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sooo do you have any bellamy/clarke fic recs set between season 1 and 2? or just, recs in general. ¬_¬

AUGH TUMBLR ATE MY FIRST POST tumblr is history’s greatest monster

anyway, I was not in the fandom during this interval so I have not read all the older fic? I used the magic of friendship for you!

from the lovely @kay-emm-gee​:

from my fave @bgonemydear


okay I am tired that was a lot of work TWICE damn u tumblr ANYWAY TREE THERE ARE SOME NON-AUs

idek where to start with AUs there are 10 billion and I love them all

When the GECK is released someone please mod the game and do a total Sole Survivor dialogue overhaul where someone new completely revoices them, most dialogue is changed and a lot of new locational dialogue is added. If possible revoice other NPCs to also add more dialogue. Basically REWRITE THE FUCKING GARBAGE GAME AUGH

remember that episode where the miraculous show squad had to record a movie and marinette, at some point, was asked to be the main character and alya was like: u should do it because you’ll also get to kiss adrien !! and remember how marinette, lowkey, said that yeah she would get to kiss adrien, but “I didn’t want to do it that way-”

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I'm a system with many fictives/kin and at least 40% of them have items that acted as security blankets and I feel insecure without at least one of them. Problem is I don't have many of them. I need Apollo's bracelet, I need Ness's hat, I need two pockets full of pens, I need a scarf, I need headphones, I'm BROKE, I need Yuma's key necklace, I need--AUGH!!!

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Okay. Okay. Okay. In my heart of hearts, I am Clintasha trash, but as that is not going to happen in the movies…I have given my shipper soul over to BuckyNat because A) As has been proved by previous discussions (was it with you) you  can ship Seb Stan with a lightpole and still have all the feels and B) I am all for people who understand each other’s brokenness and can help each other heal. (Also, I am actually able to be fluid with comic book ships, for the most part, because they are always changing.) So basically, I am Clintasha trash, but tumblr has also made me into BuckyNat trash because AUGH! The FEEEEELZ!

one of the problems with replaying games is not romancing the same characters

it was painful to me to go through Origins without romancing Leliana, and I couldn’t resist flirting with Merrill once in 2 which… ended with Signy breaking her heart (one flirt!) and now I keep thinking about Josephine getting the news that she’s engaged to Lord Otranto when not romanced and


TPoH: Update!

Available here on the TPoH website or here on smackjeeves!

WIP of German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Esperanto, Swedish, Latin, Hungarian, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese(Brazilian) and Korean translations!

Actually I’m an idiot because I can now just link to the TRANSLATIONS PAGE on my home website oo lookit that

If you’re enjoying this comic or any of my other stories, please consider supporting me on Patreon, and you could have one of your own OC’s visit the market too! If that’s not your scene perhaps have a look if there’s anything that tickles your fancy in my Society6 merch box :D


These are painfully rough, but that’s what happens when you don’t plan your sketches! These are my attempts at trying to further define Aequis by type, adding a dash of diversity (or at least attempting to!) 

Also, some even rougher sketches I did at work of two new types; the wetlands one will be showing itself soon, but I still need to play around with the terrestrial tropical “pheasant” type. (AND IT NEEDS A BETTER NAME, they probably all do, what do I look like, a naming machine?)

Anyway! Suggestions?

reminder that:

if you are a boy, you look like a boy.

if you are a girl, you look like a girl.

if you are non-binary, you look like a non-binary person.

there is no one way to look like your gender, because everyone is different. no matter what type of body you have or what kind of clothing you like to wear, your internal perception of your identity matters so much more than how other people label you based on your looks.


I GOT MY PROOF!! It’s so beautiful!  It got a little dinged up in the mail but the quality is amazing, I’m so happy!! There are 10 copies left and then after that, they’ll reappear at Anime Boston!

PREORDER PHYSICAL COPIES HERE!  ✨ $26 (+shipping) 60 pages, measures at about 6.6x10.25, comes with two 5x8 prints!!  First batch will ship in February.

DOWNLOAD .PDF VERSION HERE for $15!  You can also download my previous .pdf artbook PLATINUM FINALE for $10!

For your health: SFW, mostly platonic&familial, some fluff
(ships: mostly caejose, bruabba, josuyasu?) some blood, no gore
contains hints at spoilers and vague headcanons
parts 2, 3, 4, 6 featured most prominently

I know I said it before, it’s an absolute joy to be able to put together collections like this.  I’m a recent art school grad with Big Dreams and no health insurance, currently taking the steps to quit my night job and move away from where I’ve been living the past 6 months, so any and all of your support helps me out more than I can say! I plan to &  hope that I can keep making things like this in the future…  I have a lot of ideas 8^)