Zoolander 2’s Trans Jokes Are As Lazy and Offensive As You Feared
Concerns over the trailer for ‘Zoolander 2,’ which mocked an androgynous model played by Benedict Cumberbatch, were founded. The film’s trans jokes do offend—even worse, they’re dumb.

TW for transphobia, CW for spoilers

“In addition to being largely unfunny and uninspired, as my colleague Jen Yamato wrote in her review, the film is also horribly offensive.

Concerns over Cumberbatch’s character, the industry’s hottest new model named “All,”first emerged when the film’s trailer was released, teasing jokes about the character as one of the film’s comedic highlights.

Upon meeting All, Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson’s Hansel—who have spent over a decade away from the fashion world and apparently missed the evolution of trans and androgyne acceptance through various half-baked, high-concept plot conceits—are mystified.

“Are you, like, a male model or a female model?” Zoolander asks. “All is all,” All replies.

Hansel buts in: “I think what he’s asking is whether you’ve got a hot dog or a bun.”

It devolves from there. “Do you have a wiener or a vaginer?” A reference is made to All’s most recent sociopolitical act, marrying “hermself.”  

No malice is expressed towards All, but All’s existence is the butt of jokes. Lazy jokes. Dated jokes. Really, frigging stupid jokes.

When you boil it down, all Zoolander 2 attempted to say was that the very act of being gender ambiguous - whether All was trans or androgynous or what have you - is funny. That curiosity over a trans person’s sexual organs is hilarious.“

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I know people will say, it’s “comedy,” but trans people are getting killed every week of every year. THEIR DEATHS ARE FUELED BY THIS RIDICULE AND CONTEMPT, AND IT ISN’T F*CKING FUNNY.

‘11 Things To Never Ask A Transgender Person’  

In Galaxy Quest, the stars of an old sci-fi TV show discover that reruns of their show that were beamed beyond the solar system were received by a space-faring race called the Thermians, who have no concept of fiction and have modeled their entire culture off of these “historical documents.” Apparently, every fantastical conceit of this universe’s version of Star Trek is scientifically feasible, which is a stretch, but since America decided that The Social Network is a true story this isn’t going to trip me up too much. The Thermians even manage to build the “Omega-13,” which is a humongous floating puddle of blue CGI sperm with an unknown purpose. The Thermians don’t know what it does, the heroes of the movie don’t know what it does, even die-hard fans of the show don’t know what it does.

According to Justin Long, who is the character you see right up there, the purpose of the cerulean jizz is the center of a raging nerd debate: “Many believe that it is a matter-collapser, a bomb capable of destroying pretty much everything in about 13 seconds. But myself and others are convinced it’s actually a matter-rearranger, effecting a 13-second time-jump to the past.”

So if you turn on the Omega-13, it’ll either end all of existence or go back in time 13 seconds, which isn’t even enough time to do anything important. “It’s enough time to fix a single mistake,” Tim Allen says. Jeez, Tim, technically, I guess. But no mistake could possibly be worth that risk. This is all of existence we’re talking about. It’s not possible for our brains to comprehend these stakes. I know the movie makes a big deal out of the existence of this device, so it seems like it’s important to the plot, but listen to me, Tim: Do not activate Chekhov’s space-cum. I cannot stress this enough.

5 Heroic Movie Characters Who Were Secretly Huge Jerks


selfie dump! because a lot of my mutuals have been posting their beautiful faces and i wanted to join in on the fun

also my cat, because harley is an angel descended from the heavens and i love her and look at that good cat

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I see you around school just floating around is so embarrassing maybe if your head wasnt so far up your own ass you'd have a group of friends to sit with.. Or u can keep posting them hot selfies bae 😂😂😂😂

I do sit with a big group of friends????? I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you by enjoy my own company and sometimes walking to class by myself lol hahahahahahah nah, I actually know who this is, get a grip you conceited little bitch. You should pay some attention in english, you probably don’t even know what that word means 😂😂😂 You honestly just sound insanely jealous it’s scaring me HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Not putting up with anyones shit today soz babe 😜😂😂😂😅😅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ have a good day.

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((∞ I know I'm super late but if you have time Valentine and Grubba?

A rather daunting fusion that honestly looks down on just about everyone and is extremely blunt about everything. Combining Grubba and Valentine’s massive egos, they honestly just make a pretty conceited fusion that likes to talk about themselves 24/7. If they could just stick together for longer than 10 seconds that is, heh.

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have you read ariel schrag's adam, bc apparently it was briefly really popular among trans people and i read it and thought it was the epitome of gross cis gaze

I haven’t read it. the central conceit is kinda hilarious but I think it’s probably too earnest from what it looks like and it seems unintentionally funny.

I’m not much of a fiction reader, and at this point I refuse to read anything about trans people by cis folks on principle since there are so many good trans authors out there.

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(Conceited 'hero' one) okay he it sorta well known, from video games to comic books and TV shows and she isn't very well known because she is only in the comic books and one TV show :)

Omg this is really familiar to me and I know that I know who this is! GAAAAAHHHH I just can’t place it though!! I’m sorry Anon I’ve failed you :(

When you see a picture of an attractive person and you consider liking it but then you scroll down and it gets ruined because all the person does is brag about how fucking beautiful they think they are.

News flash- conceit is not attractive.

You’re so conceited
I said “I love you”
What does it matter if I lie to you?
I don’t regret it
So don’t you tell me that you ‘just don’t get it’
Cause I know you do.

(In The Form of A Dialogue In Medias Res)

                                                                                  Stanley Gemmell

Very beautiful, firstly.
Second, omniscient.
“How is this possible,
does she deploy external
forces as if they were artifacts?”
Possibly, let me stroke
this thought further.
Very shy seeming,
yet forward: capable
at once of surprise,
you are made to think
she is fearful of presence,
only to behold her wield
such, magnificently.
“But what is beauty?
What is its purpose?”
To constrain you.

Next there is an air of the disposable.
“Disposition?”  Yes, such is incorporated,
yet, what I mean is that which may be
discarded: all of life is beneath her.
“Is this a conceit?”  Of course!
She greatly values life, but
for her purposes she must
feign indifferent solitude
or distance
[there is a brief, volatile
static on the frequency,
an electric storm in
the veins of shared destiny]
from all vested power.
She remains a free-agent,
thus, she is able to authenticate
her own, very real achievements,
and further disambiguate
all others from such.
Without an assurance
of her sovereign singularity,
the project of improbable
rise would remain suspect.

Lastly, kindness.
Without this there is nothing.
“Although she may not seem it?”
Precisely, and here is the great danger!
To manifest the rustic,
spontaneous charm necessary
to pull back inconsolate and
desperate souls from their brinks,
she must never seem to be doing so.



the signs as oxymorons
  • aries:controlled chaos
  • taurus:festive tranquility
  • gemini:deceptively honest
  • cancer:cheerful pessimist
  • leo:prideful misery
  • virgo:apprehensive conceit
  • libra:cruel kindness
  • scorpio:perplex explicate
  • sagittarius:unequivocally ambiguous
  • capricorn:melancholy merriment
  • aquarius:militant pacifist
  • pisces:ethereal actuality

pride & prejudice au - reylo

From the moment I met you your arrogance and conceit and your selfish disdain for the feelings of other made me realize that you are the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.