How sprache eine mensche die germanische spraches familie lingua franca? Es ist nicht svårt, fast die mensche must dir kopf use! Warum must die mensche dir kopf använda zu dieses lingua franca verbruken?

Es ist så, dah dir germanische spraches habst många varianter. So the mensche must anpassa deras sprache für die mensche man sprichst mit!

Så, use das svorsk, das deutsche-schwedische, das dutch-german und so weiter. Und sie kann germanische lingua franca sprichst!

DAY6 as “roses are red...” poems

A/N It’s almost 2 am and i don’t know what im gonna do with my life


Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot so are you.


Roses are red, grass is greener when i think about you I playing with my wiener


Roses are okay, violets are fine, i’ll be the 6 and you’ll be the 9


Roses are red, so is my face, when im around you


Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m using my hand,but thinking of you.


ps. im sorry

My favorite line from each song in Heathers

You’re on jiffy pop detail (Beautiful)
Honey whatcha waitin fOR-sHUt uP H eATHeR (Candy Store)
Daaaaaaaaaamn (Fight For Me)
FIGHT PAIN WITH MORE PAIN + Try it. (Freeze Your Brain)
Really? Cuz I fEel gReaT (Big Fun)
That works for me HYOOP (Dead Girl Walking)
I learned to kiss boys with my tongue - that’s good. (Me Inside of Me)
They’re warm like mittens (Blue)
Free PUSSY! and we don’t even have to buy it a PIZZA! (Our Love is God)
My boy’s a homosexual, and that don’t scare me none! (My Dead Gay Son)
Yeah, we’re damaged, badly damaged, but your love’s too good to lose (Seventeen)
Steve, I’m ending our affair! (Shine A Light)
Well who made her captain? (Lifeboat)
You whine all night! (Shine A Light Reprise)
Now we’re all grown up and we know better (Kindergarten Boyfriend)
Too late! He got in- knock knock. (Yo Girl)
VERONICA open the-open the door please (Meant To Be Yours)
I wish your DAD WERE GOOD I WISH GROWN-UPS UNDERSTOOD (Dead Girl Walking Reprise)
Wish you’d kiss me (I Am Damaged)
My date for the pep rally kinda blew…me off. (Seventeen Reprise)

things i love about dean winchester born January 24, 1979

  • his protectiveness over anyone he loves
  • one of the best hunters in the world, next to sam
  • those green eyes??? illegal
  • when he smiles his eyes crinkle at the edges
  • b o w l e g s
  • his hair is such a cute fluff
  • actual grandma of the group
  • amazing cook & super big neat freak
  • them henleys eather jackets??? add ‘em
  • great with kids despite having none
  • could literally kick anyone’s ass
  • allergic to cats of all things
  • loyal and honest and brave
  • is actually a genius with all things
  • also his hands like have you seen them???
  •  a r m s 
  • no matter what he’s gone through he’s still a good person

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really like your fic recs and wanted to let you know I appreciate them , also could you recommend me some super long fics , I'm kinda new so I don't mind the #classics Thank you and 😘😘

Thank youuuu! So nice! Let me present to you, the 10 longest Drarry fics I’ve read* (*that I love enough to want to rec to you & everyone else):

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
(I have about ten thousand favorite scenes in this fic, it is SO much fun, I love the characters, BAMF!Harry, the sweet Drarry, the details of the plot etc.)

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (371k)
Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history? A Slytherin!Harry AU.
(Tear my heart out, why don’t you? This fic kills me, it’s the canon rewrite I always wanted. Much darker, more emotional. I’ve read it many times.)

Foundations!verse by Sara’s Girl (a total of 364k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.
(This entire ‘verse is SO wonderful, you are going to fall so hard for this Harry and Draco. A+ characterizations, such sweet domestic fluff, EVERYTHING!)

Turn, by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
(I have too many words about how much I adore this fic, see my dissertation on the topic here. Beautiful story, amazing characters, excellent writing.)

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (222k)
Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
(Fic aesthetic by me. I always have such fun with this one, I’ve read it multiple times. Very pro-Slytherin, secret identities, badass!Harry, sweetness…)

Big Dick, Come Quick by Calanthe (204k)
Draco’s got a theory. About sex. After much searching for the right candidate, it appears that only Harry Potter, his life long enemy, can help him test it out.
(This one is amazingly hot, amazingly fluffy, and sooo sweet. Might not be ideal to read in public, but I think it’s well worth a read or five. Lovely Drarry.)

Draco’s Boy by empathic siren (186k)
A mysterious little boy named Harry moves in next door to Draco Malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. Years later, he’s determined to make Harry more than a friend.
(I feel like this fic shortened my life with at least ten years, THAT’S HOW MUCH I CRIED. Sweet baby!Harry deserved better. Perfect for you angst-lovers.)

Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter.
(Omggg this fic. Harry and Draco have such passion in this, there’s so much desperation, and the angst, oh it hurts. Another favorite of mine.)

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (149k)
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
(Love. This. Fic. I have so many headcanons thanks to this one. Great writing, and wonderful pining, also humor, badass magic, Death Eather safe houses…)

Consequences of Redemption by bobbirose (120k)
When Draco makes an impromptu decision to rescue Harry Potter from Malfoy Manor, the two find themselves alone and facing the looming climax of the war against Voldemort. Harry must start from the beginning with Draco–and starting over has more consequences than either of them anticipated.
(This one is all fluffy fun and sweetness, I mean they’re ADORABLE… until it casually decides to ruin your life. It’s not like I needed a heart anyway.)

  • JK Rowling whilst writing the HP-series: Slytherin is the "evil house". The guy who bullies Harry, Ron and Hermione goes there with all his mean friends. Slytherin and Gryffindor, the house I put ninety percent of my main characters are always competing. Also lord Voldemort was a Slytherin. They only care about being from a rich and well-known family. Their password to get in was literally "pureblood". Only REALLY fancy/elite kids go there. Pretty much every death eather was a Slytherin. Their head teacher is the scary-scary Snape. Wow. Such evil
  • JK Rowling after finishing the series: WHO TF TOLD YOU SLYTHERIN WAS THE "EVIL HOUSE"??????? NO NO NO THEY ARE NOT ALL HOUSES ARE EQUALLY GOOD!!!!!11!!1!1!

Derek x Reader

Requested By @greatcoralls23

Liam settled into the Hale pack well, naturaly the Betas resisted, until they decided he was an easy tool use to get their way. Liam was quick to take to Boyd, his silent guidance made his first few shifts easy, even encouraging Erica to help.


“Maybe we just don’t tell them?” You turned to Derek who had given up on comforting you and was letting you pace the bedroom.


“And how will you explain the second heart beat?” Derek hummed, head tilted in amusement.


“Hale this isn’t funny.” You snapped and jabbed his chest.

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“Why don’t you just eat?” she asks, and it takes everything inside of me not to mutter profanities under my breath or respond with biting sarcasm. If I had a penny for every time I heart those words, the unsolicited advice from the well-meaning, misinformed people in my life, I would be swimming in dollar signs. My god, I’m fixed now! I want to say, throwing up my hands dramatically. 

Why don’t you just eat

Her words ring in my ears as I stare at the plate in front of me. And my throat is constricted and my jaw tight and my whole body is reacting to the thought of food, nausea already rising. Taking that fork to my mouth feels like a herculean task.

Why don’t you just eat

If only, I think. If only it were that simple.
If only there weren’t a Monster living in my head, abusive and controlling and unable to pacified without self-destruction. If only I didn’t wake up everyday to this noise / chaos in my mind / the angry voice of the Monster telling me that the only way to make the pain stop is to starve-purge-run it out of me. If only I could look in the mirror without wanting to scrape out the parts of myself that aren’t lovely. Maybe then I could eat freely, maybe then I could chew and swallow and smile nicely like the other girls.

Why don’t you just eat 

Some people keep their pain on lockdown, but me? I wear it on my body, letting my physical form give words to what cannot be said, what is too terrible to be spoken. When words won’t come and my voice gets stuck in my throat, I let my body do the talking, tearing myself apart to let them know the trauma is too much for one small ME to bear.

Maybe someday I will be able to “just eat,” nourishing my body intuitively. Maybe someday the disorder will be manageable and the Monster kept at bay. But for now, each bite is mechanical and forced as I try to push through the war going on in my mind, try to remind myself of the life that I am fighting for that is on the other side of this. 

Why don’t you just eat

Her mistake is a simple one: she assumes that it is about the food and not about every inch of my body being on fire, every cell bursting at the seams with stories of hardship and survival.

It’s the wrong question, I want to tell her. Don’t ask me, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST FEED YOURSELF NORMALLY, GODAMMIT, because I ask myself that question every single day already. Ask how you can aid me in the battle, how you can join forces with me and help fight the Monster. Ask about the war, not about the food.

“Why don’t you just eat?” she asks me
And I smile politely back at her and say, “I’m trying.”