yessicaacuna  asked:

Thank you for telling me I have an amazing blog 😊 yours is too!! What super junior blogs do you recommend? I need more suju on my dashboard (and life haha) and if you ever need anything, I'm here as well 💜

You’re welcome ^^ Thank you ❤️ I want to say sorry for do not answering you soon… It’s just that I’ve been busy with my studies and when I use tumblr it’s on my celphone TT And I wanted to answer you properly and give you a cool list of Suju blogs to follow kkk Sorry! So my favorite blogs are: @duckflyfly @shirade @mysilentmemory @hyukwoon @yehae @haekey @kyuaddicted @eunhaesbadtoughcookie @ryeong0621 @sneezes @allrise-haru @plincess-cho @eunhaero @eunhaelthy @eunhae-holic @shupahmin @15-stars @camaraderiegems @kimheenim4president @sujuandgirls @mina-hyun @myeolchihae @superjuniorsdevil @super-juni-oeo @sapphire-shadow @aspiring-ryeo @atkyuhyun @teukiesangel @suju-biased-prick @grill15taco @birdzzmama @noirkat @flowercrownedninja @danime25 @mysiwonworld @petal-boo @heesexual @tama-tae @kpop-is-naughty @eunhyuker @hellyesung @beserkerjewel @kyuteminwook @super-ju17ior @dalnimie @isayni @ayepapi @giraffyness @suju-lvr @sungmln @shyukerjunior @sonelf-159 @allrisememe @kyuyouretasty @jindoelf @heecorner @donghaesfantasy @haeheenim @bummydenny @leedonghae @cutie-hyukkie-pie (they are in no particular order ^^). Some of them aren’t exactly Super Junior blogs, but all reblog/post quality Suju stuff ❤️  I probably forgot some blogs, but I think that the list is already too long kkk And thank you for being so sweet! Have a wonderful day :D