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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

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"Make, spread, feed, CHAOS " for mordred, of course

Combat Magic

Thank you so much! From a rather hilarious set of palettes to choose from here, but it’s sure fun. Also featuring: Mordred when he is still not a raisin yet. Look at him. The Shit.

A mage might never be a warrior but exceeding expectations and/or doing something completely crazy but awesome with mixed results sound like the Grey Warden modus operandi…so there.

Spiders and Survivors (closed rp with maxwilliamcarter)

That time finally came, where the little spider had to leave his nest in search of something other than fruits or carrots. Spider was hungry for some meat, and Webber didn’t feel like arguing as his tummy rumbled. He sometimes wondered if their stomach was like the other spiders, never ending.

With backpack packed and a final farewell to his den, Webber set out in search of something good to eat.