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I’ll give you guys a double Promptis post today!
Drawings for my bae @destatree that I attach to her fics when she updates miiiiiine <3 Promptis drawings will always be attached to her updates now and be posted sometime later when I can get around to it on a separate post because screw the tumblr squishing.

LGBT: insufficiently inclusive

LGBTQQIA: increasingly cumbersome, subject to mockery, still not fully inclusive

GSM: co-opted by pedophiles apparently

MOGAI: utterly swamped in Discourse

Queer: “q-slur”

Non-cishet: negative framing, weaponized against asexuals of insufficient purity

Help: me

If time is money, then I’ll spend it all for you / I will buy you flowers with the minutes we outgrew / I’ll turn hours into gardens, planted just for us to take

I’ll be reckless with my days, building castles in your name

So sad that one of my favorite mitjo fics is coming to a close :,( 

Please give the fic Beasts and Beauties (by bookvarietynerd) a read!

These boys belong to @smokeplanet

So I’m watching the very first ep again and realize that when Shiro crash-lands and gets taken in by the hazmat crew he’s wearing what we learn later is his gladiator/prisoner getup:

but immediately following the rescue and subsequent getaway (during which he is out cold and still obviously in the same clothes) we see him the next morning,

clearly wearing his own clothes.

But where did they come from??

The other three paladins-to-be left the garrison with just the clothes on their backs (and lbr Shiro’s height and shoulder-to-waist ratio means he’s not going to fit into anything of theirs anyway), and there’s absolutely no way he’d fit into anything of Keith’s either for the same reasons.

That outfit is also not generic officers’ or instructors clothing from the garrison either, because I’m like 95% sure we see examples of both earlier in the ep:

Which leaves only one obvious explanation: 

Keith has some of Shiro’s clothing.

In which Noctis is caught staring at his beautiful boyfriend!
@destatree needs to stop enabling me to do these things. Its a never ending circle of goodies now—-but like, it’s Promptis so I guess it’s okay!
        Little panel thing based of of this Lil Promptis thing she wrote! I’m in promptis hell.
One of these days my screen tone things will be clean I promise