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I have another question. . . what kind of drunk is Gaster happy, sad, or mean? This is just a character development thing I like to think about for my own characters and I want to know about your vurtion of him, and does the state of drunkenness change from Wendle, to pre core, to post core ( post core probably can't drink though so skip him ) eather way the sinarieos should be funny. At least they are in my head. thanks

I desperately wanted to draw a response to this, but things are just WAY too hectic over here, sorry :( So instead here is a text response:

Gaster would definitely be a talkative drunk, but no more mean or happy than he usually is. Drinking removes peoples’ inhibitions, and Gaster has none in the department of niceties or politeness to begin with. He’d likely be the type of drunk to insist on explaining in extensive detail his method for converting thermal power into an exploitable resource, and the finer mechanical difficulties of maintaining the CORE’s internal cooling system to anyone willing, or unwilling, to listen.

And you’re correct on post-core Gaster. He’s little more than a sentient probability, a wave function with a personality, an angry quantum event, etc.

okay but i REALLY need to know more about the demographic of hogwarts students in relation to their houses

do all houses have about the same amount of students? if not, do some houses generally have more/fewer students than others or does this change every year? and if some houses generally have more students than others, what affects this?

is there a noticeable difference between the houses pre-hogwarts kids want to be in versus the amount of students that actually end up in that house? is this due to history? politics? were there less slytherin students after the first and second wizarding war because it was said to be the “death eather house”? (did like 90% of kids born in, say, the 1990′s and 2000′s, want to be in gryffindor because that’s where the trio was? did celebrity culture influence this in general?)

is the gender distribution equal or do some houses generally have more female or more male students? if so, which houses are predominantly female or predominantly male? how do other qualifiers such as class or race play into this, if at all? did a lot of students from working class families end up in hufflepuff because their upbringing taught them to value hard work and dedication (typical hufflepuff values)?

what jobs are “typical” for houses? if there is a noticeable difference between houses, what fields would students of a specific house generally excel in the most? for example, do a lot of hufflepuffs go into law, compared to other houses? do a lot of gryffindors go into politics or activism?

jkr take cursed child back and give me answers instead

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