The duet that no one expected has dropped, and it’s a guaranteed chart-topper: Taylor Swift’s first official release of 2016 is a collaboration with ZAYN for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. ZAYN makes good use of his silky falsetto in the stripped-down track, while Swift grounds the song in signature lyric forwardness. While the tune is only available via iTunes, they both did share some snippets on social media. Expect to hear this one everywhere before long.
—  5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week: “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” ZAYN & Taylor Swift via TIME
‘Spider-Man: Homecoming 2’ Shoots Web Around Independence Day 2019 Frame; ‘Bad Boys 4’ Moves To Memorial Day
EXCLUSIVE: Based on the success of the global trailer launch yesterday for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Culver City studio has announced that its sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will op…
By Anthony D'Alessandro

EXCLUSIVE: Based on the success of the global trailer launch yesterday for Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Culver City studio has announced that its sequel Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will open on Friday, July 5, 2019.

Taylor Swift donates $100,000 to Dolly Parton telethon to help Tennessee fire victims

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–Country Music star Taylor Swift has pledged to join the Academy of Country Music in donating $100,000 to help the people affected by the East Tennessee fires.

Both Swift and ACM will donate $100,000 to Dolly Parton’s upcoming “Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit for the My People Fund” telethon set to kick off on Tuesday, bringing the total to $200,000 to start the telethon.

Dolly’s “My People Fund” has already pledged to donate $1,000 per month for six months to families affected. Those wishing to make a donation can visit the Dollywood Foundation Page HERE.

Source: Fox 17 Nashville 

Large numbers of migrants ditching Islam after arriving in Europe
A growing number of Muslim migrants are abandoning their religion after arriving in Europe, according to reports from Sweden.

A growing number of Muslim migrants are abandoning their religion after arriving in Europe, according to reports from Sweden.

According to a report on a Kurdish news website, Iranians are the most likely to jettison their religion when they move abroad, but many Kurds - whether from Iraq, Turkey or Syria - are also turning away from Islam, as were some Arabs and Afghans.

‘Religion is normally inherited among Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is, therefore, usually not viewed as a choice. I abandoned my religion when I felt freed here,’ said a Kurdish woman living in Sweden.

The Kurdish woman told Rudaw: 'Many people would renounce their religion if they had the freedom, which we have here. The time has come that we ourselves determine what faith to hold.’

Alan, a Kurd who recently obtained Finnish citizenship, said: 'I didn’t fill out information about religion on my son’s identity card. He himself can decide what faith to hold when he turns 18 - whether he becomes a Muslim, a Christian or a disbeliever is up to him.’  

But an imam’s assistant at a mosque in Stockholm told Rudaw: 'We have information that diaspora people abandon their religion, some of them do it for financial gains.’

Humanist organisations in Scandinavia have denied they actively try to turn people away from their religion.

Hans Enderman, a humanitarian activist, said: 'Encouraging people to abandon their religion is not our business. However, we work on systems that restrict individual liberty and impose religion on people.’

Among those who commented on the report was Louie, who posted on Rudaw: 'It would only seem natural that people who have fled Iran, Afghanistan, and more recently Syria and Iraq would question their faith where there has been so much unspeakable evil in the name of religion?’

But Nihad wrote in, responding to the comments of Alan in the story: 'What kind father are you man shame on yourself let you kids decide their choices just wonder if you die and you join the devil in hell.’

And a social media user called Beetleking claimed: 'They are not giving up. They are faking to be Christian so they get asylum easier. I live in Finland and we know this phenomenon.’

The Best TV Dramas of 2016 (Yahoo TV)

Better Call Saul (AMC): I loved the escalation in tension between Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy and Michael McKean’s Chuck, brothers with deep bonds that are frayed by emotional razors. In its depiction of corporate life as both ruthless and soulless, Better Call Saul is easily the best workplace satire since Joseph Heller’s 1974 novel, Something Happened. – Ken Tucker

There's a time for dog training and a time for dog management - Canis bonus
The art of management in dog training, article by Canis bonus. November 2016 Author: Laure-Anne Visele. Illustration credits at the end of the post About the author: certified dog trainer in The Hague My name is Laure-Anne and I am the dog behaviour therapist at Canis bonus, and Head Trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school) …

Management does seem to be a dirty word, even among trainers to each other, but it is an important part of the training process!

11 Reasons You Should Drink More Coffee

And one of them is not just because you’re tired — I promise.

Coffee is that little luxurious addiction that you never want to quit. It’s there for you in the mornings, it’s there for you in the slumps of afternoon, and now it’s there for you during your workouts and helps you ace all the tests at the doctors. That’s right — coffee is good for your health. 11 scientific studies prove that coffee is not only good for you, but can prevent disease, make you live longer, and help you achieve your goals.

A photo posted by Fit Girl Coffee (@fitgirlcoffee) on Feb 26, 2016 at 11:49am PST

1) Coffee makes you live longer.

Rejoice in your sleepy mornings because that delicious drink that gives you an extra pep can tack on years of your life. Your brew is chock full of antioxidants which according to some studies make you live longer.

2) Coffee makes you happier

Caffeine has been proven to lower the risk of suicide and reduce depression. It can boost serotonin and dopamine levels just like a mild antidepressant if you drink 400mg a day (2-3 cups).

3) Coffee increases endurance

Fear big races no more. According to one study, consuming low doses of caffeine can increase performance in high intensity sports that rely on vigilance and endurance like running, soccer or rugby.

4) Coffee helps you recover

Coffee can help decrease your recovery period after a big workout by reducing pain in your muscles by almost 50%. If you’re not a regular coffee drinker, two cups of coffee should do the trick.

5) Coffee helps your memory

Need some help cramming for that test or presentation? Let coffee be your pal, helping increase reaction time, concentration and short term memory recall.

6) Coffee protects your skin

The more coffee you consume, the lower your risk of skin cancer. So bring a thermos of joe to the beach with your bottle of SPF.

A photo posted by HELPINGS • #Food #Happiness (@thisishelpings) on Dec 6, 2016 at 3:59pm PST

7) Coffee prevents MS

Coffee’s anti-inflammatory properties can lower the risk of this central nervous system disease. You need to drink six cups to see the effects, though.

8) Coffee reduces your risk of type two diabetes

High coffee consumption (5 cups) can help with glucose tolerance and metabolism. Caffeinated and decaf coffees have been shown to help prevent diabetes.

9) Coffee helps you focus

You’ve felt the jolt that caffeine provides, but now studies back you up. Caffeine maximizes your brain power, increasing focus, reaction time, reasoning and other complex brain functions.

10) Coffee prevents cavities

Drinking coffee can help kill plaque and bacteria that cause cavities, just like fluoride! You have to drink it black though, and you can’t avoid brushing all together - coffee definitely doesn’t help your coffee breath or teeth staining.

11) Coffee can make your DNA stronger

One study showed that drinking coffee can prevent the occurrence of DNA strand breaks. This occurs all the time as our bodies age, but more strand breaks can increase your risk for cell mutation and cancer.

Written by Christina Brenton

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Image credits: Camila Tamara Silva Sepúlveda, Vesselin Dochkov, https://www.instagram.com/thisishelpings/https://www.instagram.com/fitgirlcoffee/http://www.precisionnutrition.com/coffee-and-hormones

One of Shameless’s biggest accomplishments to date is the phenomenal transformation of Mickey. Mickey, who spent the show’s early seasons so deep inside the closet that he agreed to marry the woman who raped him in order to avoid admitting his sexuality to his father. Mickey, was so horrified by his own feelings that he couldn’t figure out a way to stop the boy he loved from skipping town to join the army. Mickey, who drowned in misery for months because of that failure until he finally figured out a way to bring Ian back. Mickey, who then spent every waking moment trying to care for Ian, despite not fully understanding everything that was happening.

That Mickey. The one who kissed Ian in public, acknowledged their relationship, and tried desperately to make Ian see that he loved him and just wanted him to get well. The one Ian dismissed. Because time with his mother confused Ian and made him think that anyone who would encourage him to be on medication doesn’t love the real him. Now Ian is finally in the place that Mickey has always wanted him to be in — and Ian is going to turn around and suggest that the reason he’s well is that Mickey is gone? Mickey would love Ian the EMT. Does Ian think Mickey was happier when he was making porn? Or giving out hand jobs in alleys? This is the Ian Mickey was waiting for.