Radicles from Ok ko: Lets be heroes

Radicles or Rad, might seems conceited and selfish and even a slacker at times on the job but he has a soft side and really cares about his coworkers Enid and KO! he also loves kittens and babysitting and its the cutest!

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don’t even tell me where we are going / hands over my eyes, hands over my eyes
don’t even tell me where we are going / just walk, just walk by my side

[mini rant bc work put me in a bad mood] just went and blocked another 3 accounts for posting condescending hate in the taag… like idk y’all, it’s fine to not like a ship, but you gotta stop shoving it in people’s faces. we all like ships for different reasons; assuming everyone should think the way you do is conceited as hell

i’m really excited for breathe for a number of reasons, some of them obvious, but i think also just… because it’s something that’s central to my own novel i’ve spent a lot of time looking at the way love and sexuality are portrayed in disability narratives and this really seems like something different. when the mainstream standard is stuff like me before you, where the happy ending is that the disabled person falls in love and then dies… like, the central conceit of this movie is that robin cavendish asks his wife to divorce him and remarry because it’s “unfair” to her to be married to a bedbound man when she’s so young and she has so much life ahead of her, and she says “absolutely not” and they remained married for forty more years and invented medical devices that saved the lives of countless people! and the screenplay was commissioned by robin cavendish’s son to commemorate his father so i doubt it’ll be the sort of shiftless inspiration porn we’re so used to seeing. i’m excited.

I'm coming for what I deserve and I'm planning on pissing off a lot of people too! Because apparently people find it offensive and conceited if you love and believe in yourself, so apologies in advance but I've wasted years being timid and disliking myself and I'm currently at the point of overflowing with self love, and I'm ready to get it.

- Meggan Roxanne

The Signs: Dark Rulerships

Dark and unusual things over which each sign rules.

Aries: accidents, barren places and burned ground, cuts, doorways, insomnia, nosebleeds, skulls, surgery, thistles, trances, wolves

Taurus: coins, dogma, strangulation, gluttony, psychometry, suspect and unsafe places

Gemini: breath, pupils, rumors, chests, crystals, hounds, ribs, forgetting, pillars

Cancer: blood serum, graves, onyx, cellars, cradles, marshes, night flowers, glass, wells

Leo: fortresses and lairs, arrogance, chamomilla, ballrooms, circuses and playgrounds, vomiting

Virgo: black cats, fractured bones, libraries, intestines, conceit and inferiority, sick rooms, parasites

Libra: vines and lilies, marble, trials, alcoves and closets, vertebrae, forests, manipulation, attics

Scorpio: cesspools, bile, funerals and embalmers, magic, foul odors and stagnant water, blood red, vermin and mobs

Sagittarius: the spine, altars, visions and prophecy, incense, holy books, arteries

Capricorn: decay, abandoned places, thorns and nightshade, bones, coffins and mortuaries, gates, acid and ashes

Aquarius: ether and blood, radio static, teeth, rebellions, black pearls, nuclear weapons

Pisces: abbeys, enemies, hospitals and anesthetics, veils, outcasts and charlatans, clairvoyance, gasoline, mazes, falsity, self-undoing

The Zodiac Signs When Seeing a Crush

Stammers when talking to the person (”Um, I…”), runs away if they weren’t seen: Cancer, Virgo

Babbles about random topics: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

Stares quietly: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius

Acts louder/more intelligent and more conceited: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

What You Don’t Know About the Moon Signs

ARIES: They are fighters, they go through so much turmoil and still manage to rise above it. They have so much passion and love for their family and loved ones, they tend to hurt these people the most, as Aries is emotional and can go through a range of emotions in such a short span of time. They tend to beat themselves up a lot for all the shit they do. They just need the love and attention they may not have received in early life.

TAURUS: Family and home are very important to Taurus moons. They strive for long term relationships and are generally loyal to their significant others. They can come off as needy, clingy, and obsessive leaving them heartbroken many times in their life. This may stem from a family who suffocated them or were distant. They think they are boring and typical, they need someone who will love them for all their faults and see the life in them that others do not.

GEMINI: Gemini moons have a rep for being emotionless, cold, and a total heartbreaker. This isn’t true by any means. Gemini moons feel a range of emotions, so overwhelming that they shut it down completely and focus more on their mind than their heart. They don’t know how to feel sometimes, leading to depression and anxiety. It’s not that they don’t want anyone to love, they are actively searching for someone who understands they need space, they want to take things slow, which can be hard to understand because of how open they are. Gemini moons are full of love, wit, and enthusiasm. 

CANCER: Known for being clingy cry babies. But, really you guys?? Cancer moons are your best bet and probably the most misunderstood. These people would do ANYTHING for those they love. I’m talking like, giving you their last dollar so you can get something you want. They put the needs of their loved ones before themselves. They just want to nurture you and love you and want that back from you. They don’t want anything else. The “mom” friend, even if they’re male. These people are so fucking sweet. (Issues with the father are noted)

LEO: Okay, so they can be dramatic, but it’s because they feel so deeply and just want attention. They have a tendency to be conceited and arrogant but truthfully, they are very insecure about themselves and this stems from harsh parents who were very concerned with their status and their children’s looks. They just want you to pay attention to their rants, their stories, their generous acts. Thank and compliment a Leo moon today (unless they’re genuinely being an ass)

VIRGO: Virgo moons put a huge wall between their feelings and others, from fear of rejection, general anxiety about love, and not being well developed in their feelings. Because of this huge amount of baggage they put on themselves, they can love deeply one second and become critical and harsh the next. They need someone who will understand this and calm them down when things get too rough.

LIBRA: These beauties are some sweet talkers. And super generous, too. They’re usually the ones to not take sides during an argument between their friends, they talk to each one individually and attempt to work out a solution. Arguments, confrontation, and fighting are a huge fear for them, they can’t ever seem to say no to favors or stand up for themselves. Libra moons put their loved ones before themselves all the time. They need someone who will speak up for them or break them out of their shell and reassure them they’re allowed to say no if they want. 

SCORPIO: Scorpio Moons have intensified emotions and lead very private lives. Scorpio Moons are harder to get through than Scorpio Suns, actually. They fear others taking advantage of them or controlling their lives, so they don’t get involved in relationships very often but when they do, they’re likely to leave fast. They like the idea of love instead of love itself. Scorpio moons want so much to be in love, but they’re just too scared. The mother of the Scorpio moon was likely full of turmoil, leading to their trust issues. A constant with her leaving her child, or possibly having passed away.  They need someone who will be patient and understanding of the issues they have.

SAGITTARIUS: Impulsive, rapidly changing emotions are a constant for Sagittarius moons. There’s a pattern of reckless behavior / emotions and often being blunt and direct, which obviously hurts the feelings of others. Deep down, Sagittarius moons are very loving and affectionate. They just need someone who will understand they don’t always mean the things they say. They need someone who can keep up with their active mind, changeable emotions, and wild spirit.

CAPRICORN: Most likely of them all to have issues with the father, 2nd being Cancer Moons. Often, childhood trauma has effected them, making them take on responsibility for themselves early on, out of fear that no one can take care of them but themselves. They’re overly protective of their emotions and attempt to show no signs of actually being fragile. Once in love, they are committed and true. They need someone who will not be afraid to work hard for them. It’s not that they mean to be complicated, they’ve just been through a lot.

AQUARIUS: Freedom and individuality are absolutely important to Aquarius moons. They need space to breathe in, they need to be fully themselves, and they need times where they can be on their own. This doesn’t mean they’ll flake on everyone, this just means that people can be too much for them at times, even if they’re extraverted. They are friends to everyone they know, having friends from many different backgrounds. Their mother may have been distant, not giving the love and attention that should be given. This can make Aquarius moons adopt the same persona, distant and cold with their emotions. But when they truly open up to someone, they love with all their heart.

PISCES: Literally the most romantic of all the moon signs, and a huge flirt. Affairs are likely with this placement. Pisces moons have a strong intuition and immense creativity. Sometimes they get lost in their own world and lose sight of reality. They can make people out to be something they’re not which is dangerous if that person is actually toxic. It’s likely their mother had a drug addiction, and it’s likely Pisces moon will also have an addiction. They need someone who can ground them and bring them back to earth before they become too oblivious to their surroundings. 

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The expectation vs reality of each sign

Aries: stuck up // actually down to earth

Taurus: trustworthy // actually has tons of blackmail willing to use against you

Gemini: shy in class // actually one of the loudest + most fun you’ll ever meet

Cancer: bitch // actually is really sweet and will cook for you

Leo: conceited & popular // actually insecure + hates most people

Virgo: overly critical of others // actually has no intention of hurting people and is just really honest

Libra: happiest person you will meet // actually is really sad

Scorpio: is really cool // actually still cool but a little awkward

Sagittarius: unsympathetic // actually cares a whole lot although they may not show it

Capricorn: way to serious // actually is super crazy once you get to know them

Aquarius: difficult at maintaining friendships // actually the other persons fault for the end of the relationship

Pisces: super shy & sweet // actually will fuckin turn into an ape

source: lmsunshine94

The Zodiac Signs and Success

Grows conceited: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Gets excited but tries to remain patient so they don’t slack off later or insults themself so they don’t become too confident: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

The Signs as Flowers
  • Aries: Allium. Aries stand tall and proud, they're generally pretty content with themselves. Although they are not conceited, so they give off good vibes.
  • Taurus: Leadwort. They are fragile, but lovely people. It may take time for them to open up, but once they do, you'll be happy you stayed around to see it happen.
  • Gemini: Yellow Loosestrife. Full of life, vibrant, and exciting. They don't like any lack of attention - they'll do anything to keep the spotlight on them.
  • Cancer: Trillium. They are great friends and amazing, funny people. They can be hard to tend to, though - as they are very emotional and require a lot of support.
  • Leo: Shooting Star. Leo's are beautiful and bright people. They give off positivity and they like making people happy, and they don't like being the center of attention all the time, but they do enjoy the spotlight every now and then.
  • Virgo: Scarlet Sage. They're easy-going and good people, you'd be smart to befriend a Virgo. They get along with pretty much everyone.
  • Libra: Mazus. A Libra is usually a good person to keep around. They funny and personable, but if you don't keep an eye on them, they can easily leave and move on once they get bored.
  • Scorpio: Malva. They're lovely and fun, and everyone seems to know them. Not many close friends, but they have tons of acquaintances.
  • Sagittarius: Heliotrope. Small and cute, friendly and funny. But don't hurt them, or do them wrong. They're easily broken.
  • Capricorn: Gomphrena. Capricorns are nice and good people, and they low drama so they're easy to deal with. Once you're friends with a Capricorn, you'll never want to let that friendship die.
  • Aquarius: Marigold. Just as a Marigold is a quick fix to making a boring garden more colorful, an Aquarius will bring light and happiness into your life.
  • Pisces: Lantana. Pisces will immediately make you feel happy and warm. But once you get to know them, you'll find that some of their traits may be off putting. They can easily make you uncomfortable. Although they are great supporters.
The signs stereotypes switched so that they're accurate
  • Aries stereotype: always angry
  • True Aries: always hungry
  • Taurus stereotype: always hungry
  • True Taurus: clean freak
  • Gemini stereotype: two faced bitch
  • True Gemini: evil
  • Cancer stereotype: overly emotional
  • True Cancer: shy and sensitive
  • Leo stereotype: extremely conceited
  • True Leo: always angry
  • Virgo stereotype: clean freak
  • True Virgo: a rude asshole
  • Libra stereotype: cute and innocent
  • True Libra: two faced bitch
  • Scorpio stereotype: evil
  • True Scorpio: extremely conceited
  • Sagittarius stereotype: a rude asshole
  • True Sagittarius: cute and innocent
  • Capricorn stereotype: smart and boring
  • True Capricorn: still smart and boring
  • Aquarius stereotype: creative
  • True Aquarius: overly emotional
  • Pisces stereotype: shy and sensitive
  • True Pisces: creative

TITANIC (1997) dir. James Cameron
“It’s been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was…”