Birds of a Feather: Part 2

Request:  Can you do a part two to birds of a feather? It was so good I need more 😭😍

~I am overjoyed to know you wanted a part two to one of my stories. I am over the moon right now. :D I hope you enjoy!~

This is part 2 of another story! If you want to read part 1, here is the link!

You and Newt had been taking care of your little bird for two months now. He had not told you what kind it was and you had not really thought of asking him. You were too busy spending time with Newt, having tea with Newt, telling jokes with Newt. Everything in your life had turned to Newt and your bird.

Hearing a knock on the door, you looked up from your book and smiled. He’s here.

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agsjdkgljlj okay,, Jeremy being pretty hesitant about it at first, only wearing crop tops on hot days/to the beach and stuff, but eventually he walks into school one day with one on absolutely rocking it

rich was heading to his locker and couldn’t tell from behind bc of his cardigan over it but he turns around when rich yells his name and rich trips and falls straight to the floor


As she finishes reading, Felicity feels so confused she’s certain she’s pale as a sheet, and possibly trembling. She barely notices Diggle’s hand warily resting on her shoulder, rubbing back and forth to try and comfort her.

She doesn’t know what to think. Or say. Her thoughts are a jumbled mess in her head, and it’s as if she’s lost in a hurricane, the storm of hazy thoughts in her mind making her dizzy. She feels as if she’s about to pass out and throw up at the same time.

She is pledging that she will be receptive to the male’s other efforts of courting her.

“He gave you his feather as a courting gift, Felicity,” Diggle says softly. “And you accepted it.”

“I - I didn’t know,” she whispers, and there’s a choking croak to her voice due to the intense wave of emotion sweeping through her. Oh god. If the feather was a courting gift… does that mean that their burger night (early morning?) was a date?!

She’s going to be sick.

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I’ve been wanting to post these forever. XDDD

Not really a spoiler, but, in Birds of a Feather, I think, every now and then, Ennotana take good advantage of Tanaka’s breaks. But, esp when Ennoshita has said some really endearing shit (like in “Molting”), sometimes Ennoshita is too much for Tanaka’s heart to handle…and, ofc, vice versa. (´∀`)♥ 

Materials: Prismacolor illustration pens & Copic multiliners (various sizes & colors), Prismacolor markers, Copic markers, ZIG Writers, atyou Spica markers, white Prismacolor colored pencil, and white Sakura Gelly Roll.


BIRDS OF A FEATHER a Gotham fanfiction by Andy Wright. (Concept).

Right now, this still a rough concept inspired by my latest imagine “A King’s Knight’, where the reader is one of Penguin’s loyal henchmen. And since I’m both in love with Ruby Rose and identify with genderfluidity myself I wanted to try out and write a character like this.

Among Penguin’s henchmen in the comics, there’s this character named Lark (Penguin’s personal driver), that fitted my intentions. So I decided to write my intepretation for Lark as if she where a part of Gotham. (That’s why this story will follow the canon events and won’t interfere with anything. It’s going to be like a side story. “Off camera”, to put a name to it).

As I said it’s still a rough concept but I’ll be developing it soon and posting it here under that tittle.