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Day 17 of @thatsthat24 inktober: Think of one really good/funny/happy memory from this year or sometime recently that you’d like to illustrate and accompany with explanation. What a lovely prompt.

Over the summer, my older brother and I watched all of our favorite movies from when we were younger, before we dropped him off for college in a different continent. Nostalgia nirvana! I’m missing him this year, but this was a nice memory to make before he left for his own adventures.

ask and ye shall receive

sparkly bfs

so dapper

remember how many times they said “our wedding” bc i do and it keeps me up at night

bc how could i not include the most iconic look™

the best day ever aka Speckle Suit Day

plus a bonus bc loOk AT THEM

in conclusion: they like to coordinate, they look good in suits, and their wedding pictures are gonna kill us all. thank you for your time.