called while running after her, her blue hair flowing behind her.

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! Where have you been?” Evie panted.

“I’ve just been taking a walk,” Y/N shyly replied.

Evie noticed Y/N’s tone of voice. She frowned.

“Where have you been these past few weeks? We all miss you. I miss you,” Evie spoke, grabbing Y/N’s hands.

Y/N blushed at her words, “Um, I’ve just been out and about, you know…”

Evie’s frown deepened, “Y/N. Where have you been?”

Y/N’s frown matched Evie’s, “I’ve been in the library.”

Confusion replaced the worried expression on Evie’s face.


The question was so simple, yet so complicated.

Y/N struggled to reply, “Um, I-I…”

The emotions built up inside Y/N like waves crashing in her. Tears burst out of her eyes, the salty water of the waves flowing down her face.

Evie pulled her in for a hug, relishing in her arms.

“I’m so alone, Evie. I’m so alone,” Y/N sobbed, letting her thoughts come out freely.

Evie pulled back from the hug. Holding Y/N by the shoulders and looking into her eyes, Evie sighed.

“Now why would you ever say that. You aren’t alone. You’ve never been alone,” Tears filled up the blue haired girl’s eyes.

She hated seeing her best friend like this.

“I am always here for you. You can always count on me.”

The two girls looked into each others’ eyes.

“Thank you, E. Thank you so much,” Y/N sniffled as she brought in her best friend for another hug.

The hug lasted a while and when the girls’ pulled away, they lingered for a few seconds. All they could think about was how much they loved each other in that moment. Evie was so special to Y/N and Y/N was all Evie could think about.

Evie looked at Y/N’s pink lips and then Y/N’s Y/E/C eyes and leaned in. The two gentle girls leaned in to each other until their lips connected in a soft kiss. The few seconds the kiss lasted seemed to stretch on into eternity. Their lips meshed perfectly like they were made for each other. Perhaps they were.

When Y/N pulled away for air, the two girls’ smiles seemed endless.

“C’mon,” Evie grinned, “Let’s go to class.”

The girls linked arms and slowly walked off to class, enjoying each others’ company.

I’m not alone, Y/N thought, I’m finally not alone.

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Jayvie headcanons? Any kind will do?

Jay X Evie Headcanons

- On the Isle, since Mal was totally against anything that didn’t involve some sort of pointy blades or graffiti, Evie would practice hair styles on Jay (on the super rare occasion, he would even let her try some new makeup ideas on him)

- Evie had seen a girl flirting with Jay once and had “accidentally” tripped and spilled her plate of gruel all over the girl’s clothing

- While Jay would be on his daily sweep over the Isle, searching and stealing anything that would appear to have some sort of value, he couldn’t help but keep an eye out for some makeup products or pieces of clothing fabric that Evie is always talking about

- Passing notes in class

- Evie constantly takes Jay’s shirts and wears them around when it’s just the two of them (or sometimes with Mal and Carlos)

- C o n s t a n t l y flirting

- Princess and the Thief

- Jay had tried to do the cute ‘tossing pebbles at your lover’s window to get their attention’ thing and accidentally threw a rock that was too big and literally smashed her window

That’s my girl!

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Character: carlos !
* sings that’s my girl by 5h*

You waited by Audrey, fairy godmother and Ben. Wishing these villain kids would hurry up, you hate being close to Audrey for this long.

The limo finally pulls in and two girls first come out, then two guys who are also fighting over who gets to keep the stuff in the limo. You try your best not to laugh.

“ just leave it! ” fairy godmother told them and they threw the stuff back in.

“ Hi! Im Ben and this is y/n, king Arthur’s daughter! ” you wave. “ and this is audre- ” that’s when Audrey cut him off and started talking about how she’s his girlfriend. Pathetic. You just roll your eyes and you hear someone chuckle, you look up and meet eyes with a boy. He’s cute.

6 months later, that cute boy is now your boyfriend. Honestly, you didn’t know how much somebody could mean to you. Currently you were training with the Excalibur. Your father gave it to you for your birthday last year.

“ y/n! ” Carlos yelled while running into the training room with the.. wand?!

“ Carlos? Why do you have the wand? ” you ask him, confused.

“ don’t worry it’s fake! Ben got kidnapped we need your help” Carlos told you, obviously you say yes because Ben is one of your best friends.

you guys head to the limo.

“ hey y/n ! You coming too? ” it was none other than Lonnie.

“ of course! ” you reply walking up and giving her a hug, then you all head in the limo.
You guys finally reach the isle and head out of the limo. You see Mal and Evie and run up the help them.

“ I’m glad you’re here y/n! ” Evie told you.

“ of course! Anything to help” you smile.

“ come on guys! Let’s go! ” Mal yelled heading into the tunnel. Carlos dragged you back for a second.

“ be careful okay? I love you ” he said and you lean in and connect your lips.

“ you be careful too, I love you ” then you guys head into the tunnel.

When you guys got to the other side of the tunnel you seen all the ’ pirates ’ I bet you could beat all of them in a fight.

that’s when the captain started singing,
Let’s get this party started, I swear I’m cold hearted.
It was finally time to trade the ’ wand ’ for Ben. They wanted proof so luckily dude came along and helped out.

They took the wand and passed Ben over, finally. before we got out they realized it was fake so we all start fighting. One of the pirates. Son of Captain Hook walked up to me

“ looks like they brought a preppy princess ” he chuckled. That’s when you pulled out the Excalibur. His face was priceless. You kept fighting and that’s when you got a hold of his hook and started teasing him.

Little did you know Carlos was watching, cheering you on every second. That’s until you heard Carlos yell
that’s my girl!



I was falling. Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between. I fell for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling.

Happy Birthday Ianto Jones!

Okay so I literally have to post something for this guy it’s like my birth right 😂

God what do I even say, for the first time in literally forever I’m at a loss for words in relation to him..wow.

I’m just so glad he’s a character that exists and without mentioning coe too much cause it’s his birthday and I gotta be positive, Im very thankful for all of the Ianto content that we have and the fact that we’re still getting bigfinish audios with him speaks volumes.

I mean he’s a clear fan favourite and we all know he will always have a special place reserved in the heart of literally everybody who has seen Torchwood, so I think the best place to direct this post is towards some of the loveable things about this character that I’ve clung to-
So happy birthday you old welsh coffee boy, here’s how today is going for you in some weird au where nice things happen to good people:

You’re gonna wake up and give yourself an extra half an hours rest because it’s your birthday treat to yourself even though you won’t push it. You’re having your morning coffee and practicing your indifferent expression for when you arrive at the hub and pretend to finally act surprised when somebody brings it up. You wear a specific birthday tie that you reserve for special occasions, it’s your favourite shade of reddish pink with a faint fancy pattern.

You finally get to the hub and everybody shouts a congratulations and you can’t help but blush, Owen is being sarcastic about how he had forgotten and Jack gives you a lil kiss on the cheek and winks which only makes you blush even more.

They invite you out for drinks later and Tosh produces a neatly wrapped package that seems to be holding something thick and soft along with card. You kindly nod in thanks and Owen offers a slightly coffee stained envelope titled ‘Tea Boy’…announcing that it’s contents includes a few gift cards for some formal clothes shops and that he shouldn’t expect much- patting you on the shoulder and despite himself, grinning and telling you to have a good one, you old sod.

Gwen hands you a shiny gift bag and informs you that Rhys wrote the card so if there’s any bad birthday jokes in there, she’s not to blame. You secretly hope there is. Jack hurries everyone along and when given the chance he tells you that he is saving your present for later- you abruptly change the subject and offer everybody a coffee.

They all surprise you and hand you a freshly made mug that they had already prepared previous to your arrival- you fake a smile as you take a sip and they stare, eyes wide with anticipation: you give up and provide a dry mumble of enjoyment and they burst out laughing before continuing on with their daily tasks.

Later on, you finish completing the final report for the day and before you can relax are rushed along to the nearest bar.

It’s late into the early hours of the morning and you can hear the faint laughter of your friends surrounding you through the blaring music. Jack leans closer as the others continue with their conversation so you tipsily glance his way and are directed to a small box with a ribbon, on his lap. You accept the present with mild surprise and open it slowly.

It’s an old gold watch, moderately scratched but with the glimmer and pride that only comes with history surrounding its immediate structure. Jack takes your hand gently and turns over the watch to reveal the most recent adjustment to the piece- newly engraved font gleaming against a hidden buffered background. Jack apologises if it looks cheap as it clearly wasn’t newly bought but you’re numb to his stutters because you can’t help but focus on the writing before you- suddenly you’re beckoned to look up for a toast yet you keep glancing back at the watch laying loose between your fingers.

To Ianto &
The Many
Years To Come
- Jack


Well that was completely unplanned and came out of nowhere and now it’s 1am…
Anyway he deserves a nice chill day.
God why am I emotional.

To Ianto, what a lad 🥂