Ever thought of the possibility that the world would end before 2012 in a nuclear war or a meteor impact? Had the prophecy been made around 1800, people would just rejoice and go “Lucky! The world won’t end till 2012, so not in my lifetime!”, wouldn’t they? Though most people would probably ignore it. That’s what I’m saying. What those so-called ‘prophets’ are good at is in fact just exaggerating rumors to frighten people. Though, I’m not saying there are no real prophets among them. For instance…consider Izaya. He’s sort of like a prophet isn’t he? Isn’t he always saying mysterious things as if he could read your mind? He’ll appear like a ghost everytime something happens, and act as if everything’s happening the exact way he had expected, but he is actually as clueless as everyone else beforehand. Everything is obvious with the benefit of hindsight. Just like those self-proclaimed prophets, all he does is talk about things that have already happened as if he had expected them long in advance. What’s unusual about Orihara Izaya is that he can make talks very convincing. If you analyze his talks with a clear head, they probably won’t be enough to take you in… But he’ll always make sure to arrive on the scene at the best time and say the worst possible thing in your ear, so that you can’t help but be unnerved. If Izaya were to debut as a prophet on television, he’d get pretty high ratings. Of course, when his following has reached a certain size, he would probably get tired of it, toss out a big prophecy such as “Japan is going to be submerged” and simply disappear into the commotion it would cause. He was already good at coaxing and cajoling back when we were still in school. Rather than ‘tricking’ or ‘deceiving’, I’d rather say he’s good at coaxing. So good that it’s almost a waste. Really, my high school days were ruined thanks to those two. Shizuo was violent and Izaya was shady as hell, so no girls were willing to approach us. Not that I wanted any other girl when I was already living with Celty, of course. Anyway, the point is, never believe a word Izaya says. Unlike those self-proclaimed prophets, there’s not even an ounce of good will in his words. But then, his lies aren’t any more palatable even if he does say them with good will.
—  Kishitani Shinra to Sturluson Celty, Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 5