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"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."

as promised, here are the scans of all the pages in the new Avatar: The Last Airbender Legacy book, complete with all the special features, all in high resolution (300dpi)! Hope you enjoy hahahah this took so long

also, I would totally encourage you to make graphics/edits/icons/whatever out of these scans but if you do, please link back to this post so that whoever sees it will know how to access the full scans too! ;0

and of course, if you like what you see, please consider picking up your own copy of the book (they’re less than $15 on amazon!!!) to support the creators. thank youUUu!



Uh... hey there, Dad. You're looking well. Look, uh, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be an airbender like you hoped, but I've tried my best to keep the world safe. Hope I made you proud. 


One of my missing art books has been found! Panel contestant 8 who cosplayed as Kuvira contacted me! She is taking very good care of my art book, and will return the book soon. Now my art book has seen even more smiling wonderful faces <3

The second missing book will probably not return. It was given to a young cosplayer who is not on social media. She was cosplayer number 7, and was feeling shy, so we opted to give her a prize nonetheless. I am happy a signed book lives with her now. I have two years of signatures in that book she can enjoy (both from SDCC and NYCC).

I stopped lining up to have my own books signed a while ago. I now line up to get signatures for fans who could not make it. This year I did not line up at all to make sure I could help get fans into the signings. So I am at peace that one of the missing books will bring a young cosplayer a bit closer to the creators she admires.

Thank you everyone!! Thank you SFT404 <3

Also: if my headcanon were true, it’s possible that Bumi was granted airbending by Aang’s spirit. Aside from being a nice piece of sadstuck it also makes sense for Bumi’s character development. All of book 2 it seems like he and Kya never shut up about what a bad dad Aang was, and a big part of their and Tenzin’s story arcs in that season is coming to terms with their place in Aang’s legacy and their relationship with him (another divisive part of book 2 that I happened to love)

It wouldn’t just be Feels Fuel for Aang’s energy to give Bumi airbending. It’d make a lot of sense for both characters on an emotional level. Bumi spent his life disillusioned from his heritage and overshadowed by his bending siblings. Aang giving him airbending as a final sign of his love for his troubled son would just be a Very Aang Thing to Do


 I just feel...alone.

List of Reasons Tenzin is probably dead
  • In the first episode, when Tenzin was crying, we hear him talk about how proud he is to carry on his father’s dream.
  • In the latest episode Zuko suggests that Aang would die to protect the uprising of the air nation if it were to happen in his lifetime. Tenzin has obviously stated he is carrying on Aang’s legacy. 
  • The obvious. Tenzin said he’d give up when he died. 
  • The creators no longer give a shit about death. They are not holding back.
  • When fighting Zaheer, Tenzin uses the airbending move Aang uses in the opening sequence. Again portraying Tenzin as Aang’s legacy and therefore willing to die for the airbenders.
  • Right now, if Tenzin died it could potentially strengthen the much underdone story about the new airbenders, esspecially Bumi and Jinora and Pema. With all of them unable to learn from Tenzin, Jinora would be the only airbending master left, Pema would be a great provider of airbending cultural teachings, and Bumi would now be the legacy of Aang
  • I mean let’s face it Zaheer hasn’t been giving any shits about who dies
  • If this season ends how I think it will, with Tenzin’s death and the hidden/innactive Red Lotus centuries rising up from hiding and conquering most major governments, leaving Book 4 being a complete in-hiding dramatic Book, like Book 3: Fire, Tenzin’s death will add alot, The airbender family will be lost without they’re leader. The new airbenders would have no home, and Korra would have no guidance.