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happy birthday to the light of my life, the most talented and beautiful vocalist i know. son seungwan may this day be so full of blessings for you and may you spend it with your loved ones doing the things you enjoy and eating to your heart’s content. i’m so happy to have watched you grown in the past 2 years and with each passing day you become more and more beautiful and my love for you has grown exponentially. may your heart never lose it’s 6 year old roots, may your beautiful smile never fade, and may your love and passion for music stay constant. happy birthday again love and may you have a wonderful 24th birthday!


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You’re happy?

                      Because of Robert.

We love you, Jack ❤️

@therealjacksepticeye I know you might not see this but…

Jack, I know I’m not the only one when I say this… I’m worried about you.

I’m aware that a lot has been going on in terms of the situation with Felix. I know that you’ve been getting hate and having regrets about the video you made. I also notice that you’ve not been online as much lately. 

I think you’ve handled the situation really well. The video you made was the most balanced I’ve seen, and I think you did a good job of supporting Felix whilst pointing out what he did wrong. You didn’t condone what he did, yet you were able to see past it and stay friends with him when he needs you most. You’re an amazing friend for doing this. 

Just to be clear to anyone reading this, I absolutely do not condone Felix’s actions at all. Those kinds of jokes are not okay. But he has apologised multiple times for what he did, and he seemed sincere in the video he made. I honestly believe that he is sorry for what he did. And Jack, I know that you know him better than we do as you know him personally. So when you say that he is a good person and not an anti-semite or anything like that, I believe you.

And as you said, things are hardly ever black and white. You can still be friends with someone even if they have done one thing that you don’t agree with. You don’t have to hate someone just because they have done something you don’t condone. And supporting someone who has done a bad thing doesn’t make you a bad person. People saying that you are a Nazi supporter or whatever is just plain ridiculous. Those people clearly don’t know what you are like at all.

Just because Felix did a bad thing, it doesn’t automatically make him a terrible person, and I’m glad you seem to understand that. I’m glad that he has your support right now. 

But I hope you have support too, because you seem to really need it. 

I, and the rest of the community, care about you and hope that you are alright. We’re all here for you if you need us, okay? We love you, Jack. Keep your head up and stay positive, I’m sure everything will be alright in the end 💕

determinedduality submitted:                        

“No Memma, go find Becky”

((Probably out of character but after all the nonsense with Memma and Choco happening lately I just lost control of my pencil.  This was also because I got dared to do it. 


“The Leader That You’ve Become”: Allura and the Blue Lion

Alternatively Titled: Dreamworks Let This Poor Girl Have Fun For Once In Her God Damn Life

I already wrote a long ass meta about putting Lance in the Black Lion and talked about Allura in it, but fuck it. I have free time (ie homework I don’t want to do) so let’s write another one about just Allura. This is gonna be long so like, in summary, my argument is that I think that: 1. Allura’s personality and quintessence match the Blue Lion pretty well, and 2. Putting Allura in the Blue Lion might allow for the most interesting character growth.

But yeah okay let’s go:

So I’ll be the first to say that Black Paladin Allura would make me shit myself in pure joy. And scenes like the above definitely point in that direction. Coran says it himself, Allura’s a leader. She’s been running this universe saving thing since day one. Sure, Shiro leads the team, but he’s Allura’s second in command. She’s the one who owns the lions, chooses the missions, makes everyone train, builds alliances, gets the team to safety, organizes resistance efforts, and operates the castle. Shiro might be the head of Voltron, but Allura is and always has been Voltron’s leader.

So like, let’s put her in Black then!

But… would that really be the best move, story-wise?

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