I noticed something about Yuuri's pronouns

After watching episode 3 several times, I noticed something quite interesting about the dialogs so I’m gonna give my analysis.

Correct me if I’m wrong in any Japanese term please, I’m still learning it.

Ok, so first we know about how last episode when Viktor talked about his last lover he was using a gender neutral word, “恋人”. It’s pretty ambiguous because, whether Viktor simply doesn’t care, doesn’t think it’s worth mentioning, or he is openly specifying he didn’t have a ‘girlfriend’ (or as we fear, it’s only misleading dialog that only serves the purpose of being queer-baiting fanservice).

Moving on to episode 3 we can see that it wasn’t something trivial or written mindlessly since from Yuuri’s side, the episode revolves around gender, the perception of one’s self, and different inner discoveries.

First, we get to this theme (even if it seems like a joke) when Viktor performs Eros’ choreography the first time and Yuuri says that it’s so sexy it would even get a man like him pregnant.

Then we get to the part when he tells the story of the choreography. About the foreign man who gets the prettiest woman in town to fall for him and then leaves her one he’s bored. Yuuri can feel the story, he knows it, but can’t feel completely identified with it.

He finds his muse when he holds Viktor’s suit and he tells Yuuri that it was meant to go for an androgynous look (which wasn’t necessary since Viktor is already pretty damn androgynous), and he explores the idea of wandering with his sexuality and sensuality.

Now to the point where I wanted to get!!

Yuuri usually (if not always) uses “僕” to refer to himself, which is a form of “I” more informal and even childlike, most commonly used by males.

He uses this to refer to himself until he gets out on the ice, after the pork cutlet confession (where he also used “僕”).

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When he asks himself “Who am I dancing for?” He uses “私” 「わたし」, a gender neutral and pretty formal word for ‘I’. 

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Then we see Minako’s flashback and how Yuuri approached her looking for advice to change his posture into a more feminine one. Shortly after this event his failed salchow follows, and he cheers himself up thinking “It doesn’t matter, an error like this won’t interrupt my sensuality.”

Here he uses “私”, same kanji as above but with the reading 「あたし」, used exclusively by women and it is really feminine.

After using it twice he doesn’t use pronouns in any sentence for the rest of the episode (and if I’m not mistaken, not even on the preview).

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